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Gifts for Teacher

St. Catherine of Alexandria, Patron of Teachers
The story of Catherine of Alexandria (ca 4th century) has a long and rich history. The essentials are that at 18 she had a vision so powerful that she converted to Christianity. During the persecution of Maximus, Catherine, still a young woman, offered to debate the leading pagan philosophers. The story holds that Catherine’s ability to teach and explain was so compelling that she converted many of the opposing philosophers. Enraged, Maximus tried to have Catherine broken on the wheel; it was, however, the wheel, not Catherine, that broke, though she was later martyred by other means. Catherine became one of the most popular saints in the Middle Ages. (Later, Joan of Arc claimed that one of the voices of inspiration she heard was that of Catherine.) Catherine’s skill in explaining new ideas to a diverse audience is what made her one of the patrons of teachers and all those (like librarians) associated with learning and wisdom. This small depiction of Catherine,  incorporates two key symbols associated with Catherine. As in William Morris’s famous stained glass window of Catherine, she is here depicted with a book in hand. The wheel above her head echoes that in Caravaggio’s painting of her. Catherine is now widely considered to be legendary, but that matters little: what matters is her example and inspiration to those who teach and those who emphasize the importance of wisdom. Dimensions: 4.25 (h) x 2.5 (w) x .75 (d) inches. (Item #15076) $25.00
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St. Gregory: Patron of Teachers and Musicians
Gregory the Great (540-604), the first monk to become pope, was raised in a wealthy family but sold his extensive properties in 573, distributed his money to the poor, and began building monasteries. As pope he worked tirelessly to save Rome during times of plague, famine, and siege. He is the patron of musicians and singers because of his promotion of liturgical music: he was so influential musically that a branch of music (the Gregorian chant) is named for him. He is the patron of teachers largely because his written works set out clear instructions for pastoral care and teaching. Gregory emphasized that teachers should adapt their work to the needs of the poor and faltering and should set personal examples for those in their care. 1.25" diameter
(Item #15253) $20.00
Made in the USA
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Each medal comes in a felt pouch with a card giving the history of the saint. The originals are carved in clay, then are cast in lead-free pewter. These charms can be added to a chain as a pendant or a keyring for a keychain.

willowtreelogo.jpg (5364 bytes)
Child's Touch
For those who share in the wonder of a child's world
Gift Boxed.  (Item #28058) $24.00
Silver Ornament Frame
"Teacher" 3.75" x 2.75""
(Item #16008) $10.99
Saints Bracelet
Wood beads/Elastic. Asst traditional images of various saints. One size.
(Item #27057) $4.95
'Christ is Greater than I' Wristband
Like the popular Lance Armstrong yellow wristband, this maroon wristband offers a simple message illustrated in symbols to remind you daily of Christ's "bigger picture" for us.
(Item #27000) $
1.50 each
Teacher's Prayer Laminated Prayer Card
(Item #15112) $0.75
Best Teacher Ornament
4.25" Resin
(Item #21700) $4.95
For A Special Teacher Ornament
2.75" tall. Glass. Personalize yourself with a permanent marker.
(Item #21289) $6.95
Jingle Apple Ornament
3" tall.
(Item #21286) $2.95
'How To Really Love A Child' Wall Canvas
16"x20" (Item #12015)
Teacher Angel Statue
5" tall, resin. Gift Boxed. (Item #1764) $12.95


click on image for larger picture

'God Bless Teachers' Holy Bear
It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be
evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers...

Like the popular "Beanie-Babies, this bear features an embroidered design. (Item #27942) $9.95


ABC with Apple Planter
With chalk board front! Hand painted, 4" tall.
(Item #13530) $8.95
A+ Teacher Apple Frame
Hand painted poly resin, holds a 2.5"x 2.5" photo. 5.5" tall x 4.75" wide.
(Item #13572) $3.95

A+ Teacher Tin Pail
Hand painted tin with liner, 4.25" tall x 5.25" opening.
(Item #13574) $4.95
'2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives 4 Ever' Mug
Ceramic, 13oz.
Gift Boxed. (Item #13575) $4.95
Pencil Planter
Hand painted polyresin, 4.25" x 3.25" opening.
(Item #13595) $9.95
School Years Bus Frame
Hand painted, poly resin. Holds twelve 1.5" x 2" photos. Bus measures 6.25" tall x 13" wide.
(Item #40550) $9.95
Guardian Angel of Family Divine Interventions
Guardian Angel Plaques

A whimsical new offering of Guardian Angel plaques- sure to intervene on a person's behalf when they are faced with life's little challenges!

