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Incense & Charcoal

The best way to burn incense would be to hold a piece of charcoal over a candle or flame until all sides and edges spark. Do not add incense until the charcoal is completely glowing. Sprinkle incense, don't smother with a large quantity. Enjoy!


Incense from Pinknash Abbey

Prinknash Incense is made by the Benedictine Monks at Prinknash Abbey, which is set amidst the beautiful, rolling Cotswold hills in the heart of rural England.

The presence of incense has been evident within the church since the middle of the fourth century. It is made from resinous gums, which are blended with a combination of spices and perfumes, sourced from around the world.

The blending of the gums, spices and perfumes is a specialist art form that has been perfected by the Benedictine monks of Prinknash over the last 100 years. Its production and sales assist the monks to financially support the monestary.

The popularity of Prinknash Incense has seen the demand for the product stretch further and further a field, and today the 5 varieties can well be found in many churches around the world. 5 varieties available, sold in boxes of 1lb. weight:

Abbey (Item #59270)
Sanctuary (Item #59271)
Priory (Item #59273)
Cathedral (Item #59274)
Your choice... 39.00/box

Basilica (Item #59272) 42.00


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Home Incense Kit 
They came from afar with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Now this treasured tradition of Christmas can be shared in your home with this complete kit, featuring brass censer (9" x 5") with wooden handle, 10 charcoal briquettes, and 3/4 oz. each of three assorted incenses. Boxed. (Item #27766) 24.95
15585.jpg (38220 bytes) The Original Gifts of Christmas® 
Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Unique Gift Sets
50376.jpg (221222 bytes)
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Incense & Charcoal Direct from Italy!
Available in 12 oz. boxes
Matthew/Matthaeus (Item #50376) 9.75
Mark/Marcus (Item #50377) 13.50
Luke/Lucas (Item #50375) 8.95
John/Iohannes (Item #50378) 14.95

t11.jpg (11953 bytes)

Floral Blend -
Quality, slow-burning fragrant granular resins blended with floral oils. (Item #53725) 32.50
Forest Blend - Quality, slow-burning fragrant granular resins blended with forest oils. (Item #53680) 27.00
Powder Blend - Quality, smooth-burning blend of powder resins. (Item #53724) 26.00
Somalian Frankincense - Premium quality, small grain imported frankincense. (Item #57052) 34.00
Ethiopian Myrrh - Premium quality, imported pure myrrh gum. (Item #53679) 31.50
gy1.jpg (9836 bytes)

Gloria Incense was developed specifically for sensitive eyes, noses & throats. Mild fragrances for the essence of litany and invocation. 1-lb. pkg.
F-8 Brand -
Pea sized for slow burn with lasting aroma. Light rose and lavender scent. (Item #53208) 29.00
P-Blend - Natural resins and fragrance in a powder form for quick effect. Light spice and vanilla character. (Item #53204) 25.00
PR-3 Blend - Formulation of natural balsamic resins and essential oils with rose and evergreen undertones aroma. (Item #54886) 28.00

Sweet Myrrh - Rich scent of myrrh without the scorch smell of the inferior grade gums.
1 lb (Item #51353) 44.95
1/2 lb (Item #51360) 24.95
Jerusalem - A very special fragrance produced by a unique combination of all natural gums.
1 lb (Item #51354) 44.95
1/2 lb (Item #51362) 24.95
Pure Frankincence
1 lb (Item #58463) 44.95
1/2 lb (Item #51326) 24.95
Queen of Heaven
1 lb (Item #53865) 44.95
1/2 lb (Item #51327) 24.95
Sampler -
13 aromas (Item #58450) 49.95
ka1.jpg (6164 bytes) ADORATION BRAND INCENSE
Roma - Rich scent of spices and rare essences.  (Item #60042) 34.00
Vita Mundi - Light, spicy scents predominate.  (Item #60008) 27.50
Monastery - A red incense with a rose like scent.  (Item #60009) 27.50
Russian Lump - Large lumps of natural frankincense.  (Item #56214)
em1500.jpg (5370 bytes) EMKAY BRAND INCENSE
Maximus - An aroma that reminds us of the kingship of Christ. (Item #55627) 34.85
Abbey -
An essence that reminds us of the spices of the Orient. (Item #55628) 22.50
Jerusalem - An aroma of traditional gum resins. (Item #60013) 20.00
Roman - The finest blend of sandle wood frankincense and myrrh. (Item #60011) 25.85
Frankincense - (Item #60012) 18.10
Three Kings - (Item #62560) 23.95
wb57801.jpg (5068 bytes) WILL & BAUMER BRAND INCENSE
Pontifical - That traditional aroma we all grew up with.   (Item #60021) 36.95
French - A subtle aroma of cedar. (Item #60022) 30.70

cl57704.jpg (5633 bytes)

Self-Lite Charcoal - 100 Briquettes (Item #50129) 21.00
Three Kings "Kwik Lite" Charcoal - 100 Briquettes (Item #60023) 22.55
Three Kings "Kwik Lite" Charcoal - 10 Briquettes (Item #60024) 2.
Charcoal Tongs
A tool as useful as unique. Charcoal Tongs make a delicate job a little easier. A must for safe handling of self-igniting Liturgical Charcoal before or during Services. Tongs aproximately 10" long. Spring style handle is bound for safety with a brass ring. (Item #52703) 9.00 each
Polished Charcoal Tongs
7" long.
Brass (Item #59161) 4.95

Polished Nickel Plate (Item #59160) 4.95

Incense Censers & Boats- CLICK HERE!

The First Christmas Presents
We've all heard about the Three Wise Men bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus at His birth but few know of the great significance of these rare gifts. Now you can give the same gifts the Wise Men brought to Jesus! This unique and nostalgic gift is filled with real frankincense, myrrh, and a trace of 10k gold! The beautiful wooden box measures 3.6" x 2.13" x 2.5" and comes with an insightful booklet "Why were those first three gifts so special?" written by Dr. Bruce Thomas. This 12 page, illustrated booklet is fascinating, and clearly shares the significance of the precious gifts and their great value at the time of Christ's birth. The First Christmas Present™ is a special, meaningful gift, that will be treasured for years to come! (Item #24152) 9.95


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