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  Theology Books
Christ, Our Joy
The Theological Vision of Pope Benedict XVI
by Msgr. Joseph Murphy

Noticing how often the new Pope had the topic of “joy” as the central theme of his many addresses, Murphy delved into the vast writings of the Pope, before and after his election to the papacy, and found that the theme of joy has pervaded all of his theology. Recognizing the Pope’s invitation to joy as a key to understanding his basic theological vision, Murphy develops those ideas and writings in a creative way, and helps the reader to engage personally with the original and pastoral mind of Joseph Ratzinger, professor, pastor, and now Pope Benedict XVI.

This joy is nothing other than the joy of the Christian faith. Indeed, the “first word of the New Testament”, says Pope Benedict XVI, “is an invitation to joy”. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, he insists, is not a burdensome imposition but is truly “glad tidings” for mankind. Christianity is the key to true and lasting joy, the only joy that abides in the midst of life’s anxieties and difficulties.

Written in a clear and engaging style, this book argues that joy is central to all of Pope Benedict’s thought. All the other great themes of the Christian faith are intimately connected with it and radiate out from it. The world is in need of hearing once again the message of joy which Jesus Christ makes known.

For priests, religious and laity who are concerned with presenting the Christian message in a positive, attractive and convincing way, as well as for all who wish to delve into the rich and exciting thought of Pope Benedict XVI, one of the most inspiring Christian thinkers of recent decades, this timely book will provide insight for personal reflection, preaching and teaching.

The author has immersed himself in Pope Benedict's writings, many of which are occasional or fragmentary, and has made of them a coherent whole. What a surprise for many less perceptive critics to find that the motif of joy - of all things - could well be considered the master-theme of Joseph Ratzinger's work.
— Adian Nichols, O.P., author of
Lovely Like Jerusalem

(Item #84852) $19.95



Creation and Evolution
A Conference with Pope Benedict XVI

by Fr. Stephan Horn
Foreword by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn

In 2005 the Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn wrote a guest editorial in The New York Times that sparked a worldwide debate about “Creation and Evolution”. Pope Benedict XVI instructed the Cardinal to study more closely this problem and the current debate between “evolutionism” and “creationism,” and asked the yearly gathering of his former students to address these questions.

Even after Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, he has continued to maintain close contact with the circle of his former students. The "study circle" (Schulerkrers) meets once a year with Pope Benedict XVI for a conference. Many of these former Ratzinger students have gone on to become acclaimed scholars, professors and writers, as well as high ranking Church prelates.

This book documents the proceedings of the remarkable conference on the topic of “Creation and Evolution” hosted by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 at the papal summer residence, Castel Gandolfo. It includes papers that were presented from the fields of natural science, philosophy and theology, and records the subsequent discussion, in which Pope Benedict XVI himself participated.

“Ultimately it comes down to the alternative: What came first? Creative Reason, the Creator Spirit who makes all things and gives them growth, or Unreason, which, lacking any meaning, strangely enough brings forth a mathematically ordered cosmos, as well as man and his reason. The latter, however, would then be nothing more than a chance result of evolution and thus, in the end, equally meaningless. As Christians, we say: I believe in God the Father, the Creator of heaven and earth. I believe in the Creator Spirit. We believe that at the beginning of everything is the eternal Word, with Reason and not Unreason.”
— Pope Benedict XVI

(Item #84851) $19.95

New Outpourings of the Spirit
by Pope Benedict XVI

The volume consists of two fundamental texts by Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, on the ecclesial movements and new communities within the Church since the Second Vatican Council. These writings are particularly meaningful with regard to the intense spiritual journey which the ecclesial movements and the new communities are experiencing in view of their meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on Pentecost 2006.

These writings are a precious guide for the entire Church, leaders and laity alike, who are invited to welcome the new "outpourings of the Spirit". The first part of the book presents in an articulate and exhaustive way the theological vision of the Pope on these ecclesial movements and the new communities. It is his talk titled Church Movements and their Place in Theology which he gave at the beginning of the World Congress of the Ecclesial Movements in Rome in 1998. It combines extraordinary theological depth with a warm pastoral tone.