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10 Commandments for Kids, Framed
colorful print features a fun design and appropriate text. Framed under glass in white wood. 11"x14". Gift Boxed.
(Item #30787) $34.95
15191c.jpg (487202 bytes) Custom Tapestry Afghans, Pillows, Tote Bags, and Wall Hangings!
You supply the picture, we'll create a lasting and meaningful work of art!
24538.jpg (19399 bytes) God Bless Our Teachers Wall Cross
Geniune Pewter Wall Cross. 5.5" tall x 4" wide. Boxed. (Item #24538) $17.95

HisStoryTM Beaded Bracelet
Delectable Food Finds- CLICK HERE!
25067.jpg (72013 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Teacher/School Framed Picture
10"x10" (Item #25067) $20.95
32837.jpg (66233 bytes)
click on image for larger view
10 Commandments of the Classroom Plaque
(Item #32837) $16.95
"Serenity Prayer for Teachers" Plaque
Plaque offers a unique twist on the Serenity Prayer. Can hang or stand with easel backer. Gift Boxed. 7"x5" (Item #11363) $1
45207.jpg (61509 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Desk Calendar Pad
(Item #45207) $7.50

89522.jpg (5130 bytes)

Women's Devotional Bible
Complete second edition of the NIV Version of the Bible combines scripture and 365 new daily devotions with contributions from some of the world's most respected women- Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, Luci Shaw and others. Timely topics include parenting, cancer, divorce, and the relevance of God's word. 1,490 pages. Paperback.  (Item #89522) $24.99
Love of Learning
Open books, open minds
5.5" tall. Gift Boxed.  (Item #20151) $14.00


Willow TreeTM Love of Learning
Tapestry Tote Bag (17" x 17") (Item #21422) $
Willow TreeTM Love of Learning
Tapestry Pillow (8.5" x 12.5") (Item #21423) $
Willow TreeTM Love of Learning
Tapestry Wall Bannerette (13" x 18") (Item #21424) $
4.5" tall. Gift Boxed.  (Item #25802) $15.00


11960.jpg (52801 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Apple Wall Plaque
7" tall. Gift Boxed.
(Item #11960) $17.95
Palm Sized Wood Cross for Holding
A nice addition to your daily prayer! Handcrafted in the Holy Land from native olive wood, this cross is a tangible symbol of true hope, real comfort, and unfailing mercy of Christ who holds you. Let it direct you to be presence of Christ. This cross is made to fit comfortably in the palm of a person's hand. We hope this handmade wood cross will bring added strength and reflection to your prayer time. This cross can be given as a gift in a time of need or to enhance one's prayer life. It comes with a booklet of meditations for use in prayer and devotion.
Small enough to become your 'cross in your pocket' or purse as well! 4" tall x 2.25" wide. (Item #34584) $19.95
Plain #35663
Carved Crucifix #35664
Holy Spirit #35666
Palm of Your Hand Crosses
Each 5" Palm Cross is sculpted from walnut wood with no finish applied. The oils from your hands and those of your loved ones as it is used in prayer will become the finish. You are invited to use your cross as a symbol of the power of prayer in your life.
Plain (Item #35663) $37.95
Carved Crucifix (Item #35664) $45.95
Holy Spirit (Item #35666) $44.95
DIY Apple Jar Apple Candy Jar
Our Do-It-Yourself Apple Jar is a great way to celebrate teachers and administrators! The Jar ships with a Pebeo pen so students can write a note and sign their names anywhere on the jar. Simply pass the jar and pen around the classroom and create a keepsake perfect for any shelf or desktop!

The revolutionary Pebeo Porcelain 150 pen works just like a marker. Any mistakes can be washed off with a damp sponge. Once the ink is dry, fire the apple in any conventional oven at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. It's permanent, dishwasher, microwave and food safe! Comes with instructions. Lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe. (Pebeo pen is included - the candy is not.) 5" x 5.125" x 5.75" (Item #28933)
Click here to view more Inspirational ceramics!
  Teacher's Prayer Plaque
Wood plaque features a black finish and a laser-etched message. Hang or stand. Tissue wrapped in a white box. Measures 6" x 4". (Item #30802) $14.00

Manual of Catholic Devotions
This book features morning and evening prayers, prayers for liturgical seasons, favorite prayers to the Saints, the Rosary and many traditional Catholic prayers. Easy to read type. 5.5" x 8.5". Imitation British Tan leather cover with ribbon marker. 172 pages. (Item #14573) $19.95
26052.jpg (6452 bytes) Austrian Crystal Pins
Genuine Handset Austrian Crystal Shamrock (Item #26052) $4.95
Genuine Handset Austrian Crystal Apple (Item #26061) $4.95




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    Whimsical Nunsense Tissue Packs
These purse-sized tissue packages are a humorous way to brighten up your day. 4 ply, package measures 8-7/16 x 8-9/16". 10 tissues per package.

Bless You! (Item #11148)



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