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Advent Books
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Mass Bulletin Covers for Advent Services


    Living Advent Cycle A LIVING ADVENT CYCLE A
Living Advent is designed to engage readers in active and prayerful reflection during this important Church season. It includes commentaries on Readings I and II, the Responsorial Psalm, and the daily Gospel readings of Advent for Cycle A. Suitable for both group and individual use, Living Advent is perfect for enriching the prayer experience.
(Item #89933)

Living Advent Cycle C: A Daily Companion to the Lectionary
Living Advent is designed to engage readers in active and prayerful reflection during this important Church season. It includes commentaries on Readings I and II, the Responsorial Psalm, and the daily Gospel readings of Advent for Cycle C.
Suitable for both group and individual use, Living Advent is perfect for enriching the prayer experience.
(Item #89932)
Click to enlarge The Story of Christmas: Story Book Set & Advent Calendar
set of 24 miniature books arranged in sequence, The Story of Christmas Story Book Set & Advent Calendar is a wonderfully illustrated retelling of the story of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus through the beloved holiday custom of keeping an Advent calendar. The books are numbered 1 through 24. Read in sequence, the four-page, full-color board books capture the mystery of the first Christmas, from Gabriel's visit to Mary to the three Wise Men gazing at a prophetic star to the miracle of Jesus' birth in the manger. (Item #87080)
Advent 'Faith Mat' Placemat
With this Advent placemat, your child can recite each prayer and "light" each week's candle using the two included washable markers. Inspires meaningful, faith-related conversations at mealtime or snack time. Food grade polypropylene placemat. 18' x13". two colored washable markers included. Recommended ages 2+. Surface wash only with soft cloth. (Item #24050)
Product Image

Advent Tear Off Daily Reflections
Parishioners will spend a moment each day during Advent seeing what God is doing now in their lives. With daily Scripture, reflection, prayer and action idea Advent: A Season to See will lead readers to see Jesus with fresh eyes. Use the magnet back and hang it on your refrigerator for convenience. Then tear one page off each day and share it with a friend or co-worker. (Item #83155) /pack

Product Image NEW!
A Place for Christmas: Advent Devotions and Sticker Fun
ollow Daniel Dove in these daily devotions as he flies from Nazareth to the hill country, through the streets and hills of Bethlehem and to the Bethlehem stable. Use the accompanying stand-up landscapes for your table centerpiece and add a sticker each day to help tell the story of the Savior's birth. Each devotion also includes a Scripture reading and a prayer. (Item #83157)
Product Image NEW!
We Want to See Jesus: An Advent Coloring Book
A perfect way to introduce Advent to the preschool crowd, this coloring book is filled with delightful rhymes, simple puzzles and pictures to color. Priced so that all preschoolers and everyone else who loves to color--in Sunday school, day school or after-school programs--can all delight in hours of fun. (Item #83161) $1.09
The Meaning is in the Waiting: The Spirit of Advent
by Paula Gooder

Advent is about learning to love the waiting…Waiting is the primary lesson of Advent, says Paula Gooder. In the company of the biblical characters with whom the candles on the Advent wreath are traditionally associated, she helps us to discover very different kinds of waiting:

Abraham and Sarah—who waited a lifetime for the fulfillment of God’s promises.
The Hebrew prophets—who waited for God’s intervention, both longed for and feared.
John the Baptist—whose ministry marked the end of one era and anticipated the new.
Mary—whose life was shaped by waiting and by events beyond her control.

The Meaning Is in the Waiting is arranged for daily reading in the hectic run-up to Christmas. This thoughtful book will enable you to grow more fully into a way of being that is expectant rather than urgent, more focused on God’s presence right now than on some imagined future. You will venture on this journey in companionship with the God who waits with us. 137 pages, Paperback (Item #87579)  


Advent Family Prayers
Perfect for uniting families in prayers of thanks and inspiration, this double-sided, table-tent prayer card offers families a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time of devotion together while celebrating the arrival of Jesus. This prayer card commemorates the reason God sent Jesus to earth, and in doing so, reveals the warmth and love that God freely gives to us all.

14" x 8-1/2" folded to 3-1/2" x 8-1/2"
(Item #81335) $1.