The second part of the book is very different from the first, but complements the first part. It contains the dialogue of Cardinal Ratzinger with a large group of Bishops from all continents, convened together for a seminar on the topic, The Ecclesial Movements in the Pastoral Concern of the Bishops held in Rome in 1999. This dialogue format was very favorably received by the Bishops, and it is quite wide-ranging, touching on topics such as the relation between the old and the new charisms, the institutional dimension and the charismatic dimension of the Church, and the Church’s mission in a non-Christian society and more.  (Item #84854) $14.95


Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know--And Doesn't

Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know--And Doesn't
Stephen Prothero
*Starred Review* The author of I^ American Jesus (2003) opens this important book with a paradox. To wit, Americans are deeply religious I^ and profoundly ignorant about religion; that is, one of the most religious countries is also a nation of "religious illiterates." Prothero calls religious illiteracy dangerous because religion is one of the greatest forces for good--as well as evil--in the world. Nowadays, standing on shaky religious ground can be literally a matter of life and death. To cite two brief examples of America's religious illiteracy: only half of American adults can name one of the four Gospels, and 10 percent of Americans believe that Joan of Arc was Noah's wife. Prothero defines religious literacy--what it is, and what it is not. He also discusses the two great religious revivals in U.S. history, the Second Great Awakening of the nineteenth century and the postwar revival of the 1940s and 1950s. He argues both the constitutionality and the necessity of teaching--with an emphasis on spreading knowledge, not inculcating values--about religion in public schools and higher education. He suggests that every U.S. public high school should require a course on the Bible and another on the religions of the world. And he devotes an entire chapter to "a modest list" of a hundred or so religious terms that he deems essential, from I^ Abraham to I^ Zionism, to any American's religious knowledge. A must-read on its subject. June Sawyers Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
Hardcover (Item #*HP-9780060846701) $24.95
Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent
Of the 20 ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church, the Council of Trent (1545-1563), is universally regarded as the greatest - in the scope of its discussion, in the number of its pronouncements, and in the extent of its influence. Here in one volume is Father Schroeder's wonderful translation of all the canons and decrees of that Council. These infallible pronouncementon his exhaustive and comprehensive research over the past six years, Cohen predicted the Mad Cow Disease outbreak. His dogged determination has set the American dairy industry on its ear. To insure that all citizens of the world learn the truth, Cohen founded and is executive director of Americas shine in their clarity and simplicity, and are a certain statement on many important matters of Faith at a time when the Catholic world is racked by confusion and controversy. Destined to do a great good to enlighten many. A must for every student of the Faith and everyone who loves the Church. No Catholic library, whether home, parish or school, is complete without these teachings. Imprimatur. Paperback 293 pages. (Item #84850) $16.50
Men, Women and the Mystery of Love
Practical Insights from John Paul II's Love and Responsibility
by Edward Sri
"Love and Responsibility brilliantly sheds light on the mysterious dynamics between men and women and challenges us to live those dynamics better."—From the Introduction

The essential background to the Theology of the Body!

Father Karol Wojtyla (Blessed John Paul II) published Love and Responsibility in 1960, the fruit of his pastoral work, particularly among young people. His analysis of the true meaning of human love is life-transforming and practical, shedding light on real issues between men and women.

Edward Sri unpacks the contents of this great work, making it accessible to every reader. The author emphasizes the down-to-earth nature of Love and Responsibility, helping readers appropriate practical information on such topics as:
  • how to determine if a relationship is one of authentic love or is doomed to failure
  • the problem of pornography
  • the meaning of friendship
  • how to achieve greater intimacy in marriage and much more.
Study questions with each chapter make this a valuable resource not only for individual personal reading but also for small group study.
(Item #85827) $14.99
2014 OSV's Catholic Almanac
by Matthew Bunson
Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Almanac remains the only annual, comprehensive guide to the Catholic Church. It is the essential one-volume reference work for researchers, homilists, writers, media professionals, students, and teachers.

