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  Computer Software & Mousepads



Faith Database - PC version
Faith Database puts an immense wealth of writings from throughout Church history at your fingertips. With over 1500 resource books—including authors like Newman, Chesterton, St. John of the Cross, and Blessed John Paul II—and 10 translations of the Bible (with cross-references to Church Fathers and Doctors!), you simply can’t find a more comprehensive, integrated resource.

Whether you’re deep in apologetics or Scripture study, preparing for ministry or studying for class, or just want to leisurely explore the Faith for edification and inspiration, there’s plenty to help you on your way in the Faith Database.

3 Ways to Use the Faith Database
1. Search the disk on your computer
2. Print unlimited copies
3. Download to your PDA

2000 Years of Christian History
• 10 Bible Translations
• 88 Council Documents from all 21 Ecumenical Councils
• 400 Early Church writings
• 165 writings from the Doctors of the Church
• 74 books from John Henry Newman
• 112 books from G. K. Chesterton

• 1300 Papal writings/encyclicals
• The Old Catholic Encyclopedia (1200 entries and 5000 images)
• Many classics including Gibbons’ Faith of our Fathers, Thomas a Kempis’ Imitation of Christ and John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
• 1000 Bible Art Images
• Over 100 Bible Maps
• Illustrated Church history
• Search the Catechism and Code of Canon Law

Just a Few of the Over 1500 Featured Writings
• Apologia (Newman)
• Orthodoxy (Chesterton)
• Thomas a Kempis
Doctors of the Church
• St. John of the Cross
• St. Theresa of Avila
• St. Thomas Aquinas (The Summa)
Early Church Fathers
• St. Augustine’s Confessions

• Irenaeus’ Against Heresies
• St. John Chrysostom’s Commentaries
Papal Writings / Encyclicals • Humanae Vitae
• Theology of the Body
• Veritatis Splendor

(Item #84581) $39.95


Key Game Features:
Start Every Level With an Age Appropriate Bible Story Introduction
Collect Tokens of Faith, Hope, and Love To Earn Points
Find Bibles To Activate Scripture Cinemas
See The Scripture Passages Displayed And Read Along With The Narrator
Interact With Animated Bible Characters and Bible Story Settings
Activate "Praying Hands" to Say Prayers of Thanks
Perform Fun Tasks Related To The Bible Story
Perform Acts Of Service For Others and Receive Bonus Points
Pickup Special Tools Like Hammers and Nets To Work Tasks and Solve Puzzles
Avoid Adversaries Such As Scorpions, Lizards, Ants, Spiders and Rats
Collect Protection Shields To Guard Against Adversaries
Pick Up Speed and Strength Boosts To Deal With Adversaries and Perform Tasks
Collect Bonus Tokens At The End Of The Game To Boost Scores
End Every Level With an Age Appropriate Memory Verse
Family Leader Board (Volume II only)

Minimum specifications:
Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP; 128 MB RAM, 800 MHz processor, CD or DVD drive; sound card; and a 3D graphics card

Customer Support:
Online weekdays 9am - 5pm Central Time.

Gospel Champions Video Game- CD
Grades K-8
Parents and grandparents WILL buy video games as gifts for their children. Now you can offer a video game alternative that your children will love. Recreates Gospel stories in an exciting and fun to play action adventure PC computer video game.

Bible Champions is a series of nondenominational 3D action adventure PC video games. Each volume contains 14 different Bible story levels. In each Bible story level, children game play in the setting of the Bible story by solving puzzles, avoiding adversaries, finding Bible characters, seeing the Bible story animated, and then performing tasks related to the Bible story. The game has three different skill settings for early elementary, older elementary and middle school children. The many in-game scripture passages are from the NRSV and Holman Christian Standard Bible.

VOLUME 1: Zack and Mary Martha take on the Adventures of the Gospel of Mark!
It's fast and furious action for Zack and Mary Martha. Help them as they travel through adventurous Gospel stories using fun power-ups and ancient tools to perform works of mercy, solve problems, and outwit menacing adversaries. Includes: Birth of Jesus, Shepherds and Angels, Jesus Baptized by John, The Beatitudes, Jesus Cures a Deaf Man, Jesus Blesses Little Children, The Good Samaritan, Jesus Raises the Widow's Son, Parable of the Rich Man, The Prodigal Son, Jesus Before Pontius Pilate, The Resurrection of Jesus, and Jesus Appears to the Disciples
Volume I (Item #37245) $19.95

