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Congregational Candles

Candlelight Service Sets
Cathedral's Candlelight Service Master Sets contain (1)Celebrant's Candle, 16" long; (6) Usher's
Candles, 8-1/4" long; and either (125) or (250) Congregations Candles, 5" long. Each set also contains a complete supply of Drip Protectors for each size candle.

Master Set for 125 people (Item #62025) $49.30/set
Master Set for 250 people (Item #62113) $72.75/set
100 extra candles with 100 drip protectors
(#60924) $26.70/box
81101101.jpg (11781 bytes) Congregational Tapers  
The congregational tapers are used for Easter Vigil Service and other ceremonies where the entire congregation participates. Packed with Drip Protectors (Bobeches).
51% Beeswax 11" (50 per Box Item #58938) $23.85/box
51% Beeswax 11" (100 per Box Item #60110) $46.80/box
Searine 9" (100 per Box Item #65500) $25.40/box

Longer burn time 14"
51% Beeswax (100 per Box Item #60140) $48.90/box
51% Beeswax (50 per Box Item #60440) $27.75/box

Strikingly Distinctive 18" Congregational Candles
Enhance your liturgical environment and celebration with these strikingly distinctive 18" congregational candles of 51% beeswax. Pictured to the left, for comparison purposes, is the dramatic presentation of the 18" candle relative to the standard 11" size. Because of their slender tapered shape, these Beeswax candles will drip considerably less than other congregational candles. Packed with bobeches.63
50 per box  (Item #81102801) $49.80/box
1460.jpg (11673 bytes) Candlelight Service Sets  
As in the early Christian tradition, thin tapers (cierges) are held by each person in the congregation for Easter Vigil Service. Kits contain 100 candles, each are 10" long and have easy to use drip protectors.
(Item #65115) $
Polar Candlelight Service Sets  
1/4" x 8-1/2" Polar Congregation, white with drop protectors. Box of 100.
(Item #71008) $29.95
Home Candle Set  (small group candlelight service)
Set contains six candles, six drip protectors and usage card with suggestions on how to use the set, possible hymns, prayers and scripture readings.
(Item #61211) $
1940.jpg (10185 bytes) Candlelight Service Sets  
Each set has the needed candles and accessories for a candlelight service. All church members can participate. Included are Pastor's candle, 6 Usher's candles, 125 or 250 or 425 Congregation candles, drip protectors and leaflets explaining ceremonies.
#1 Candlelight service for 125 (Item #61941) $50.55
#2 Candlelight service for 250 (Item #61942) $77.60
#3 Candlelight service for 425 (Item #61943) $112.55
Carton of 250 extra congregational candles (Item #62703) $
1944.jpg (11120 bytes) Lighting the Way  
Longer burning candlelight service set. 100 7" x 17/32" candles,   100 drip protectors
(Item #61944) $
538.jpg (5946 bytes) Candlemas Candles
Packaged two to a box. Easy to carry and store. For home use.
51% Beeswax 10" (Item #64482) $4.60
51% Beeswax 5-5/8" (Item # MK-538) $4.25
Regular Wax 11" (Item #69014) $2.
Candlemas Candles
The tradition of carrying candles on Christmas Day can be traced back as far as the 5th Century. It represents the entry of Christ, the light of the world, into the temple of Jerusalem. Bringing the candle into the home is a sign that Christ is with you in your everday life. Candles are packed 2 per box.
51% Beeswax 10.25" (Item #60800) $4.65
51% Beeswax 7.5" (Item #60801) $3.60
White Stearine 8.25" (Item #65333) $2.75
Polar Devotional Candles
Sold 250 candles per box. White
17/32 x 4.5" Votive 32 (Item #65251) $33.35
17/32 x 5.75" Votive 24 (Item #65282) $48.65
17/32 x 7" Votive 18 (Item #65208) $

Celebration Candle Drip Protector
This new addition to our candlelight service products features a crystal clear PVC flame retardant drip protector. Designed to fit a or 5/8" diameter candle.
  (candles not included).  
Drip Protector (Item #61784)
 $25.70/pkg. of 25

Quantity Pricing:
            4 packs             (100 pieces)      $23.55
            20 packs           (500 pieces)      $19.95

Drip Protectors (Bobeches)
Candles not included
Fits candles 3/8" to 1/2" in diameter. (Item #51305) $6.70/pack of 125

Plastic Handle/Holder
(Item #55118) $0.65 each
please inquire for quantity discounts

Plastic Sheild/Cup
Fits candles 1/2" in diameter. (Item #53610) $0.80 each
please inquire for quantity discounts

1786.jpg (9450 bytes) Paper
Fits candles 3/8" to 1/2" in diameter. (Item #53231) $7.05/pack of 125

Plastic Handle/Holder
(Item #55118) $0.65 each
please inquire for quantity discounts

Plastic Sheild/Cup
Fits candles 1/2" in diameter. (Item #53610) $0.96 each
please inquire for quantity discounts


White Polar Orthodox Votives

x 10" - 20's (Item # WB-73020) $39.95/box of 120 candles

3/8 x 8-1/2" - 30's
(Item # WB-73030)
$54.95/box of 221 candles

1/4 x 8-1/2" - 40's (Item # WB-73040) $59.95/box of 270 candles

Unscented Tea Light Candles
White, 10 per box
(Item #22552) $2.95
While Supplies Last
Unscented Votive Candles
White, 20 per box
(Item #22553) $8.95
While Supplies Last

2 Pack Battery Operated Candles
plastic, battery operated. Batteries not included.

Special Value!
(Item #20809) $2.95

Battery Operated Candle with Brass Plated Removable Base
Great for distribution!

Boxed with clear bulb. Brass plated base may be removed in order to hold the candle- great for congregational use or caroling. Ideal to hold, for centerpieces, for retirement and nursing homes, for hospitals, staircases, window sills, or anywhere else a real flame is not appropriate. 9" tall.
Special Value!
(Item #26236) $1.95 each

Battery Operated Tea Light Votive Candle
Disposable 1.25" Battery Operated LED Tea Light candle with natural flame look. Ideal for decorative candleholders, centerpieces, for retirement and nursing homes, for hospitals, or anywhere else a real flame is not appropriate. Burn length 72 hours.
Each (Item #19180) $2.95
51789.jpg (30694 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Processional Candle Holder
Hold your candle without dripping wax! Sturdy tube holds 4-hour disposable candles.
Tubes (Item #51789) $0.30 each or $25.10/case of 100
  Plain white votive lights:
4 Hour Disposable Votive in plastic wax protector cup. Available in crystal, ruby, blue, amber, purple, green, and rose. (Item #65055)
$0.50 each
$38.65/box of 144
5 Hour Votive in aluminum wax protector cup. Disposable. (Item #62505)
$36.00/box of 144




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