Published for more than one hundred years, this is a proven resource that offers solid Catholic teaching and information. Its in-depth index makes finding specific, exact information easy.

Cardinal John P. Foley, President emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications at the Vatican, has called the Catholic Almanac "an annual masterpiece!" "Our Sunday Visitor claims this work is the 'one and only Catholic resource,' and 'simply the best annual guide to the Catholic Church anywhere.' These are bold statements, but accurate.... This excellent work is especially useful for those interested in either the Roman Catholic Church or the Holy See.... It is informative, easy to use, and well written." --
604 pages. Paperback (Item #84399) $33.95

no image at this time Magisterium: Teacher and Guardian of the Faith
Avery Cardinal Dulle, SJ here offers a complete theology of the Church's Magisterium. In a study that will be the standard treatment of the topic for years to come, Cardinal Dulles takes up such issues as the Magisterium's nature and function, the roots of the Magisterium in the New Testament and its development in the history of the Church, the relationship between the hierarchy of the Church and the theological academy, the scope of the Church's infallibility, the response due to the Magisterium's teachings, and the role of the Church's reception of magisterial teaching. Written for those seeking clarity, wisdom, and erudition about the Church's Magisterium, this book stands head and shoulders above any other presently available. Its accessible style makes it a valuable not only for scholars but for all Catholics.

For years now professors and students of ecclesiology have sorely needed an up-to-date book on the Magisterium. Now it has been written and by a theologian who has been rightly described as the dean of Catholic theologians in America. Written in his usual sober and comprehensive style, Cardinal Dulles has given us a book that undoubtedly will be the standard work on the subject of the Magisterium for many years to come. Professors, pastors, and students will want to return to it again and again.

Substantial theological and ecumenical questions cluster around the term 'magisterium': Does the Church need a teaching office? Can we clearly trace its origins? What is its sphere of competence and the force of its pronouncements? Most importantly, how does it give living witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? In this comprehensive and highly readable study, Avery Cardinal Dulles answers these questions and others like it with a compelling precision honed by a lifetime of reflection on the Church and her singular mission. This book is a rich and informative resource for all inquirers into the nature, purpose and testimony of the teaching office of the Catholic Church.

With concise accuracy and clarity Cardinal Dulles provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential elements and historical developments of the Church's Magisterium. It is integral to the mission given by Jesus Christ to the apostles and their successors to preach and teach the revealed Word of God. The excellent theological exposition is complemented by the appendices with key conciliar and papal documents on the subject. Those concerned with the truth of Catholic faith must read this fine treatment of the teaching office of the Church. Cardinal Dulles's book is an auspicious inauguration of an important series of introductions to Catholic doctrines by Sapientia Press.  219 pages, paperback.
(Item #87866) $21.95

Reasons To Believe: How To Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith
by best selling author Scott Hahn

This book unravels mysteries, corrects misunderstandings, and offers thoughtful, straightforward responses to common objections about the Catholic faith.

Bestselling author Scott Hahn, a convert to Catholicism, has experienced the doubts that so often drive discussions about God and the Church. In the years before his conversion, he was first a nonbeliever and then an anti-Catholic clergyman. In REASONS TO BELIEVE, he explains the "how and why" of the Catholic faith—drawing from Scripture, his own struggles and those of other converts, as well as from everyday life and even natural science. Hahn shows that reason and revelation, nature and the supernatural, are not opposed to one another; rather they offer complementary evidence that God exists. But He doesn't merely exist. He is someone, and He has a personality, a personal style, that is discernible and knowable. Hahn leads readers to see that God created the universe with a purpose and a form—a form that can be found in the Book of Genesis and that is there when we view the natural world through a microscope, through a telescope, or through our contact lenses. At the heart of the book is Hahn's examination of the ten "keys to the kingdom"—the characteristics of the Church clearly evident in the Scriptures. As the story of creation discloses, the world is a house that has a Father, a palace where the king is really present. God created the cosmos to be a kingdom, and that kingdom is the universal Church, fully revealed by Jesus Christ. Hardcover, 196 pages. (Item #88651) $22.95

