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Keep Christ in Christmas

Assorted 'Happy Birthday Jesus' Ornaments
These ornaments come in red or white and read, 'Happy Birthday Jesus'. Ornaments made of poly-foam and paper.  3" Diameter (Item #32030)

3" Glass Nativity Ornaments

3" tall. Sold individually. With silver or gold glitter accents.

Silver Accent (Item #01112)
Gold Accent (Item #01113)

'Keep Christ in Christmas' Nativity Auto Magnet
Die-cut round 5.5" Diameter car magnet. Indoor/Outdoor applications. Perfect for auto decal or to decorate your file cabinet at work or even your refrigerator! (Item #2600)
  'Keep Christ in Christmas' Nativity Auto Magnet
6.5" x 7", supports the Knights of Columbus. (Item #31258) PRICE
'Keep Christ in Christmas' Ornament
3.75". Resin.  (Item #34055)
'Jesus is the Reason for the Season' Glass Ornament
3.5".  (Item #33667)
'Happy Birthday Jesus' Metal Ornament
5" (Item #38764)
1.5" Happy Birthday Jesus Lapel Pin
(Item #18481)
  Jesus Candy Cane Magnet
2.75" tall, resin. (Item #18944)
"Jesus is the Reason for the Season" Ornament
4" painted glass.
(Item #36067)
"Happy Birthday Jesus" Plate
8.5" Ceramic.
(Item #29451)
"Happy Birthday Jesus" Ornament
(Item #29477)
The Candy Cane Story w/Mini Candy Cane
These delicious peppermint mini Candy Canes come 40 to a box. Each candy cane is individually wrapped with the legend of the candy cane. This beautiful short story is a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. These are great for passing out at sunday school and parties.
(Item #33704) PRICE
The Candy Cane Story w/Mini Candy Cane, Stocking and Bookmark!
This makes a great gift! Each stocking is embroidered with the name JESUS and comes with a "true" candy cane. It also comes with a bookmark that tells the legend of how the candy cane came to be. The stocking is just the right size for placing a gift card inside. With the "To" and "From" printed at the top of the package, it makes a quick and easy gift. (Item #33662) PRICE

The Legend of the Candy Cane
by Lori Walburg
One dark November night a stranger rides into a small prairie town. Who is he? Why has he come? The townspeople wish he were a doctor, a dressmaker, or a trader. But the children have the greatest wish of all, a deep, quiet, secret wish. Then a young girl named Lucy befriends the newcomer. When he reveals his identity and shares with her the legend of the candy cane, she discovers fulfillment of her wishes and the answer to her town's dreams. Now will she share what she has learned?

Warm, lavish illustrations by James Bernardin bring to life a timeless tale by Lori Walburg, a story that will help families celebrate the mystery and miracle of Christmas---for many Christmases to come. Hardcover, 32 pages. (Item #94716) PRICE


The Legend of St. Nicholas
by Dandi Daley Mackall.

This gentle Christmas book introduces the original St. Nicholas and tells why we give gifts in remembrance of the greatest gift of all. Nick is much more interested in contemplating his presents under the tree than he is in being dragged along for last-minute shopping with his dad. But while his father’s off shopping, Nick hears someone say his name---it’s a mall Santa, telling a group of children a story about the original St. Nick. In the long-ago story, a wealthy boy named Nicholas is moved by the sight of poor children and decides to use his family’s wealth to help the needy, starting anonymously with his less-fortunate friends. Young Nick is inspired as at last he---and young readers---understand the joy of giving. A note at the end explains how the story of this early Nicholas might have grown into the Santa Claus of legend.

Bright, festive artwork accompanies the text of master storyteller Dandi Mackall, who reminds children that God gave us the greatest gift ever given.
Hardcover, 32 pages. (Item #94715)

Happy Birthday Jesus Lollipop
This beautiful Peppermint flavored Happy Birthday Jesus pop is hand crafted and very delicious. It is a very large pop that lasts a long time. The simple message of "Happy Birthday Jesus" is a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. (Item #33262)

(top) This Christmas... (left of center) Let's Give a Little Jesus, a thoughtful word or deed, An act of generosity for someone who's in need. (right of center) Let's Give a Little Jesus to everyone we meet- The salesclerk or the server, the person on the street. (1 below center) Let's Give a Little Jesus, that's what really counts- Not what's spent or bought, for whom, in what amounts. (2 below center) Let's Give a Little Jesusto everyone, large or small... For Jesus, the Messiah,is the Greatest Gift of All!
'This Christmas...Give Jesus' Unfolding Ornament Box
Just like any gift, this one holds a surprise inside! Crafted entirely of gold- and silver-tone metal, the gift-shaped ornament with attached metal "gift tag" opens into a cross shape with etched message. Can hang open or closed. Each is beautifully packaged in a blue gift box with magnetic closure. Closed, 2" x 2" x 2"; open, 6" x 8".  (Item #48036)
    Joseph's StudioTM Kneeling Santa 11.5" Statue
New Design! 11.5" tall. Resin/Stone Mix. (Item #19172) PRICE
'Keep Christ in Christmas' Small Kneeling Santa Statue in Pouch
Resin/Stone Mix. (Item #19181) PRICE
LED 'The True Meaning of Christmas' Kneeling Santa Waterglobe
4.5" tall, lighted LED, batteries not included. (Item #19176)
JESUS Christmas Ornament
2.25" high. Resin. (Item #36045)

JESUS Christmas Ornament
5" high. Resin. (Item #30640)
'Keep Christ in Christmas' Wood Wall Plaque
16" wide x 5" tall. (Item #30715)
'Keep Christ in Christmas' Tapestry Pillow
12.5" x 8.5" (Item #34791)
Small Plastic Baby Jesus
1.75" Baby Jesus, tan color
Perfect for distribution or sending along with your Christmas cards!
(Item #19235) PRICE
HIS Christmas Gift: The True Gift of Christmas
"For Unto Us A Child Is Born"
This year give everyone the 'True Gift of Christmas,' This small reminder of God's gift to us is a simple, yet meaningful, way to remind those closest to us of the blessings of the day. Distribute this token to encourage people to draw closer to their faith this Christmas season. The small resin Jesus comes nicely gift packaged in this velvet bag with the 'True Gift of Christmas' message. (Item #19178) PRICE
'Spirit of Christmas' Keepsake Bracelet
Includes story card - click on image for larger view. Bracelet size 7"-7.5" (Item #25417)
29395.JPG (71071 bytes) Nativity Beaded Bracelet
Like the popular His StoryTM bracelet, this new Nativity bracelet tells the story of the Birth of Christ. Verse card explaining the symbolism of each bead is included in packaging. Many of the glass beads on this bracelet are handmade, and have some variations from bracelet to bracelet. Bracelet size 7"-7.5" (Item #29395)
Making Christmas Count: A Kid's Guide to Keeping the Season Sacred
Elf Help Book
Written by Ted O'Neal
Illustrated by R.W. Alley

Kids don't need to be told that Christmas "counts." They are generally tuned in to the excitement and anticipation! And yet, children can be among the first to forget what it is about the season that really counts. Much of this may have to do with what our culture—and we ourselves—teach and practice. This little illustrated book communicates a message about making Christmas count in all its facets and flavors; it is a book about recognizing the deepest "reasons for the season.
(Item #81334)
  Kneeling Santa Page of Gift Items- CLICK HERE!
Nativity Window Cling
Perfect for your car window or front door. Use on windows at home, at work, or in the classroom- Anywhere you want to remind others of the REAL reason for the Christmas season. (Item #13548)
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