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 Patron Saint by Meaning Listing- CLICK HERE

Saints Bracelet
Wood beads/Elastic. Asst traditional images of various saints. One size.
(Item #27057)

Name begins with:

| B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
Patron Saint Name Pendants
Traditional & Contemporary Saint Charms, Medals & Pendants, Over 400 names available!


Sterling Silver, 12kt Gold Plate and 14kt Gold.


Patron Saint Charms
Design Your Own Charm Bracelet! Great for First Communion, Confirmation, Mother's Day, etc..! Over 400 Saints Available! Choose From Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, or 14kt Gold. View Charms by Name, starting with:
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z
Engraving Available!
36936.jpg (4171 bytes) Traditional Patron Saint Pendants Available for Most Patron Saints. Please click on style:
Sterling Silver
12 kt. Gold-Plate 
14 kt. Solid Gold

Two Sizes are also Available for most Patron Saints.



1" St. Michael Police Badge Necklace
Sterling Silver St. Michael pendant.  1" pendant is shaped like a badge and reads St. Michael Protect Us.  24" rhodium plated chain included.  Deluxe gift box. (Item #37983)

St. Christopher Medal
Round sterling silver medal on sturdy stainless steel chain. An appropriate gift for any religious occassion. Gift Boxed.
(Item #36049)

7000.jpg (5156 bytes)

St. Rita Baseball Pendant
Popularized by the recent movie, The Rookie, this sports medal is sure to delight the baseball fan in your life. 1" Oval Sterling Silver medal on 24" stainless steel chain (not shown). Front reads: St. Rita Pray For Us. Gift Boxed.
(Item #24549)

8000.jpg (3448 bytes)

St. Rita Baseball Pendant
Popularized by the recent movie, The Rookie, this sports medal is sure to delight the baseball fan in your life. 3/4" Oval Sterling Silver medal on 18" stainless steel chain (not shown). Front reads: St. Rita Pray For Us. Gift Boxed.
(Item #24550)


33302.jpg (84009 bytes) NEW!
Surfer style St. Christopher Medal on Chain

Sterling silver enameled St. Christopher Medal on a 24" stainless steel chain (not shown). Gift Boxed.
(Item #33408)
33304.jpg (95095 bytes)
Surfer style St. Christopher Medal on Chain

Sterling silver enameled St. Christopher Medal on a 24" stainless steel chain (not shown). Gift Boxed.
(Item #33446)
33305.jpg (97429 bytes)
Surfer style St. Christopher Medal on Chain

Sterling silver enameled St. Christopher Medal on a 24" stainless steel chain (not shown). Gift Boxed.
(Item #33482)
Pewter St. Christopher Pocket Coin
Prayer to St. Christopher, the patron of travelers.
(Item #17305)

MORE SAINT TOKENS AVAILABLE AT OUR STORE! Please call for saints available!

Wallet Prayer Cards with Medal
Each 2.25" x 3.5" prayer card comes with an Italian silver oxidized medal, with prayer to that saint printed on back. All Saints Cards are sealed in protective plastic laminate for long life.
We also carry paper and laminated patron saint holy cards at our stores! Please call for details!

Glorious illustrations will delight children with their beauty, in this easy to read
book. Hardcover.
(Item #85928)

Wonderful biographies: a saint's
story for every day of the year arranged according to their feast
days. Hardcover. Ages 7 and up.
(Volume 1 Item #86978)

(Volume 2 Item #87525)

(Boxed, Volumes 1 & 2 Item #80126)

Lives of the saints are vividly recounted in this 400 page text.
Each biography includes a short prayer or reflection. Hardcover. Ages 7-14.
(Item #87078)

Wonderful new book with a brief biography of 53 popular saints.
Hardcover. Ages 5-12.
(Item #88606)

The Book of Saints & Heroes
The first Christians to visit Europe and the British Isles met pagans who told tales of fairies, talking beasts, and other wonderful things. To these marvelous stories, they soon added new ones about the Christian saints. Some were true, others improbable, and many simply fantastic. In the ones we include here, you’ll meet the saint who spent seven Easters on a whale’s back and the amiable lion who was St. Jerome’s friend. You’ll see St. George fight the dragon, and you’ll read about the fierce wolf St. Francis of Assisi converted.

But many of these stories have in them scarcely a wave of the fairy wand. So you’ll also find here true tales of great saints such as St. Louis of France, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Francis Xavier, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary — souls marked by courage, kindness, and piety.

