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From Academy Award winning director Mel Gibson comes a profound story of courage and sacrifice depicting the final twelve hours in the life of Jesus Christ.

Featuring stunning cinematography and an inspired performance by Jim Caviezel, The Passion of the Christ is a triumphant and uncompromising filmaking achievement.
(Item #73609)

A Guide to the Passion: 100 Questions About The Passion of the Christ
This book was written to help you understand the many theological and artistic elements of the movie. It presents a fascinating scene-by-scene analysis of this unforgettable film experience. 

Written by Matthew Pinto, this book is an essential resource to help you appreciate the deep riches of The Passion of The Christ. (Item #83609)

The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
by Anne Catherine Emmerich
This book helped inspire Mel Gibson to make the movie, "The Passion of the Christ." Faithful to the Bible story of the Passion and death of Jesus, it fills in many details and is edifying and inspiring beyond belief; plus, it is surprising and heart-rending. It will melt a heart of stone. This book is the best on the Passion we have seen. It is also wonderful on the Blessed Mother's role in our redemption. Includes a short biography of Sr. Emmerich. A great, great book for the whole family!
(Item #85058) $18.00


The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ CD
According to John
Christopher Walker

 "There is no greater love than this: To lay down your life for your friends." John 15:13

Opening with this antiphon, sung beautifully by a cappella choir, this new setting of the Passion is powerful, tender and haunting, evoking all the pathos and drama of Jesus' suffering and death. The inspiration for it, the composer explains, came from his desire to give added meaning and power to the Passion reading on Good Friday, not only to contrast with the passion reading on Palm/Passion Sunday, but also because it precedes the Veneration of the Cross.

Reverent and emotionally immediate, the music is a very appropriate setting for St. John's telling of the story. It's simple without being spare, dramatic without being melodramatic. Arranged with parts for organ, SATB choir, narrator, Jesus, Pilate, Peter, a maid, a slave and a temple guard, Walker's Passion also involves the assembly, which sings easily memorized refrains that reflects on key moments in the Passion.

This innovative setting gives a new voice to a familiar text, placing the narrator's spoken part over keyboard accompaniment and giving dramatic crowd part s to the choir. Jesus sings in contrast to Pilate, who speaks. Based on three short melodies, the part of Jesus (included in the full score) can be learned quickly by a priest or deacon. All parts, in fact, are relatively easy to learn and perform, accessible to the resources of a good parish choir.

The beautifully recorded CD reveals the dramatic potential of this music. Divided into 17 tracks, one for each of the main sequences of the Passion, it makes an excellent preparation and rehearsal tool, in addition to being inspirational listening for Lent and any time we meditate on the sorrowful mysteries of the Passion.

CD (Item #73428)

Full Score with Narration and Jesus (Baritone solo), Full Score w/Org (Octavo) (Item #73437)

Choral Sheet Music (Octavo) (Item #73438) $2.00


Additional Items of Interest:

The Passion of the Christ and His Mother, The Linkage of Exodus and the Night of the Passover

From well-known Marian author and research professor, Dr. Courtenay Bartholomew, comes the companion book to Mel Gibson's important film "The Passion of the Christ."

"The Passion of the Christ and His Mother" is perhaps the most detailed, inspiring, and moving account of the Passion you will ever read. The author expands on the film and reproduces the unspeakable anguish of Our Lord during the last 20 hours (the movie covers the last 12 hours) of His life.

Based on revelations from the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich and others, the book provides further insight and detail such as:

A full account of the Last Supper
A detailed description of the agony of Mary
The medical aspects of the Crucifixion
The history of the Shroud of Turin
A theological explanation of the why the Passion was necessary
And much more

Both Mel Gibson's film and Professor Bartholomew's companion book are sure to spark controversy and debate but above all fuel the fires of faith for years to come. 96 pages
(Item #83613)

Daily Lenten Meditations
Prayerful Reflections from John Paul II
edited by Fr. Max Polak

Daily Lenten Meditations contains excerpts taken from the homilies, addresses, and official letters of Blessed John Paul IIís long and generous evangelizing activity. These excerpts have been put together to form a kind of spiritual pilgrimage over the course of Lent. As Christ faced suffering, the Pope has faced his own illness and infirmity with courage and fortitude walking his own Lenten pilgrimage every day with prayerful dignity and faith.

