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Church Sanctuary Candles

The tradition of sanctuary lights was begun during the Middle Ages when an Abbot of Fleury preached that every church should have a perpetually burning light before the Lord's Body as a tribute to the worship due Him.

Insert & Bottle Candles

Combining clear plastic candle refills with the insulation of reusable glass glodes, our Inserta-Lite system provides an economical alternative to traditional glass offering candles. The Inserta-Lite provides superior offering candle performance without the weight and breakage associated with other glass offering candles. Sold individually or by the case.

Clear Refill Candle to use inside the glass container/globe.
6 Day (Item #60200)
$2.50 each

Wholesale Candle Prices
Buy in Case Quantities and Save!

Inserta-Lite Votive Candles

3 Day (48pcs/cs)

5 Day (24pcs/cs)

6 Day (24pcs/cs)

7 Day (24pcs/cs)

1-4 Cases $74.95/cs $45.80/cs $50.50/cs


5-24 Cases $67.80/cs $42.90/cs $47.60/cs


25+ Cases $62.20/cs $40.85/cs $44.60/cs


3 Day Glass Container/Globes
$1.80/each or $21.60/dozen:
Dark Blue #51613
Ruby Red #51615
Light Blue#51632
Clear #51614

Also availble sold as a case of 48 candles in the following colors:
Amber Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, White. (Item #60189 + specify color)

5, 6, or 7 Day Glass Container/Globes
$1.95/each or $23.40/dozen:
Dark Blue #60198
Light Blue#60192
Ruby Red #60193
Amber Yellow #60194
Green #60195
Purple #60191
Pink #65054
White #60190

Clear #60196


Only select, refined waxes are used in creating these bottled candles. The wicks are specially treated for even burning.


Glass Offering Lights
6 Day Bottlelight Candles
for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Clear #21606 $3.25 each

Additional colors available:
Light Blue #21656
Dark Blue #21664
Ruby Red #21611
White #21603
Amber Yellow #21634
Green #21647
Purple #21668
Pink #21614
Your choice....$3.50/each

Wholesale Candle Prices
Buy in Case Quantities and Save!
6 Day Candles (12/case) Clear Colored
1-5 Cases $33.85/cs $35.25/cs
6-24 Cases $30.50/cs $32.50/cs
25+ Cases $29.65/cs $31.50/cs

Only select, refined waxes are used in creating these bottled candles. The wicks are specially treated for even burning.


Also Available By Order:
5 Day Bottlelight Candles
for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Wholesale Candle Prices
Buy in Case Quantities and Save!
5 Day Candles (12/case) Clear Colored
1-5 Cases $29.75/cs $32.25/cs
6-24 Cases $27.50/cs $29.80/cs
25+ Cases $26.25/cs $28.50/cs

Available in crystal, ruby, dark blue, light blue, green, amber, purple, pink, rose and opal (white).



  Plain white votive lights:
4 Hour Disposable Votive in plastic wax protector cup. Available in crystal, ruby, blue, amber, purple, green, and rose. (Item #65055)
$0.50 each
$38.65/box of 144
5 Hour Votive in aluminum wax protector cup. Disposable. (Item #62505)
$36.00/box of 144
  EZ Lites
Box of 144 candles (1 gross)

Wholesale Candle Prices
Buy in Case Pack Quantities and Save!

EZ Lite Candles 2 Gross/Case Pack
1-4 Cases $77.30/cs
5-19 Cases $73.40/cs
20+ Cases $70.30/cs
  Best Quality Church / Chapel Votive Lights

Wholesale Candle Prices
Buy in Case Pack Quantities and Save!

Votive Candles (Cathedral) 6 Hour S/S 8 Hour S/S 10 Hour S/S 15 Hour Taper
  4 gross case 4 gross case 2 gross case 1 gross case
1-12 gross $23.20/gr $27.60/gr $31.30/gr $47.80/gr
12+ gross $20.16/gr $23.85/gr $27.14/gr $43.04/gr
for home use, sold in a box of one dozen   $4.25 $5.75 $26.75
Polar Devotional Candles
Sold 250 candles per box. White
17/32 x 4.5" Votive 32 (Item #65251) $33.35
17/32 x 5.75" Votive 24 (Item #65282) $48.65
17/32 x 7" Votive 18 (Item #65208) $


Remembrance Lite Center Spike - Ruby Remembrance Lites
Remembrance lites are the perfect memorial choice. Available in ruby, blue, and clear.
    Ruby Blue Clear
Center Spike $81.40 #1001-47 #1001-52 #1001-50
Off-Set Spike $84.25 #1002-47 #1002-52 #1002-50
Eastern Globe $84.25 #1004-47 #1004-52 #1004-50
Solar Powered, info coming soon!
Patriotic Remembrance Lites
Accomodates #797 refill candles (shown in here green)
    Patriotic Amber Purple Green Clear
Center Spike $81.40 #1001-51        
Refill Candles $39.30/dozen
(2 dozen/case)
  #797-48 #797-19 #797-49 #797-50


sanclight.jpg (9411 bytes)

51% Beeswax 8 Day Glass Sanctuary Lights. The Domus Christi has been formulated to meet Diocesan requirements and is made from 51% pure natural beeswax. the Domus Christi seal on each individual light is our assurance of the finest quality. Bottle size - 12 per case.   (Item #65006)
1-3 Cases $134.90/ case
4 or more Cases $125.30/ case

Our SacraLux sanctuary lights are formulated to provide a clean dependable 8-day burning performance. Each light is sealed and guaranteed to contain a minimum of 12% Beeswax. Bottle size - 12 per case.  (Item #65205)
1-3 cases $71.40/case
4 or more cases $66.30/case

The SacraLite is carefully manufactured using select refined waxes for a dependable and clean 8-day burning performance. Bottle size - 12 per case.  (Item #65217)
1-3 Cases $52.45/ case
4 or more Cases $48.55/ case

picture coming soon!

Divine Presence 7-Day Plastic Sanctuary Light
Divine Presence 7-Day Sanctuary Lights in unbreakable plastic. Made from select refined waxes for dependable performance. Designed for use in glass Sanctuary Light globe. (Item #65017) $86.40/case of 24

shown above

Sanctuary Light Stand
Brass Tulip Style Stand (Item #93540601) $
Brass Sheild (Item #93550101) $33.15
Glass Globe (Item #93131 01) $19.95
Specify Color when ordering.

picture coming soon!

Memorial Light Fixtures
This lasting, durable memorial fixture is constructed of heavy gauge, rust proof aluminum with an anodized gold finish. Its plastic cylindrical globe protects light from wind and rain, and is available in ruby or blue.
Center Spike- Ruby (Item #93702101) $95.00
Center Spike- Blue (Item #93702201) $95.00
Off-Set Spike- Ruby (Item #93702501) $115.00
Off-Set Spike- Blue (Item #93702601) $115.00
Replacement Globe- Ruby (Item #93702301) $25.00
Replacement Globe- Blue (Item #93702401) $2

chapellights.jpg (4354 bytes)

Chapel Lights
These 72 and 40 Hour glass enclosed Chapel/Devotion lights lend themselves well to several applications, including the adaption to processional candlesticks. Sold by box of 12.

72 Hour 51% Beeswax Crystal (Item #60119) $72.20
72 Hour 51% Beeswax Ruby (Item #88172112) $76.00
72 Hour Paraffin Crystal (Item #60117) $46.60
72 Hour Paraffin Ruby (Item #88372112) $48.35
40 Hour 51% Beeswax Crystal (Item #88140012) $57.80
40 Hour Brass Adapter (Item #93544001) $14.50 each



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