These marvelous legends and exciting true stories of Christian saints and heroes will provide many hours of delightful reading to believers and non-believers alike! 336 pages, paperback (Item #97816)

Read the exciting stories of:

  • St. Anthony
  • St. Augustine
  • St. Paul
  • St. Brendan
  • St. Colette
  • St. Columba
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  • St. Cuthbert
  • St. Dorothea
  • St. Dunstan
  • St. Richard of Chichester
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • St. Francis Xavier
  • St. Louis IX
  • St. Jerome
  • St. Margaret of Scotland
  • St. George
  • St. John of God
  • St. Malchus
  • St. Senan
  • St. Simeon Stylites
  • St. Vincent de Paul, and others.
    Patrons and Protectors: In Times of Need
    art by Michael O’Neill McGrath, foreword by Rosemary Luling Haughton

    Once again Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath enlivens our devotion to our patron saints with his modern yet tradition-inspired images. In this third volume of the Patrons and Protectors series, we recall those saints we call upon when in need. In times of illness we pray with Peregrine (cancer), Timothy (stomach ailments), Bernadette (asthma), James (arthritis), Agatha (breast cancer) and Matthew Talbott (alcoholism). When grieving or beset by worry we call upon Jane de Chantal (widows), Rita (troubled marriages), Monica (troubled children). When faced with nature’s fury we cry out for the prayers of Gregory the Wonderworker (floods) and Genevieve (disasters).

    As in the first two volumes, Brother Mickey’s art is accompanied by his own descriptions and a brief contribution by a modern person facing these difficulties. Contributors include Christopher de Vinck, Antoinette Bosco, Michelle Weldon and many others. The combination of age-old piety and modern witness makes this volume another must-have for any spiritual library. Hardcover, 10 x 10, 58 pages. (Item #87891)

    Patrons and Protectors: Occupations
    Michael O’Neill McGrath, foreword by Wendy Wright

    Saints are not relics from our past. Their lives can spark our own, lift us up as we strive to be faithful Christians. In the first book in this exciting new Patrons and Protectors Series, Mickey McGrath presents images of the saints as patrons of particular occupations. His fresh interpretations enchant the imagination. St. Dominic stargazes through state-of-the art astronomical instruments. St Margaret of Clitherow is today’s businesswoman, with briefcase nearby and cellular phone in hand. Sir Thomas More’s battles with the crown are waged in a contemporary courtroom. In each image, the reader will see the Holy Spirit peering out and peeking around the corners, reminding us of the holy presence in all of our lives.

    Essays from contemporary men and women tell us what a particular type of work is like for them today. Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) writes about a life devoted to working in children’s television, alongside an image of Saint Clare, the patron saint of those who work in television. Dave Brubeck’s reflection on a career in music accompanies the image of Saint Cecelia, the patron of musicians. And, many other people share insights about their life work next to images of the patrons of their occupations.

    Whether you are exploring new career possibilities or you simply enjoy learning about your patron saint, this book will help you to see that there are many ways to contribute to the building of God’s reign here on earth. An ideal gift book for any individual or family, for those who are have been or are about to be confirmed, for the classroom or parish library, or for your own book collection. Hardcover, 10 x 10, 64 pages. (Item #83682)

      Patrons and Protectors: More Occupations
    Michael O’Neill McGrath, foreword by James Martin, SJ

    In this second volume of the Patrons and Protectors series, Michael O’Neill McGrath’s images of saints as patrons of occupations remind us that we are called to build God’s reign through our labor, an essential part of Christian life. Among the saints depicted in this volume are Martha, who served meals to Jesus in her home; Francis of Assisi, often associated with nurturing animals; and Katharine Drexel, who was recently canonized.

    As in the first volume of this series, McGrath’s art delights and instructs. Who is that road construction worker? Which saint is patron of cabdrivers? Why is there an ostrich in a scientist’s lab? Alongside McGrath’s commentary about why a saint is associated with a particular occupation are essays by men and women engaged in that work. As we see the variety of ways human beings contribute their talents and skills, we become inspired to view our jobs with fresh eyes. Hardback, 10 × 10, 64 pages. (Item #83683)

    My Best Teachers were Saints: What Every Educator Can Learn from the Heroes of the Church
    The lives of the saints are inspiring to many people, but they can be especially inspiring for teachers. For author and lifelong teacher Susan H. Swetnam, some of the best, most inspiring, and most insightful mentors she has are saints of the Catholic Church—and a remarkable number of these men and women were teachers themselves!

