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How to Pray the Rosary Materials

Learn HOW to Pray the Rosary - CLICK HERE!

The Magnificat Rosary Companion
This beautiful little Rosary booklet from Magnificat is a complete resource for praying the Rosary. Easy to use and lush with brilliant color illustrations, it includes original and rich meditations on all 20 mysteries of the Rosary, including the “Luminous” mysteries.

The Magnificat Rosary Companion is full of insightful catechetical and spiritual essays on key aspects of the Rosary by renowned writers. It includes step-by-step directions on how to pray the Rosary with all the special Rosary prayers, with new concluding prayers for each mystery. A special section gives commentary on the Holy Father’s apostolic letter on the Rosary. Perfect for teaching children and those new to the faith, and suited for private or communal recitation and study of the Rosary. 80 pages; Paperback.
(Item #88855)
The Joy of Praying the Rosary
Msgr. James M. McNamara
Father Jim’s reflections on Blessed John Paul II’s apostolic letter, THE ROSARY OF THE VIRGIN MARY, and each of the Mysteries—including the Mysteries of Light—will help you to focus your mind and heart on each event so that you can prayerfully and joyfully own the richness of this blessed and holy prayer form. Discover how “reclaiming the full meaning of the Rosary” can transform your life.
96 pages; Paperback (Item #89075)
How to Pray the Rosary
Our best-selling pamphlet! 
The Rosary's rich simplicity has provided solace and courage in rocky times for centuries. Now, as new generations of Catholics face war, economic uncertainty, and moral upheaval, the Rosary is needed as much as ever.

As interest in this beautiful devotion continues to rise, this pamphlet can be used as an introduction to, or reinforcement of, the power of the Rosary.

This attractive and concise guide will instruct and inspire Catholics in the gentle rhythms and fervent hope of the Rosary. Each set of mysteries, including the new Luminous Mysteries, is accompanied by the Scripture passages from which these thoughtful meditations are drawn. The reverse side of this pamphlet features a step-by-step guide to saying the Rosary, with the full text of each prayer. A description of the historical origins of the Rosary introduces this helpful illustration.

It's perfect to hand out after Mass to follow up a homily on the power of prayer. Use it to spark group discussion on the Year of the Rosary declared by Blessed John Paul II, as well as his call for peace. Insert the pamphlet in your weekly bulletin with a meditation on Our Lady of Fatima's message for our society. Distribute it at a family pizza-and-prayer night. It's also a wonderful parish gift for RCIA students, those recently confirmed, or graduates.

(Item #85420) $0.45


I Pray the Rosary!
By Margaret Rose Scarfi
Illustrated by Virginia Helen Richards, FSP and Regina Frances Dick, FSP

Bright illustrations and child-friendly language introduce the rosary to young hearts and hands. I Pray the Rosary! offers children a simple, loving way to meditate on the lives of Jesus and Mary. Perfect “first rosary” book for all children aged 5-8


  • Features all four mysteries: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious
  • Includes seven basic and beloved Catholic prayers
  • Also includes easily understandable, step-by-step chart showing how to pray the rosary

Paperback / 48 pages / Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 7 3/8"
(Item #16070)


Pray the Rosary Pamphlet
(Item #85424) $0.45

Pray the Rosary
The most popular, handy, purse-size Rosary booklet now includes the five Luminous Mysteries, those Mysteries intended to offer contemplation of important parts of Christ’s Public Life in addition to the contemplation on His Childhood, His Sufferings and His Risen Life offered by the traditional Mysteries. Each Mystery is gloriously illustrated in full color with appropriate text. Ideal for Rosary Novenas, family Rosary, private recitation, and Five First Saturdays devotion. Full Color; Paperback; 3-1/8" x 5"; 64 pages.
(Paperback Item #85998)

(Spanish Version) (Item #84848) $1.00

Praying the Rosary Booklet
This 60-page book explains the history, prayers and mysteries of the Rosary, including the five new Luminous Mysteries. Sold in displays of 50. Soft cover. Size: 3 1/4in. x 5in.

English (Item #85988)
Spanish (Item #85987)

A youngster's guide to the Rosary, with each mystery keyed to scripture to show how the Rosary is not centered around Mary, but leads us, through Mary, to Jesus; includes illustrations and full prayers for how to pray the Rosary. Hardcover, Ages 8-12
(Item #81389)
The Rosary with Dana
The rosary with Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon C.M.
(Compact Disc Item #75835)
Pray With Mary
A Child's Book of the Rosary

Nothing says "Catholic" like the rosary. That familiar string of beads is a common identifier of our Catholic tradition of honoring Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Because the rosary is such an integral part of our Catholic heritage, every Catholic child deserves to know why we pray it and how to pray it.

Activities engage the children in this hands-on tool for showing the connections the rosary makes for us to Mary, God, the universal Church, and the world. A total of 25 activities includes favorite formats like dot-to-dot, coloring, decoding, rebuses, drawing, crossword puzzle, crafts, and more.

Activities include:
"Fill and Feel": Create a rosary with a pencil on the illustration provided, then "feel the beads" by lightly touching the backside of the page.
"A-maze-ing Faith": A three-way maze connects our hearts to God and our actions to love.
"Creed Connections": Children learn the prayers of the rosary and see the connections between those prayers, the Trinity, and the core beliefs of our faith.

32 page, 6" x 9" (Item #97657)

85955.jpg (2418 bytes) The Holy Rosary
Teaches children how to pray the Rosary.  Ideal for ages 5-9.
(Item #85955) $1.50


Scriptural Rosary
A dramatic and Musical presentation produced by the Department of Drama of The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.with the Magnificat Singers of Chicago. Two-cassette collection contains the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries and   Marian hymns and prayers.
(2 Cassettes Item #75634)

Apostolic Letter of Blessed John Paul II

Paperback (Item #97243)


Learn HOW to Pray the Rosary - CLICK HERE!


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