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for Home

Advent Candles & Wreaths for Church/Chapel- CLICK HERE!


10" Advent Taper Candles
Box of 4 Advent Taper Candles, 3 Purple and 1 Pink. Imported. (Item #16845) $3.95
10+  $3.55 each
100+  $2.95 each
While Supplies Last or thru 12-24-14

12" Purple/Pink Advent Taper Candles
(Boxed Set of 3 Purple & 1 Pink)
USA Made, Long Burning
(Item #65050) $6.50

Battery Operated Advent Candle Set

10" LED battery operated advent taper set. Batteries not included. (Boxed Set of 3 Purple & 1 Pink)
(Item #18868) $
SALE! NOW $19.95

While Supplies Last or thru 12-24-14

12" Blue/Pink Advent Taper Candles
(Boxed Set of 3 Blue & 1 Pink)
USA Made, Long Burning
(Item #65051) $6.50
12" All Blue Advent Taper Candles
(Boxed Set of 4 Blue)
USA Made, Long Burning
(Item #65052) $6.50

Standard Refill Tapers Sold Individually for ONLY $1.30 EACH:
10" Taper- (Pink Item #65021); (Purple Item #65020)
(White Item #60169) ;
(Blue Item #65045)

Standard Refill Tapers Sold Individually for ONLY $1.75 EACH:
12" Taper- (Pink Item #65221); (Purple Item #65220); (White Item #63354)
 ; (Blue Item #65219)  

em4291.jpg (4657 bytes)

Tiny Tapers
for Home Advent Wreaths

Carton of 6 Purple & 2 Pink
(Item #60157)

Advent Ball Candle Mix, sold as a set of 4 candles, as shown #15686 $10.95 OUR PRICE $7.95

Advent Votive Candle Set
Set of 4 candles, as shown
(Item #11300) $
Replacement Advent Tealight Set
set of 4 tealight candles: 3 purple and 1 pink. (Item #30483)
Battery Operated Advent Tea Light Candle Set
(Boxed Set of 3 Purple & 1 Pink); Batteries Included. (Item #18467) $

candle holder shown sold separately

2.5" x 2" x 2.5" square Candle Set
Set of 5 candles: 3 purple, 1 pink, 1 white
(Item #46701) $15.95

  Mass Bulletin Covers for Advent Services

Rubber Taper Candle Grippers
Secure loose or wobbly taper candles now with these candle grippers. They attach
to the bottom of taper candles or candles cups hold securely in place. Comes in a package of 20 pieces, enough to secure 20 candles. (Item #29900) $2.49/pkg

Celebrate Advent Pamphlet, New Design
This pamphlet gives the origin of the Advent wreath, as well as suggested ideas for scripture readings for candleholders designed with either 4 or 5 candles. (Item #88699)

"Family Nights" Advent and Christmas Activity Book
This beautiful booklet by Terry and Mimi Reilly is an excellent tool families can use to celebrate Advent and strengthen loving bonds at home. It adds special meaning to the holiday season! 5" x 7". 32 pages. (Item #26616) $4.95  


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