    In My Best Teachers Were Saints, Swetnam describes the lives of 52 saints that will be especially inspiring to teachers. Some of the saints' lives offer lessons on how to overcome the teaching profession's unique problems; others show today's teachers how to identify successes that are often difficult to discern. All of the saints in this book will encourage teachers to persevere in the educational work that God has called them to do. 304 Pages, Paperback (Item #88672)

    Loyola Kids Book of Heroes: Stories of Catholic Heroes and Saints throughout History
    by Amy Welborn
    In this book of saints for kids, best-selling author Amy Welborn tells the stories of devoted Christians, including Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, and John the Baptist, who made significant contributions to people and the world around them. Throughout Loyola Kids Book of Heroes, Welborn introduces Christian role models who exemplify the seven cardinal virtues—faith, hope, charity, temperance, prudence, fortitude, and justice—and helps children grow in their love and admiration for the saints. Colorful illustrations and a delightful storytelling style bring to life these stories of saints for kids. Ages 8-12. Hardcover, 196 pages.
    (Item #87136)

    Patron Saint of First Communicants
    The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini
    By: Mary Fabyan Windeatt
    Patron Saint of First Communicants. Gifts were piled high for 5-year-old Imelda's birthday. Imelda was delighted, but still she asked, "I was wondering if I could have just one more present." "Greedy girl!" laughed her father. Unfortunately, her parents could not give her this one present--Our Lord in Holy Communion. But Imelda decided to ask Our Lord Himself. What would He reply? This book gives the answer and tells how little Imelda came to be the Patroness of First Communicants.
    (Item #88788)

    More First Communion Books- CLICK HERE!

    Loyola Kids Book of Saints

    by Amy Welborn

    The lives of saints for kids . . .

    Who are the saints, why are they important, and what can today's children learn from them? In Loyola Kids Book of Saints, the first in the Loyola Kids series, author Amy Welborn answers these questions with exciting and inspiring stories, real-life applications, and important information about these heroes of the church. This delightful collection of saints' lives, written in a storybook style for children eight to twelve, explains how saints become saints, why we honor them, and how they help us even today.

    Divided thematically, the book features more than sixty saints from all over the world and from all across time, including our newest saints, such as Katharine Drexel; popular saints, such as St. Anthony of Padua; and Blesseds, such as Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. Each story tells about a saint and encourages readers to consider how they might apply what they learn from the story to their everyday lives.

    Ages 8-12; 7x10 Hardcover, 304 pages. (Item #81470)

    click to view inside of book

    Saints and Angels

    Richly illustrated with fine art
    , Saints and Angels describes the lives and works of many familiar and unfamiliar saints and angels. Among those included are the apostles, John the Baptist, Joan of Arc, and the first native-born American saint, Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton. Details of feast days and patronages are also discussed. Coverage includes information about choirs of angels, guardian angels and fallen angels. 64 pages; Hardcover (Item #86647)

    Saints and Feast Days: A Resource and Activity Book
    by the Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio
    Expanded 2004 edition—now with 450+ pages! This revised book of biographies includes more than 200 saints. Blackline masters feature complete activities to enrich teaching opportunities. Spiral bound hardcover,
    476 Pages  (Item #87277)

    83921.jpg (70216 bytes)
    click on image for larger view

    A Catholic Child's Illustrated Lives of the Saints
    Hardcover Book
    The lives of over 65 saints are fully illustrated and explained. Ages 6-9.
    Size 5.5" x 8.5"; 160 pages.  (Item #83921)

    Saints of the Americas
    Hardcover Book
    Biographies of the Saints of North and South America. Illustrated full color. 5" x 7". 132 pages. (Item #83917)

    St. Christopher Pewter Wall Cross
    5" Fine Pewter; Gift Boxed with Laminated Holy Card.
    (Item #20141)


    11961.jpg (16236 bytes) Saint Statues- Click Here!
    Patron Saint Devotional Candles- CLICK HERE!

    Book of Saints Children's Gift Set
    No. of Pages: 384 
    Size: 5 5/8 X 7 5/8 
    Cover: PAPERBACK 
    Boxed Set of 12 Books
    (Item #93214) $

    365 SAINTS
    The life of a saint is the life of an ordinary person lived well. Here is a surprising collection of 365 saint stories. Each profile ends with a thought provoking question. (Item #95114)

    Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witness for Our Time. by Robert Ellsberg. From Therese of Lisieux to Mother Teresa, from Moses to Gandhi, this inspiring treasury combines traditional saints with other spiritual giants whose lives speak to the meaning of holiness for our time.
    (576 page Paperback Item #89858)

     97665.jpg (4099 bytes)
    An authority on saint history, this condensed version extracts from the full 4 volume set, one saint for each day of the year. Paperback.  (Item #97665)


    fritz1.jpg (331373 bytes)

    Handcarved Wood Statues
    Available in hard-to-find saints! Each saint
    is handcarved and handpainted. Feature
    vibrant color and intricate detail.
    3" Saints Available
    Now Only

    While Supplies Last!!!

    6" Saints Available
    Now Only

    While Supplies Last!!!

    pewstat.jpg (102245 bytes)

    Hand Engraved
    Genuine Pewter

    2-1/2" Genuine Pewter
    Statuettes.  Gift Boxed
    Saints Available


    example: St. Michael is the Patron Saint of Policemen

    Don't Forget to Check Out Our Best-Selling St. Christopher SPORT MEDALS!




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