Youíll find:

  • Day-by-day reflections of John Paul II through the season of Lent
  • Readings of the day
  • Beautiful 4-color images
  • A compact and easy-to-use format

The texts have been chosen to help readers, day-by-day, consider, examine themselves or pray over a theme that is relevant to Lentís call to faith and conversion. This book for is for all Christians who wish to meditate on the Scripture and walk their own prayerful Lenten pilgrimage. Designed to be accessible for daily use, this book is helpful to Catholic readers who hunger for deeper reflection and prayer in the Lenten season.

Hardcover, 4 3/4 x 7, 100 pages. (Item #90069)

Stations Emblem Wall Cross

The stations of the life of Jesus are every person's plight. Jesus counsels us how to live and how to die. The art that complements a building indoors, as well as, outdoors bespeaks the focus, character, and mission of an institution. Sacred art is a most powerful expression of its call to the world, especially in relationship with an institution that is meant to be a sacred space, such as a church, a chapel or your home. Imported from Germany where  master artisans work in the foundry casting, polishing, and finishing the pieces guaranteeing you bronze art of the highest quality.

10.5" tall. Bronze. (Item #10616) $130.00

Last Supper Wall Cross

This piece reminds us of the sacred meal. Jesus chosed the symbol of the meal to admonish hi followers to serve each other, to nurture each other, to be with each other. The art that complements a building indoors, as well as, outdoors bespeaks the focus, character, and mission of an institution. Sacred art is a most powerful expression of its call to the world, especially in relationship with an institution that is meant to be a sacred space, such as a church, a chapel or your home. Imported from Germany where  master artisans work in the foundry casting, polishing, and finishing the pieces guaranteeing you bronze art of the highest quality.

5" Tall. Bronze. (Item #10590) $54.00

The Passion Novena: A Scriptural Rosary
by Larry London
136 pages; Paperback (Item #82993)

In times of need and distress, no prayer is more effective than the Rosary. Now Larry London, author of The Seven-Day Scriptural Rosary, has combined the comfort, familiarity, and power of the Rosary with Scripture-based meditations on Christ's Passion and death in his book, The Passion Novena, A Scriptural Rosary.

A unique set of nine Rosary mysteries, this novena for the new millennium allows you to reflect on the mysteries of salvation, while asking Mary herself to join you in your prayer of petition.

About the Author: A convert to Catholicism, Larry London is the author of the bestselling book The Seven-Day Scriptural Rosary. He leads various prayer groups in his diocese, as well as teaches Bible classes.

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
8.5" x 11"; 64 pages; Paperback (Item #86084)


Cycles A, B, and C are included, complete in one volume. A perfect resource for use during Holy Week, this volume is arranged for recitation by several ministers.

Special Features:
ē  16 pt. Type
ē  Printed in Two Colors
The Passion and Resurrection Narratives of Jesus:
A Commentary

by Stephen J. Binz
This commentary will enrich any reader's understanding of the heart of the Christian faith: the passion and resurrection of Jesus. Father Binz shows the differences in the four accounts and the reasons behind those differences. Text segments are followed by appropriate commentary. Paperback; 120 pages; 5.5" x 8.5"
(Item #92994)

The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ
prepared and with notes by George R. Szews

This book shows how several readers can proclaim the Passion on Palm Sunday or Good Friday and do it well. Matthew is not Mark is not Luke is not John. Each account of the passion is unique. Thatís the starting point in this careful and pastoral approach. Participation and understanding by the entire assembly will increase when everyone clearly hears each facet of the story on which our lives are founded. Rather than simply dividing the Passion into the parts of Narrator, Single Speaker, Christ and Crowd, this book allows the evangelistís understanding of the Passion to be heard and pondered. An introduction and specific commentary preceding each Passion account is included. Here youíll find proclamation tips and suggestions for musical refrains, acclamations and hymns. The cover is suitable for use in front of the assembly and, inside, the size of the type, the use of sense lines and the arrangement of the page allows for ease of proclamation by readers. The text is exactly as given in the revised lectionary.