Top 10 Reasons to Come Back to the Catholic Church
With more people returning to church during this time of crisis as well as those heading back to church around the holiday time, you'll want to do everything you can to reach out to them. The Top Ten Reasons to Come Back to the Catholic Church helps you convey that no matter how long a person has been away, they can always come home. (Item #85428) $0.45
7 Secrets of the Eucharist
by Vinny Flynn
Blessed John Paul II referred to the Holy Eucharist as "the greatest treasure of the Church," and yet even many devoted Catholics have a very limited understanding of this powerful sacrament. This book will change all that. The reader will come away with a completely new awareness that the Eucharist is not just about receiving Communion; it's about transforming your daily life.

Deeply based on the Scriptures, the writings of the Saints, and the teachings of our two most recent Popes, this profound and remarkably readable book will introduce you to some of the "hidden" truths of the Eucharist — truths that have always been embraced by theologians, saints, and mystics, but have rarely been passed on to the average person in a meaningful way. In 7 Secrets of the Eucharist, these truths are finally made accessible to all, as author Vinny Flynn shows how each reception of Holy Communion can be a life-changing experience.

No matter how much or how little you already know about the Eucharist, the "secrets" revealed here will bring you to a new, personal "Emmaus" experience, again and again. Perfect for personal devotion, catechesis, study groups, book clubs, and theological studies, 7 Secrets of the Eucharist will rekindle the "Eucharistic amazement" called for by Blessed John Paul II. 140 pages, paperback (Item #88687) $9.95

90814.gif (7148 bytes) Credo
Meditations on the Apostles’ Creed

by Hans Urs von Balthasar
In the twelve months before his sudden death, Hans Urs von Balthasar had been writing a series of reflections on the twelve articles of the Apostles’ Creed. These texts, which are undoubtedly among the last things he wrote, take on the character of a legacy, a spiritual testament. For they amount in their extraordinary compactness and depth to a little “summa” of his theology. What he had set out in detail in numerous book over five decades, he summarizes here in contemplative plainness and simplicity.

All the characteristics that make von Balthasar’s work so distinctive and valuable are to be found here: breadth of vision, loveliness of style, and an intuitive-contemporary passion that allows him to “pray intellectually and think ‘cordially’.” (Item #90814)
Revelation: Catholic and Muslim Perspectives
from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Prefect introduction to Christianity and Islam through the fundamental topic of revelation. This book is the fruit of 8 years of discussions between Muslim and Catholic leaders. It is a very useful introduction to both religions through the fundamental topic of revelation. 64 pages.
(Item #86631) $6.95
chmass.jpg (10736 bytes) What Do We Do At Mass?- VHS
A video for children that takes children seriously! This wonderful new video shows an actual Sunday mass in progress, with narrationa nd explanation by children ages 7-13.  A wonderful way to teach any child about the Mass, especially Altar servers and those preparing for First Communion. VHS 17 minutes.
(Item #96604) $19.95
99660.jpg (15498 bytes) A History of the Mass- DVD
This new video traces the evolution of the Mass and tells how the Mass was shaped and reshaped by times and cultures, by theologies and the arts. This video is for everyone and will be especially useful for high school and college students, catechumens, campus ministry, liturgy committees, liturgical ministers and members of the parish and school staffs. A leader’s guide is included. DVD approx. 35 minutes.
(Item #99660) $24.95
80072.gif (36490 bytes) The Mass:
Understanding What We Do and Say

Why do we kneel in church? How are the Scripture readings like family stories? What does incense symbolize? This booklet provides a step-by-step walk through the Mass. Great not only for people new to the faith, but for "cradle Catholics" who need a fresh perspective.
32 pages, 4" x 6 3/4"
(Item #80072) 2.95

lsg3.jpg (12858 bytes)

The Liturgy with Style and Grace
3rd Edition

- Gabe Huck & Gerald Chinchar
Beautifully written, classic book teaches about those things that belong to all Catholics: the Mass, the sacraments, the seasons of the church's year, etc.. Whether you want to teach others about the liturgy or need to know more yourself, this is the book you need. Also a great text for high school religion classes!
(Item #90374) $12.00
ltp2.jpg (30200 bytes) The Renewal That Awaits Us
(Item #89045) $12.00
Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers
The newly revised Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers is the perfect resource for parents and children to explore the rich treasury of the Catholic tradition of prayer.