The Magnificat Advent Companion
Advent is the sacred season of anticipation and expectation in which we prepare for the coming of our blessed Savior. To live Advent is to live in an awareness of a Presence that changes our lives. The Magnificat Advent Companion is a rich spiritual guide that will accompany you daily through the 4 weeks of this holy season. It provides original daily reflections based on the Scriptures of the Mass for each day of Advent written by some of the finest Catholic writers in the world. In addition, it offers superb essays, devotions, prayers, and other liturgical and spiritual aids to guide and enrich the reader's experience of Advent. This invaluable booklet will bring you ever closer to the Infant King. 85 pages; Paperback (Item #88854)

81333.jpg (23823 bytes)

Prepare Him Room: Advent for Busy Christians
This collection of 14 reflections, based on the scriptural birth narratives and applied to contemporary life, empower busy Christians to re-focus on the true meaning of the Advent season. Written by popular author Mary Latela, these gentle meditations are aimed at helping readers recall and reconnect with Jesus through the Christmas story.
A wonderful personal companion for the Advent season and a marvelous way to awaken the Christmas spirit in your home!
(Item #81333)


Absolutely Advent!
No time of year is more exciting for children than the weeks and days leading up to Christmas. Now Absolutely Advent! can give them a new understanding of what the expectation and excitement, the celebration and joy are all about.

Absolutely Advent! helps children enter more fully into the real spirit of this special Church season − even as they are distracted by Christmas commercials, music, and decorations.

A page a day, November 30  through December 24, provides young readers with a paraphrase or quote from the day's Gospel, a brief exploration about what that message means for them today, and a game, puzzle, or activity to reinforce the learning.

In the primary edition, Levi the Lamb returns for another year with his adventures in verse. The Jesse tree - a favorite Advent activity - is a weekly feature in this year's intermediate edition. It's a fun way to learn about Jesus' ancestors and the role they played in our salvation history.

You'll want all children in your program to have a copy of this engaging new book. Deeply discounted pricing is available for larger quantities. 32 page, 6"x9"

Primary Grades (Item #87261)

Grades 4-8 (Item #87260)



Daybreaks: Daily Reflections on the Readings
Advent and Christmas

Well-known writer and preacher on social-justice issues Father John Kavanaugh will lead readers on an Advent journey reflecting on the needs of God's created world and our responsibilities to our fellow human beings, who are members of the Body of Christ. Every day of Advent is a prayerful opportunity for spiritual growth with Daybreaks, a thought-provoking collection of fresh, lively Advent prayers and reflections that link the gospel to everyday life.

Each page includes a list of readings for the day and a thought-provoking reflection designed to both challenge and comfort, helping readers connect the meditation with the Word of God whether or not they have the chance to attend daily Mass.

Anyone looking to enhance the beauty and depth of their prayer life and make the Advent season what it should be--a liberating, healing, and transforming experience--will cherish this faith-building prayer companion.

Father Kavanaugh teaches philosophy at Saint Louis University. He lectures on consumerism, spirituality, and the ethics of human dignity. His award-winning "Ethics Notebook" column in America magazine and nhis three-volume set, The Word, (Orbis) provide the material for these Daybreaks reflections.

(Item #84394)


Every Day of Advent and Christmas:
A Book of Activities for Children
Children in grades 3, 4, & 5 will love the games, puzzles, mazes, and activities designed to help them focus on the themes and traditions of the Advent season. Packed with colorful illustrations, Every Day of Advent and Christmas includes an Advent calendar to help children focus day by day on the meaning of Advent and Christmas in a way they are sure to enjoy and remember.
32 page booklet; 8.5 x 11

Year A (Item #87489)

Year B (Item #87490)

Year C (Item #87605)

98824.jpg (19350 bytes)

All Things New: The Promise of Advent, Christmas and the New Year
Wedding biblical texts to contemporary experiences, this book offers thoughts for reflections, prayer, spiritual reading and preaching during Advent and Christmas and into the New Year.  Paperback. (Item #98824)

80625.jpg (10347 bytes)

What Every Catholic Needs to Know about Advent and Christmas
by Kevin McGloin
Many Catholics — long-time active parishioners as well as newcomers —  do not have an up-to-date understanding of the Advent and Christmas seasons. This little book can make a big difference. What Every Catholic Needs to Know about Advent and Christmas walks the average Catholic through the history of these seasons, their various rituals and their role in the liturgy. It includes prayers and activities Catholics can do with their own families at home. Great for liturgy committees, RCIA groups, adult study groups, or event he entire congregation. Bulk discounts are available. Paperback. 48 pages. 5.5"x8.5" (Item #80625)

