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Gifts for Nurses & Doctors

Nurse Angel Statue & Keepsake Frame Set
comes beautifully packaged in sage green keepsake box. Nestled inside the box you'll find an inspirational plaque containing a heardfelt passage and gorgeous Angel statue. The dual magnet, on the cover, holds a nice size photo and can either stay on the box or be placed on a refrigerator, etc... (Item #30065) $9.95

With every soothing voice and every gentle touch,
Nurses just like you can really mean so much.
Your smile comforts all, your compassion guides the way,
I'm thankful for your kindness each and every day.

St. Catherine of Siena, Patron of Nurses
Catherine (1347-80), the twenty-fourth child of a dyer and his wife, decided as a young girl not to marry. She spent several years in prayer and virtual solitude in a back room of her parents’ home. At the end of this period she experienced a mystical marriage to Christ. She emerged from the room and went into the world: nursing the sick in local hospitals and unceasingly offering care during the plague of 1347. She also aggressively worked to reform the church, cajoling bishops and popes to give their riches to the needy. Catherine is often shown, as in this plaque, wearing a ring, which symbolizes her mystical marriage to Christ, and carrying a cross. The two symbols suggest that her work in the world to relieve suffering had a basis in a powerful spirituality. Dimensions: 6 (h) x 2.5 (w) x 1 (d) inches. (Item #15146) $45.00
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St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Patron of Nurses
Elizabeth (1207-31) was a queen of Hungary. Throughout her time at court she, however, lived a separate life. For a time she smuggled so many provisions out of the castle to the poor in the village below that she was severely rebuked. Her association with roses (one tops the enclosed small plaque) comes from a story about a member of the court catching her, cloak full of food meant for the poor, and demanding she show him what she had beneath the cloak. When she opened it, roses fell forth. Against the wishes of those in her class, she built a hospital in the basement of the castle and regularly fed and tended to the poor and suffering herself, providing the poor food, money, and work. In 1227 her husband died and Elizabeth moved to Marburg, where she received the habit and chord of the Franciscans and, with what remained of her inheritance, established a hospital for the sick, aged, and poor. At this time, care of the sick usually was performed in hospitals only by men, but Elizabeth went against this norm and labored as a nurse. Her work was so strenuous that her health broke and she died several years after establishing her second hospital. All this work for the sick and suffering resulted in her being one of the patrons of nurses. One of the most extraordinary things about her was not simply her generosity and work to heal and comfort the sick but also the fact that she chose to do this work when other areas of life (for instance at court) were open to her. In other words, she gave up much in order to give to others. Dimensions: 4.25 inches (h) x 2.5 (w) x .75 (d) inches (Item #15102) $28.00
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St. Luke, Patron of Doctors
In Colossians (4:14), St. Paul refers to Luke as “the beloved physician,” and thus he is the patron of doctors. Luke also happens to one of the patrons of writers because he wrote both the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, two of the most important texts in the last two thousand years. Both texts contain precise descriptions of illness and healing, thus further suggesting Luke’s role as physician. Luke accompanied St. Paul on many of his journeys and was with him during the last days of his imprisonment. His Gospel emphasizes the role of the poor, the stricken, and the outcast in the ministry of Jesus. Dimensions: 4.25 (h) x 2.5 (w) x .75 (d) inches  (Item #15092) $28.00
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St. Luke, Patron of Physicians, Artists, and Writers
In Colossians (4:14), St. Paul refers to St. Luke as “the beloved physician,” and thus he is the patron of doctors. Luke is one of the patrons of writers because he wrote both the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, two of the most important texts in the last two thousand years. Luke is the patron of artists because a legend states that he painted several portraits of the Virgin Mary. He is often depicted, as here, painting, drawing, or writing. Dimensions: 7 (h) x 3 (w) x 1 (d) inches
 (Item # COS-S080) $45.00
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St. John of God: Patron of Nurses and Other Hospital Workers
St. John of God (1495-1550) spent his youth as a shepherd, was a mercenary and debauchee, and then went through a brief period of insanity. In his 40s, he had a vision of the Infant Jesus, who called him John of God. To make up for the suffering he’d caused as a soldier, he rented a house in Grenada, Spain, and began to care for the sick and the poor. He gave away all that he had to the indigent and went so far as to carry, like Mother Teresa, the ill from the streets into his home, treating them with “infinite care and respect.” John founded the Order of Hospitallers. For these reasons he is the patron of nurses, the sick, especially heart patients, and all hospital workers. 1.25" diameter
(Item #15255) $20.00
Made in the USA
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Each medal comes with a card giving the history of the saint. The originals are carved in clay, then are cast in lead-free pewter. These charms can be added to a chain as a pendant or a keyring for a keychain.

Saints Bracelet
Wood beads/Elastic. Asst traditional images of various saints. One size.
(Item #27057) $4.95
'Christ is Greater than I' Wristband
Like the popular Lance Armstrong yellow wristband, this maroon wristband offers a simple message illustrated in symbols to remind you daily of Christ's "bigger picture" for us.
(Item #27000) $
1.50 each
Friendship and Hospitality Bread Warmer
Bread Warmers are always popular! Our customers often buy them five and six at a time. They make great hostess gifts, client gifts, additions to gift baskets, and even gifts for when you travel abroad. They are thin and durable which makes them easy to pack when traveling. Gift Boxed.  (Item #15057) $10.95
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34424.jpg (72829 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Nurse (#34424) $20.00
Policeman (#34426) $20.00
Fireman (#34430) $20.00
Angel of Caring
4" tall (Item #11739) $14.00


28092.jpg (11500 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Angel of Healing
5" tall (Item #28092) $17.00


Crystal Signature Angel
Sparkling sculpture suspended in crystal. Gift Boxed. 3" tall. (Item #14013) $49.95
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16523.jpg (7714 bytes) Nurse Message Angel
"A Blessing in Care and Love"
Resin, with hand-painted accents. Protective felt pads on bottom. Gift
Boxed. 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 2".

(Item #16523) $9.95

Palm Sized Wood Cross for Holding
A nice addition to your daily prayer! Handcrafted in the Holy Land from native olive wood, this cross is a tangible symbol of true hope, real comfort, and unfailing mercy of Christ who holds you. Let it direct you to be presence of Christ. This cross is made to fit comfortably in the palm of a person's hand. We hope this handmade wood cross will bring added strength and reflection to your prayer time. This cross can be given as a gift in a time of need or to enhance one's prayer life.
Small enough to become your 'cross in your pocket' or purse as well! 4" tall x 2.25" wide. (Item #04052) $21.95
OUR PRICE $12.95
Plain #35663
Carved Crucifix #35664
Holy Spirit #35666
Palm of Your Hand Crosses
Each 5" Palm Cross is sculpted from walnut wood with no finish applied. The oils from your hands and those of your loved ones as it is used in prayer will become the finish. You are invited to use your cross as a symbol of the power of prayer in your life.
Plain (Item #35663) $37.95
Carved Crucifix (Item #35664) $45.95
Holy Spirit (Item #35666) $44.95
Do you have time for God?
Christian Watches

Manual of Catholic Devotions
This book features morning and evening prayers, prayers for liturgical seasons, favorite prayers to the Saints, the Rosary and many traditional Catholic prayers. Easy to read type. 5.5" x 8.5". Imitation British Tan leather cover with ribbon marker. 172 pages. (Item #14573) $19.95


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