Use Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers to
- Learn the "by-hearts"-the essential prayers that every Catholic child and adult need to know by memory
- Practice the simple form of the Liturgy of the Hours as a family
- Celebrate the feasts and seasons of the Church year in ritual and prayer
- Bless the sacramentals that are part of the Catholic tradition like the advent wreath, Christmas crèche, Easter foods, and candles for the home
- Lead grace before and after meals
- Pray for family members
- Bless the home before a move and in times of trouble

Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers is the perfect gift for
- Families, especially those with children
- Newly-married couples
- Young parents in baptismal preparation classes

Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers includes prayers and blessings for many of the most important moments in the life of a family-pregnancy, a move, marriage, and death. Buy Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers by the case and save!

About the Revision
The USCCB undertook the revision of Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers for several reasons. The liturgical calendar was outdated. Booksellers had been requesting a more substantial binding, suitable for gift-giving. We wanted to include some of the newer prayers by Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI as well as some prayers published by the USCCB. In addition, we added new prayers for stewardship, vocations, retirement, and the like. An entirely new thematic section of Scripture excerpts was added as well. The revision includes a Scripture index and a first line index to make it easier to use. As such, the revised text is substantially longer than the current edition. It will be bound in bonded leather with gold stamping, and colored end papers, and includes a presentation page. The Scripture excerpts used are taken from the Lectionary for Mass or the Liturgy of the Hours. Hardcover, 528 pages (Item #94840) $34.95
Catholic Dictionary
Complete Catholic Dictionary and reference guide. Contains thousands of listings for topics covering theology, doctrine, canon law, saints, liturgy, vestments, architecture, religious orders, holy days and catechetics. More than 3,00 entries. Paperback (Item #80846) $12.95
96010.jpg (7965 bytes) Traditions & Transitions
(Item #96010) $16.00
ltp3.jpg (6252 bytes) The Changing Face of the Church
(Item #89046) $16.00
tp7.jpg (4794 bytes) Preaching Basics: A Model & a Method
(Item #94253) $12.00
The Handy Religion Answer Book (Handy Answer Books) The Handy Religion Answer Book
by John Renard
Your guide to the World's major religions. Easy-to-use comparative guide for anyone seeking a basic understanding of the world's major religions. This book answers more than 800 questions related to history, leaders, organization, symbols, beliefs, membership, and much more on:
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinudism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto. Book includes 100 illustrations, suggestions for further reading, and a global timeline of major events in religious history. Paperback, 582 pages.

(Item #83005) $21.95
99660.jpg (15498 bytes) A History of the Mass- VHS
This new video traces the evolution of the Mass and tells how the Mass was shaped and reshaped by times and cultures, by theologies and the arts. This video is for everyone and will be especially useful for high school and college students, catechumens, campus ministry, liturgy committees, liturgical ministers and members of the parish and school staffs. A leader’s guide is included. VHS approx. 35 minutes. Item #99660 $39.95

PUBLIC CATHOLICISM: The Challenge... - Thomas Patrick Melady (Item #83061) $10.97

PREISTHOOD IMPERILED - Bernard Harling (Item #83231) $20.00

COLLEGEVILLE PASTORAL DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE - Carroll Mueller-Stuhl (editor) (Item #82269) $74.95


GOOD GOATS: Healing our Image of God - Dennis Linn (Item #96753) $15.95

JESUS BEFORE CHRISTIANITY: Revised Edition - Albert Nolan (Item #87302) $12.00

AGENDA FOR THE THIRD MILLENNIUM - Blessed John Paul II (Item #82242) $12.00

CELIBACY: Means of Control or Mandate of the Heart?- Michael H. Crosby (Item 81564) $12.95

