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Mass Kits


Mass Kit - Nice, affordable mass kit. Soft leather case. Easy to carry. Case is 7.5"x5.5"x3.5". Comes with 3oz. Chalice, 40 pc. Host Box, 1 oz. Cruets, 2 candles, stole, Altar, finger towels, wooden crucifix (not shown) and stand. Imported from Italy! (Item #54504) $445.00  

32.jpg (10251 bytes)

Mass Kit - Soft side case 11-1/2" x 9" x 6" super foam inside. Includes 4-1/4" ht. chalice (chalice-gold plated metal; chalice cup- silver plated before being gold plated), 1 combination paten and host box, 1 pair votive glass candlesticks, 1 standing crucifix, 1 water bottle,and 1 wine bottle. (Item # ZZ-32) $385.00

3501g.jpg (16172 bytes)

Travel Mass Kit - With soft vinyl carry case; chalice/ciborium combo; 4.5" tall; 8oz. capacity; 50 host capacity; 4oz. cruets; Corpus cross & candles. (Item #53501) $540.00

2236g.jpg (14655 bytes)

Compact Mass Kit - Sturdy wood frame w/key lock; 15" x 10" x 4-3/8"; contains 3.75" tall chalice with 4oz. capacity; 4oz. cruets; host box 60 capacity; 4.5" tall cross w/candles. (Item # AP-2236G) $650.00

k265.jpg (11143 bytes)

Mass Kit - All items gold plated. Sturdy molded case 18" x 12" x 5". Compartment for vestments and missal. Chalice 6", capacity 10oz.; 5-3/4" Paten; 3-1/2" Host Box, capacity 75 hosts; (2) 4oz. Glass Bottles; (2) 10 hour Glasses with Candles.
    Gold Plated Set (Item #341-K265) $650.00
    Gold Plated Set with Paten (Item #341-K265P) $715.00

k245.jpg (10718 bytes)

Mass Kit - Molded case 18" x 12" x 5" with keys. Compartment for vestments. Stainless steel chalice, capacity 10 oz., 6" crucifix, (2) 10-hour glasses with candles, and stainless steel holder. Aluminum host box 3" diameter, capacity 100 hosts, (2) 4oz. glass bottles. Missal and Paten not included.
Stainless Steel Set (Item #55742) $520.00
    Stainless Steel Paten (Item #59246) $58.00

27.jpg (10452 bytes)

Traveling Mass Kit - A high quality case with portfolio for linens. 17-3/4" x 13" x 5". Includes the following item s nested in polyfoam. 6" Chalice & Paten of metal all gold plated (chalice cup- silver plated before being gold plated), 1 pair stainless steel cruets, 1 pair votive glass candlesticks, 1 16oz. wine bottle, 1 metal host box, 1 standing crucifix. (Item #ZZ-27) $485.00

5527.jpg (15568 bytes)

Mass Kit - Includes a 4-3/4" Chalice, 5 oz. capacity, host box 100 capacity, 2 glass cruets, candle holder- cross combination. "ABS" carrying case 17-3/4" x 12-3/4" x 4-1/2". (Item #ATM11-5527) $685.00

721.jpg (12103 bytes)

Mass Kit - Comprises 12 pieces: 2 candlesticks (3" diameter), cross (6-1/2" height), chalice (5" height - 8oz. capacity), ciboria (4" diameter - 120 host capacity), 2 cruets and tray, 2 glass containers, 1 host box, and "ABS" carrying case. (17-3/4" x 12-3/4" x 4-1/2"). (Item #AS13-721) $1,065.00

725.jpg (9255 bytes)

Hand-Hammered Mass Set - Comprises 11 pieces: 2 candlesticks, cross and
supporting pedestal, chalice (5-1/8" height, 4" diameter, 10oz. capacity), paten, full size ciboria, (200 host capacity), 2 glass cruets with screw metal tops, matching tray and "ABS" solid case. (18" x 12-3/4" x 5") (Item #AS13-725) $1,895.00

k55.jpg (7225 bytes)

Pastoral Set - Stainless steel chalice with 3" cup, paten, oil stock, sprinkler and host box. Removable tray with 7/8" socket. Gold spoon, wine bottle and detachable crucifix. Complete with 8" x 10" x 2-3/4" case. (Item # KO-K55) $370.00

k169.jpg (4237 bytes)

Sick Call Set - Removable tray with 7/8" candleholders. Detachable crucifix, glass bottle, stainless steel oil stock and cotton container. Pyx (20 host); 8" x 10" case. (Item #K169) $280.00

3360.jpg (16715 bytes)

Blue Chalice Case - Max hgt 8.25"; overall width 6.5"; depth 7.5" (Item # AP-3360) $130.00

Red Chalice Case - Max hgt 8"; chalice width 5.5"; paten width 2"; depth 7.5" (Item # AP-4359) $130.00

Dark Red Chalice Case - Max hgt 10"; chalice width 5"; paten width 1"; depth 7.5" (Item #58889) $130.00

k285.jpg (7666 bytes)

Liturgical Kit - Leather case 4" x 4" x 1-1/2". Contains: Reversible stole 1-3/4" x 50", finger cloth, pyx, oil stock. (Item # KO-K285) $150.00

k138.jpg (10530 bytes)

Liturgy Set - Includes genuine leather case 3" x 6", oil stock, pyx (10 host), sprinkler, 7" x 7" linen and reversible stole. (Item # KO-K138) $370.00

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