84078.jpg (30096 bytes)

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen
Daily Scripture and Prayers Together with Nouwen's Own Words

The inspiring words of Henri J. M. Nouwen guide the faithful on a spiritual journey through the Advent and Christmas season in this book of waiting, hope, anticipation, and celebration. Each day of the Advent season (28 in all, to accommodate the varying number of days in the season) and each day of Christmas (12 in all, ending with Jesus' baptism in the Jordan by John the Baptist) contain a pertinent excerpt from the writings of Father Nouwen, a related quotation from Scripture, a prayer for the day, and a suggested activity that offers a concrete response to mark the season.

Advent and Christmas Wisdom is indeed an easy-to-use, daily program to celebrate the momentous arrival of the Christ Child and the joyous news of our salvation. It is also an ideal book for the individual seeking active participation in the season and a renewal of faith for the start of the liturgical year. (Item #84078)


83321.jpg (15743 bytes)

These Four Weeks of Advents
Although everyone understands Advent to be a time of preparation for Christmas, few understand that Advent is a time of change--a time when each person is called to change not only their own life, but also the lives of those around them. A sharp contrast is drawn between the rushed preparations for the material celebration of Christmas and the personal spiritual preparations that are the true hallmark of the season. Everyone who longs to welcome Jesus into his or her heart at Christmas will treasure These Four Weeks of Advent.
(Item #83321) $1.00

Advent with Saint Nicholas DVD
by Allison Berger
Customs from Around the World
Puzzled by the classic pre-Christmas rush, nine-year-old
Holly wonders about the spirit of Advent. She receives help
from an unexpected source when a surprise visitor appears and
helps her find the message and the meaning of Advent in
popular Advent/Christmas customs.
(Item #95656)

"Family Nights" Advent and Christmas Activity Book
This beautiful booklet by Terry and Mimi Reilly is an excellent tool families can use to celebrate Advent and strengthen loving bonds at home. It adds special meaning to the holiday season! 5" x 7". 32 pages. (Item #26616)  

Celebrate Advent Pamphlet, New Design
This pamphlet gives the origin of the Advent wreath, as well as suggested ideas for scripture readings for candleholders designed with either 4 or 5 candles. (Item #88699)

The Family Advent Wreath
Blessings and Prayers
Jay Cormier
The history of the Advent wreath, its origin in pagan times and conversion to Christian use, construction and blessing of a wreath, how parents and children—or any group—may offer a three-minute prayer service during each week of Advent and on Christmas Eve—all this and more form the content of this leaflet. (Item #82047)
81978.jpg (24903 bytes) Biblical Meditations for Advent and the Christmas Seasons
A helpful guide for experiencing truths we celebrate during Advent and Christmas. Paperback. (Item #81978)


Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Padre Pio
Daily Scripture and Prayers Together With Saint Pio of Pietrelcina's Own Words

re Pio was one of the most beloved and intriguing holy men of the 20th century. In this book his own words lead readers to Christmas with a heightened sense of the sacred. Reflections for each day--from the first Sunday of Advent until the end of the Christmas season--begin with selections from letters and messages of Padre Pio, followed by Scripture, prayer, a suggestion for an appropriate seasonal activity, and blessings.

Advent and Christmas Wisdom is ideal for those who want to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ's Incarnation as they prepare room in their hearts for his birth. During this joyous season readers can experience the special closeness to God that Padre Pio felt. 112-page paperback • 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 (Item #87386)

84200.jpg (27238 bytes)

Advent and Christmas with Fulton Sheen
Beginning with the first day of Advent and continuing through the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, these selections from the immortal pen of Fulton J. Sheen encourage readers to explore the essence and promise of the season. Those looking to grow in their prayer life and become more attuned to the joy of Advent and Christmas will find a wonderful guide in this spiritual companion. (Item #84200)

84368.jpg (32260 bytes)

Advent and Christmas with Thomas Merton
Reflections for each day of Advent and the Christmas season begin with a scriptural quotation and continue with a thought from the writings of Thomas Merton on a timely theme: the Incarnation, anticipation, angels, and many more. An appendix includes a suggested plan for using each days meditation as part of a morning or evening prayer. (Item #84368)

84604.jpg (27428 bytes)

The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook: A Daily Companion
This reader-friendly companion provides everything Catholics need for a richer experience of the Advent and Christmas seasons. Whether readers wish to follow a traditional, contemporary, or family program of devotion and prayer for Advent and Christmas, this all-in-one resource will be a treasured guidebook.