We suggest that parishes purchase five copies per scheduled liturgy: one copy for each of the three readers, one copy for the presider and one copy for the music minister.

Paperback, 8 1/2 x 11, 48 pages. (Item #93107) $7.00

The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of John
by Donald Senior, C.P.

With this volume on John the Passion series concludes its study of the meaning of Jesus' death in each of the Gospels. But though last, it is certainly not less important or a repetition of the other Gospels. In fact, John's portrayal of the death is as distinctive and unique as the rest of this "maverick" Gospel.

Father Senior explores how the rest of the Gospel prepares for the Passion story. He then gives a detailed analysis of the Passion narrative itself. Finally, he explores the theological motifs that dominate the Passion narrative. With scholarly finesse and deep pastoral awareness, he makes John's vibrant message of the Passion speak to our life and times.

". . . should be purchased now and read before John's passion is solemnly proclaimed next Good Friday."
- National Catholic Reporter

(Item #92997)

The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke
by Donald Senior, C.P.

The recent resurgence of scholarship on Luke's Gospel is due, in part, to this Gospel's special appeal for an age in which questions of economic justice, peace, and the prophetic role of the Churches questions all important in Luke are so urgent.

Father Senior's exegesis yields a strong sense of what Luke intended to communicate to his readers and, to some degree, what may have been the circumstances that shaped his message. He reveals the Luke who presents Jesus as a champion of the poor and marginalized, whose message of justice is proclaimed with a sharp prophetic edge.

(Item #92998)

The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark
by Donald Senior, C.P.

Which came first: a coherent Passion story or the Gospel of Mark? Contemporary biblical scholarship is divided over this issue of how, exactly, the Passion story developed.

Whatever the shape of the story prior to Mark, it must have been imprinted with Christian experience as well as historical memory. Mark, in turn, felt free to retell and reinterpret that story for his own time and place. The Passion of Jesus was not only a story from the past but also, in the sufferings and hopes of the Christians of Mark's time, a living reality of the present.

The readers of this insightful work will find that the Passion of Jesus as told by Mark continues to hold meaning for the present. Paperback, 176 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

(Item #92996)

The Passion of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew
by Donald Senior, C.P.

The Word of the cross is a living word, crying out for reinterpretation as life takes new shape and expression. Reinterpreting the Gospel was particularly compelling for Matthew's church because his Christians lived in a time of profound transition. The Passion of Jesus, then, was not simply a story of suffering out of the past but a point of identification for the Christians of Matthew's own time.

For us twentieth-century Christians, who also know the peculiar suffering and hope of living in an age that is both dying and being born, the Passion of Jesus according to Matthew has special meaning. Paperback, 200 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

(Item #92995)

Praying the Passion/Living the Gospel
by Malcolm Cornwell, C.P.; Foreword by Donald Senior, C.P.

This book has one purpose: to assist adult believers in praying the gospel message, with special emphasis on the narratives of Christ's passion. Each concise reflection invites the reader/pray-er to grow in gospel knowledge and spiritual insight. The reflections would also serve well as a source for a Holy Week retreat or for fruitful preaching during Holy Week.

Malcolm Cornwell draws on both the power of his community charism and his strong interest in biblical/liturgical spirituality to represent a new and prayerful perspective on the timeless stories of the Lord's passion and death. Practical suggestions for prayer and guided reflection follow each chapter, and a short bibliography points the way to further reading and reflection. Paperback, 80 pages, 5 3/8" x 8 1/4"

(Item #92992)

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