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Patriotic/American Items

Magnetic Mailbox Wraps and High Quality Outdoor Seasonal Flags
24" American Flag on Stick
Nylon American flag measures 12"x18" (Item #40303) each
10" American Flag on Stick
Nylon American flag measures 4"x6" (Item #40304) each
Assorted Patriotic Wood Crates

2 3/4"H X 4 3/4"W X 2 1/2"D (Item #40301) each
American Flag Glass Candleholder

Line your yard this 4th of July or
even use at the cemetary with our battery operated candles! 24" tall, 3" opening. Glass. (Item #40302)

Battery Operated Tea Light Votive Candle
Disposable 1.25" Battery Operated LED Tea Light candle with natural flame look. Ideal for decorative candleholders, centerpieces, for retirement and nursing homes, for hospitals, or anywhere else a real flame is not appropriate. Burn length 72 hours.
Each (Item #19180)
10244.jpg (164152 bytes) Patriotic Angel Lapel Pin
Back of card reads: Long may our land be bright with freedom's holy light. Protect us by Thy might Great God, our King. Carded.
(Item #10244)

83430.jpg (40712 bytes)
click on image for larger view

America Out of the Ashes
True Stories of Courage and Heroism
On September 11, 2001 our nation experienced the horrific acts of terrorism through the tragic events in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. However, the devastating effects were not just confined to these areas as the entire world felt the impact of this attack on freedom and the loss of innocent lives. This book depicts true stories of courage, hope, and inspiration accompanied by prayers to renew our souls and heal our hearts, to bring us from recovery to restoration. These inspiring stories of heroism and hte prayers for God's comfort and provision reveal that with God's help America is rising up out of the ashes, stronger and healthier than before. Hardcover, 251 pages.
(Item #83430)

PrayPres.jpg (35162 bytes)
click on image for larger view

Have You Prayed for Your President Today?
Bumpersticker to Spread the Message. These bumperstickers are being distributed all over the United States to spread the message. (Item #15555)
15545.gif (7110 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Flag Pin
(Item #15740)
15532.jpg (42955 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Angel on My Shoulder Pin Holding American Flag
(Item #15532)
picture not available Guardian Angel on Airplane Lapel Pin
(Item #15533)
15547.gif (4555 bytes) 'God Bless Our Nation' License Tag
(Item #15547)
picture not available 'God Bless America' Decal
(Item #15548)
15549.gif (12646 bytes) 'God Bless America' Prism Sticker
(Item #15549)
15551.gif (4304 bytes) American/Christian Flags Lapel Pin
(Item #15551)
15550.gif (10215 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Small Cloth American Flag
4" x 6" (Item #15550)
15558.gif (4467 bytes) Small Plastic American Flag
4" x 6" (Item #15558) $0.45
picture not available USA Flag Pencil
(Item #15530) $0.29
picture not available Rhinestone USA Lapel Pin
(Item #15535)
11707.gif (2851 bytes) God Bless America Bumpersticker
(Item #11707)
11708.gif (7842 bytes) American Flag Car Flag
(Item #11708)
38586.jpg (13672 bytes)
click on image for larger view
American Santa
12" tall. Musical! Plays "Stars and Stripes Forever" Gift Boxed.
(Item #38586)


Prayer for Our Nation: September 11, 2001



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