The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook covers a wide range of topics including:
Morning and evening prayer services
A short history of Advent
The preparatory nature of Advent
Traditional hymns and symbols of Christmas
Traditional Christmas practices
A Christmas novena
Daily Christmas meditations
Family meal prayers for the holiday season
A glossary of key terms

(Item #84604)

85019.jpg (14953 bytes)

A Coming Christ in Advent
Essays on the Gospel Narratives Preparing for the Birth of Jesus—Matthew 1 and Luke 1

Raymond E. Brown, S.S.
Father Brown reflects here not only on those annunciations of Jesus' forthcoming birth in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, but also on the beautiful canticles, the Magnificat and the Benedictus, and on the "origins of Jesus" as given in the first words of the New Testament. (Item #85019)

92388.jpg (5832 bytes)

An Advent Sourcebook
compiled by Thomas O’Gorman
This classic sourcebook contains a rich assembly of texts, including scripture, poetry, hymns, homilies, letters, fiction, folklore and liturgy. Musicians and homilists will find a rich resource for their ministry. Others will find a prayer book to use through all the days of Advent, one that provides wisdom and inspiration for reflection and meditation. Along with A Christmas Sourcebook, this book makes a great gift for any individual or family. Printed on fine paper and specially bound to open fully for easy reading and display. Paperback, 6 x 9, 170 pages. (Item #92388) $18.00

83788.jpg (12233 bytes)

My Catholic Advent and Christmas Activity Book
Jennifer Galvin's activity books for children have been enormously popular because, unlike other activity books, these are designed specifically to teach children about their Catholic faith. And her latest one does just that. She has put together entertaining word finds, crossword puzzles, color-by-number puzzles, and crack-the-code puzzles that will teach children about Advent and Christmas, all the while emphasizing the real meaning of the holiday. An added advantage is that the activities are tied to the lectionary for all three cycles. The activities are clever and challenging and are illustrated with charming, inviting art work. The sheets themselves are reproducible and are aimed at children from kindergarten through third grade.Highlights:--an attractive, reasonably priced book--reproducible pages--perfect for home, school, or church use--tied to all three cycles of the lectionary. Paperback. (Item #83788)

Stations of the Crib
In the tradition of the Stations of the Cross, Joseph Nassal leads us through 15 Stations of the Crib, a journey to the manger and the mission that lies beyond it. Drawn from the infancy narratives in Luke and Matthew, these poetic reflections are filled with stories, images and insights that entertain, enlighten and engage. Each Station illumines a different aspect of the story of Jesus’ birth, reflecting the reality of "God in our midst" at the different stations of our own life journeys. Leading us to our "down-to-earth God," Stations of the Crib reminds us how hope is born right here, right now, in each of our worlds, and challenges us — even in the face of turmoil, tragedy and terrorism — to embrace, celebrate and live out our call to Advent hope. Paperback. 144 pages. (Item #80813)

ALL THINGS NEW: The promise of Advent, Christmas and the New Year - by Gerald O'Collins, S.J. (Item #98824) paperback  

The Jesse Tree: Stories and Symbols of Advent
Study Jesus' family tree by decorating a Jesse Tree. For each day during Advent there is a Bible reading, prayer, and color symbol that can be hung on the Jesse Tree. Paperback. 64 pages. (Item #81266)  

Celebrating Advent with the Jesse Tree
Helps children understand this time of preparation for the birth of Jesus. Full-color illustrations. Paperback. 32 pages. (Item #87542) $1.50 

Jesse Tree Kit
An Advent Project for Family, Classroom or Parish
Written and illustrated by Lynn M. Simms and Betsy Walker
Three-piece kit. This kit offers two options designed to make the Jesse Tree project accessible to any family, class or parish. Option 1: Provides instructions to prepare an actual tree with designs for do-it-yourself three-dimensional ornaments.
Option 2: Provides a Jesse Tree Poster with pre-drawn ornaments to be colored and attached. Kit also includes a short history of the Jesse Tree, suggested Scripture verses for each ornament, and a Jesse Tree prayer service.
(Item #88154)

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