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Crafted Bronze Sacred Art from Germany

The art that complements a building indoors, as well as, outdoors bespeaks the focus, character, and mission of an institution. Sacred art is a most powerful expression of its call to the world, especially in relationship with an institution that is meant to be a sacred space, such as a church, a chapel or your home. Imported from Germany where  master artisans work in the foundry casting, polishing, and finishing the pieces guaranteeing you bronze art of the highest quality.

Stations Emblem Cross

The stations of the life of Jesus are every person's plight. Jesus counsels us how to live and how to die. 

10.5" tall. Bronze. (Item #10616) $130.00


Last Supper Cross

This piece reminds us of the sacred meal. Jesus chosed the symbol of the meal to admonish hi followers to serve each other, to nurture each other, to be with each other. 

5" Tall. Bronze. (Item #10590) $54.00


Tree of Life Wall Cross

This beautiful bronze cross symbolizes the bountiful branches the many generations of your family tree. An ideal gift for grandparents or parents when the family gathers for the holidays or on a wedding anniversary. 

4" Tall. Bronze (Item #10587) $28.50

Baptism Cross

Nearing the center of the cross humanity enters eternity and one partakes in the life of Christ. We are guided by the spirit and nurtured by Holy Communion. From our beginning to our end, this is the truth to which we consecrate our lives. 

5" Tall. Bronze (Item #23123) $44.00

Celtic Wall Cross

Celtic Emblem Cross with Green Patina. 

10" tall. Bronze. (Item #16589)

Ichthys Holy Water Font

The fish is the earliest symbol of Christianity.  

4.5" tall. Bronze. (Item #10621) $54.00


Simple Wedding Cross

May you grow through each other! May you remember your roots and may the gift of new life be yours!

7.25" tall. Bronze. (Item #10558) $59.00


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