VOLUME 2: Zack and Mary Martha take on the Adventures from the Gospel of Matthew
It's fast and furious action for Zack and Mary Martha. Help them as they travel through adventurous Gospel stories using fun power-ups and ancient tools to perform works of mercy, solve problems, and outwit menacing adversaries. Includes: The Rich Man and Lazarus, Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers, Jesus and Zacchaeus, The Angel Appears to Joseph, The Visit of the Wise Men, Jesus and the Woman of Samaria, Jesus' Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, The Walk of Emmaus, Do Not Worry, The Mission of Twelve, Three Parables on the Kingdom of Heaven, The Canaanite Woman's Faith.
Volume II (Item #37246) $19.95

This program is fast, easy to install and easy to use. The stories are indexed according to type
and topic. Type includes Business, Sports, Humor, Politics, Family and more. Topics include Grace, Faith, Adversity, Forgiveness, Goals, Self-Esteem and many more. Plus, you can add your own stories!

(Item #93404) $14.95
93405.gif (11833 bytes)

93406.gif (10700 bytes)

These two collections of over 2,000 classic illustrations (each) gleaned from over 23 years of Pulpit Helps Magazines. The powerful filing system enables you to find the exact type of story you are looking for. Stories are divided into 10 Types--history, religion, humor, politics, education, and family--to name a few. They are sorted by topic (such as grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, adversity). You can view by Category Type or by Topic--or search for any word or words in any illustration--even those you add yourself. Plus, you can add your own stories!
2,001 Classic Illustrations
(Item #93405) $14.95
2,002 Classic Illustrations

(Item #93406) $14.95
93408.gif (9163 bytes) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HUMOR
Laughter is meant to inspire and heal, not belittle and harm. Lowell Streiker's new collection contains over 2,000* stories, jokes, anecdotes and one-liners organized and easily browsed by topic and title. It provides abundant "good clean fun" whenever you need inspirational slices of life, bracing quips, quotable wisdom or a refreshing dose of nonsense. Lowell D. Streiker, Ph.D., is an inspirational humorist, speaker and author who has written, co-authored, edited and contributed to more than twenty books.
(Item #93408) $14.95
93409.gif (8657 bytes) McHENRY'S QUIPS, QUOTES AND OTHER NOTES
Packed with over 1,200 entertaining stories, quotes and humor that you can easily browse by Category, Topic or Scripture. Plus, you can add your own stories! Dr. Raymond McHenry is pastor of Westgate Memorial Baptist Chruch. He and his wife and their two children live in Beaumont, Texas. He earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
(Item #93409) $14.95






DELUXE NEW AMERICAN BIBLE - Find your way around the Bible easily! No more hunting through bulky concordances or spending endless hours hunting for chapter and verse. Includes maps, charts and much more. Requires Windows 3.1
or better, and one 3.5" high-density disk drive, or CD-ROM drive. (CD-ROM Item #89300) $39.95 (3 Disk Set 3.5" Item #0-87973-757-3) $39.95

REVISED STANDARD VERSION With Apocrypha BIBLE - A respected translation used in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The power and convenience of our most popular product for Scripture study. Offers an easier way to prepare lesson plans, homilies, lectures, and manuscripts. A powerful aid to Scripture study or research. Includes a variety of Bible translations and supplements to choose from. Allows user to: Run comprehensive searches; create personal notes and cross references; search and view multiple passages and scroll simultaneously when you have more than one translation.; go to any verse, chapter or book just by typing in the selection; find all the verses in the Bible that contain a word or phrase that interests you; add personal notes to each verse and then search, print, copy or export your notes; copy verses into Windows applications without going into the Bible program; Eliminate time-consuming searches and give you more time to study the bible. (DOS 3.5" Disk Item #0-89243-834-7) $69.95 (Windows 3.1 or better 3.5" Disk Item #0-89243-833-9) $69.95

OSV'S COMBINED CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA AND DICTIONARY - Now you can have the entire text from both the best-selling Catholic Encyclopedia and the Catholic Dictionary at your fingertips on this 10 disk (3.5") set. Includes
complete printing capabilities. Works on any Windows 3.0 or later computer with 14 megabytes of free hard disk space and a high density 3.5" disk drive. (Item #0-87973-770-0) $49.95

CATHOLIC ANSWER BOOKS - From history to doctrine, you'll find information on the Catholic Faith. Requires Windows 3.0 or better, 2 megabytes or hard disk space, and 3.5" high-density disk drive. (3 disk 3.5" set Item #82878) $15.95


ILLUSTRATED CATHOLIC BIBLE 2.0 - New American Bible and the Revised Standard Version Bible: Catholic Editions with maps, illustrations and Church documents. Also features a fully hyperlinked encyclopedic dictionary of biblical terms, chant clips, search, and cut-and-paste capabilites. (MAC CD #89876) $29.95




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