CATHOLICISM: Compete Revised and Updated New Study Edition - Richard P. McBrien (Item #96340) $39.95

CONSIDER JESUS - Elizabeth A. Johnson (Paperback Item #99667) $12.95

MARY THROUGH THE CENTURIES - Jaroslav Pelikan (Item #83568) $30.00

WHY YOU CAN DISAGREE AND STILL REMAIN A FAITHFUL CATHOLIC Newly Expanded and Revised Edition - Phillip S. Kaufman
A new revised and expanded edition of "an important book for Catholics who take their faith seriously. (Item #92056) $19.95

WORD BECOME FLESH: Dimensions of Christology - Brian C. McDermott (Item #89779..) $19.95

SHE WHO IS - Elizabeth A. Johnson (Paperback Item #92111) $18.95

RELIGIOUS LIFE IN THE 21ST CENTURY - Catherine M. Harmer (Item #90279) $9.95

CELIBACY A WAY OF LOVING LIVING - A.W. Richard Sipe (Item #82447) $13.95

90771.gif (9537 bytes) Leisure: The Basis of Culture
by Josef Pieper
One of the most important philosophy titles of the twentieth century, Leisure, the Basis of Culture is more significant, even more crucial, today than when it first appeared fifty years ago. Pieper shows that the Greeks understood and valued leisure, as did the medieval Europeans. He points out that religion can be born only in leisure—a leisure that allows time for the contemplation of the nature of God. Leisure has been, and always will be, the first foundation of any culture. He maintains that our bourgeois world of total labor has vanquished leisure, and he issues a startling warning: Unless we regain the art of silence and insight, the ability for nonactivity, unless we substitute true leisure for our hectic amusements, we will destroy our culture
—and ourselves. (Item #90771)
90773.gif (2886 bytes) Theo-Logic: The Truth of the World
by Hans Urs von Balthasar
Theo-Logic is the third and crowning part of the great trilogy of the masterwork of theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar, following his first two parts, The Glory of the Lord and Theo-Drama.
Theo-Logic is a variation of theology, it being about not so much what man says about God, but what God speaks about Himself. Balthasar does not address the truth about God until he first reflects on the beauty of God (Glory of the Lord). Then he follows with his reflections on the great drama of our salvation and the goodness and mercy of the God who saves us (Theo-Drama). Now, in this work, he is ready to reflect on the truth that God reveals about Himself, which is not something abstract or theoretical, but rather the concrete and mysterious richness of God’s being as a personal and loving God. (Item #90773)
90772.gif (3157 bytes) Escape from Skepticism
Liberal Education as If Truth Mattered
by Christopher Derrick
The brilliant English writer Christopher Derrick presents a disturbing indictment of today’s colleges and universities and the troubled condition of liberal education. The occasion for his writing this book was a visit to Thomas Aquinas College in California which deeply impressed Derrick with its true liberal and Catholic education. This small independent college convinced him of the need for reform in Catholic higher education today, and he uses the example of this college as the way this reform should be carried out. (Item #90772)

The Mass: Understanding What We Do and Say
Why do we kneel in church? How are the Scripture readings like the stories that people tell at family reunions? What does incense symbolize? This booklet provides a helpful step-by-step walk through the Mass that’s great for people new to the faith. But even "cradle Catholics" will gain a fresh perspective from this well-written, illustrated booklet. 32 pages.  (Item #80072) $2.45
The Bad Catholic's Guide to Good Living
by Zmirak, John and Matychowiak, Denise

Jump right into this hilarious new book on enjoying and celebrating Catholicism in a whole new way! Both a comical read, as well as an indispensable resource for observing the Feast Days of the Saints, The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living is for anyone who is interested in celebrating the history and humor behind the Catholic Faith. Consisting of selected historical sketches of the feast days, as well suggested activities for celebration, this book serves as a must own for every happy Catholic! 6x9, 240 pages, paperback
(Item #85106) $14.95

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