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Censers & Boats

Charcoal Tongs
A tool as useful as unique. Charcoal Tongs make a delicate job a little easier. A must for safe handling of self-igniting Liturgical Charcoal before or during Services. Tongs aproximately 10" long. Spring style handle is bound for safety with a brass ring. (Item #52703) $9.00 each
Polished Charcoal Tongs
7" long.
Brass (Item #59161) $4.95

Polished Nickel Plate (Item #59160) $4.95

Brass Censer
4.5" tall x 3" diameter. Boat not included. Please specify finish when ordering. (Item #57382) Satin Brass $115.00

Also available in (specify):
Polished Brass $130.00
24k Gold Plated $180.00
Stainless Steel $145.00

54022.jpg (20596 bytes) Censer and Boat
Polished Brass 9" censer with triple chains and accompanying incense boat. (Item # AS-5542) $1,395.00
k101.jpg (30135 bytes)

From Left to Right

(left) K101 9" tall x 4.5" bowl
(middle) K801 7" tall x 6" bowl
(right) K601 9" tall x 4.5" bowl

The Original One Chain Censors
From Left to Right

SATIN BRASS (Item #58965) $395.00
POLISH BRASS (Item # KO-K101PB) $440.00
BRIGHT GOLD 24KT (Item # KO-K10124KT) $630.00

SATIN BRASS (Item # KO-K801SB) $385.00
POLISH BRASS (Item # KO-K801PB) $435.00
BRIGHT CHROME (Item # KO-K801BC) $510.00
BRIGHT GOLD 24KT (Item # KO-K80124KT) $610.00

SATIN BRONZE (Item #52307) $420.00
POLISHED BRONZE (Item # KO-K601PB) $465.00
BRIGHT GOLD 24KT (Item # KO-K60124KT) $645.00

k701.jpg (7783 bytes) Censer and Boat
4 chain censer with boat

SATIN BRASS (Item #56701) $535.00
POLISH BRASS (Item # KO-K701PB) $580.00
BRIGHT GOLD 24KT (Item # KO-K70124KT) $765.00

k201.jpg (25174 bytes) Stainless Steel Censers & Boats
From Left to Right

7.75" tall x 4.5" diameter (Item # KO-K201) $440.00
7.75" tall x 4.5" diameter (Item # KO-K301) $455.00
8" tall x 5.5" diameter (Item # KO-K901) $425.00

k501.jpg (10271 bytes)  

Eastern Rite
9" tall x 4.5" diameter bowl; 4 chains with 12 bells attached; all bright gold plated.
(Item # KO-K501) $830.00

A- Table Censer

B- Censer and Boat
4.5" tall, bowl 3.75" diameter
Stainless Steel Finish (Item # KO-1001SS) $225
Gold Plated Finish (Item # KO-1001GP) $300.00

Boat with Spoon
Satin Brass (Item # KO-K88SBS) $100.00
Satin Bronze (Item # KO-K88SBZ) $105.00
Polish Brass (Item # KO-K88PBRASS) $110.00

Polish Bronze (Item # KO-K88PBRONZE) $120.00
24K Gold Plated (Item # KO-K88BG) $150.00
Stainless Steel (Item # KO-K88SS) $110.00

Spoon Only
Bright Gold (Item # KO-K88/SPOON-BG) $14.00
Stainless Steel (Item # KO-K88/SPOON-SS) $5.75

Censer and Boat
Baroque style, gold plated with 4 chains, inner cup height 10" (Item #56205) $2,160.00


2687.jpg (6272 bytes) Censer & Boat
(Item # ZZ-2687) $400.00/set
2672.jpg (5604 bytes) Censer & Boat
(Item #52672) $360.00/set
2665.jpg (5490 bytes) Censer & Boat
Satin Bronze finish (Item #52665) $285.00/set
2634.jpg (5963 bytes) Censer & Boat
5" diamter; extra cool burning (Item #52634) $295.00/set
1092.jpg (12007 bytes) Incense Burner
Stoneware incense burner. Removable coal holder. 3.5" diam. Filled with warmth absorbing silver-sand (included free of charge)
7.5" tall x 10.25" diam. (Item # SL-1092) $325.00
3823.jpg (38683 bytes)

SL-3823: With 4 chains, brass with inner cup, 7" tall x 4.5" diam
SL-2692: With single chain, hammered brass, 5.5" tall x 5.75"diam
SL-2491: With 4 chains, brass iwht inner cup, 7.5" tall x 4.75" diam
SL-3566 With 4 chains, silver-plated, with inner cup, 6.5" tall x 4.75" diam
SL-3713: as 3711, silver plated
SL-3711: Baroque style, gold plated with 4 chains, inner cup 10" tall
SL-1021: Classic shape, with 4 chains and inner cup, 9.5" tall

Censer with Boat & Spoon
from left to right
(Item # SL-3823) $755.00
(Item # SL-3566) $1,360.00
(Item # SL-3713) $1,900.00
(Item #56205) $1,795.00
(Item # SL-1021) $1,485.00
1807.jpg (11579 bytes) Censer Stand
44" tall x 8" base. Censer & boat not included. (Item #51807) $335.00

Censer Stand
54" tall x 10" base. Censer & boat not included. (Item #51813) $510.00

k176.jpg (3738 bytes) Censer Stand
50" tall x 10.5" base. Censer & boat not included. (Item #K176)
Satin Brass $435.00
Polish Brass $535.00
k156.jpg (6864 bytes) Censer Stand
50" tall x 9" base. Censer & boat not included. (Item #K156)
Satin Brass $435.00
Polish Brass $535.00

Censer Stand
50" tall x 9" base. Censer & boat not included. (Item #K188)
Satin Bronze $435.00
Polish Bronze $535.00

k191.jpg (7369 bytes) Censer Stand
50" tall x 10.5" base. Censer & boat not included. (Item #K191)
Stainless Steel $535.00

K180 Censer Stand w/ Stainless Steel H.W. Sprinkler
50" tall x 10.5" base. Censer & boat not included. (Item #55552)
Brass Two-Tone Finish $725.00

k193.jpg (6615 bytes) Wall Bracket
Back plate 2"x10" ext. 10" from wall. Censer & boat not included. (Item #K193)
Two-Tone Brass $290.00
Satin Bronze $330.00

Censer Stand
50" tall x 10.5" base. With 11" tray. Censer & boat not included. Ideal for funeral liturgy. (Item #K327)
Bronze Satin Finish $595.00
Satin Brass $545.00



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