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  Prayer Notes

People dealing with intensely emotional situations are looking for concise, easy-to-read guidance and support. That's why our booklets have been designed with smaller, more manageable sections. Sidebars are added to support the information and stimulate interest; attention-getting subheads and call-outs are included to direct a reader through the booklet; and a thorough resource guide is supplied.

PrayerNotes "bring prayer to people—and bring people to prayer." They also celebrate special occasions like the religious seasons of Advent and Lent. PrayerNotes are in a 5 x 7 inch full color, 8-page booklet, in an easy-to-read "non-imposing" format.

Only $1.00 each!


care25002.jpg (12234 bytes)
Discovering Simple Ways to Pray
by Joan Wester Anderson. Prayer is a process. There are times when prayer comes easily and times when it doesn't. Anderson shares ways to help prayer flow more easily in our lives.
Price: $1.00    Product #80838  
care25006.jpg (12455 bytes)
Squeezing Prayer Into a Busy Life
by Jim Auer. Learning to fit prayer into a busy life is not easy. You may experience several false starts before adopting a regular prayer life. Auer offers ways to fit prayer into your life so that it becomes a way of life.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25006
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25007.jpg (12596 bytes)
Praying When You Feel Spiritually Empty
by Stephen J. Hrycyniak. If you are feeling spiritually empty, a special opportunity for deepening your relationship with God awaits you. In this PrayerNote, the author encourages us to hang in there because it is only when we are completely empty that God can fill us with new and abundant life.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25007
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25009.jpg (11930 bytes)
Teaching Children Simple Ways to Pray
by Kass Perry Dotterweich. Teaching your child to pray can be as simple as inviting them to share their thoughts and feelings with God. Dotterweich shares creative ways to teach prayer in a simple, easy manner your child will understand.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25009
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25013.jpg (11250 bytes)
Getting Angry With God in Prayer
by Kathy Coffey. Most of us are not comfortable expressing our anger in prayer. In this PrayerNote, Coffey shares ways to bring anger into our prayer as a welcome participant so God can respond to our needs.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25013    
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25015.jpg (12342 bytes)
Turning to God When You Hurt
by Karen Berry, O.S.F.. Our loving God knows our hurts and wants to transform our hurt into healing. Berry shares ways to pour out our hurts in prayer and allow God to heal us.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25015
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25033.jpg (13604 bytes)
Praying for Healing—For Yourself or Someone Else
by Susan Saint Sing. Our prayers for healing may not always be answered in our time but moreso in God's time. Sing shares ways to pray in the present moment so we can be truly open to God's presence.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25033 
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25038.jpg (12946 bytes)
Telling God Thanks—No Matter What
by Joan Wester Anderson. "God doesn't need our gratitude, but we need to be grateful," writes Anderson. This PrayerNote suggests ways that prayers of thanksgiving can deepen our faith and improve the quality of our lives.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25038    
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25055.jpg (12840 bytes)
Growing Closer as a Family During Lent
by John M. Drescher. Lent is a time we can go to the cross as a family in order to find our way home. Drescher suggests a day-by-day path through each week of Lent to draw your family closer. The suggested activities can be done before, during or after a family meal.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25055
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25064.jpg (14106 bytes)
Answering Your Children’s Questions About God
by Mikie Mundy. If you find yourself stumbling over words while trying to talk about God with your children, you're not alone. Mundy assures us that we don't have to be theologians or have all the answers in order to simply share our faith with our children.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-25064
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care25057.jpg (15907 bytes)
Making Your Marriage Stronger Through Prayer
by Kass P. Dotterwiech. Prayer is the language of love in marriage whether you are a newlywed or golden age couple. This PrayerNote offers helpful ways to enrich the prayer life of yourself and your spouse to strengthen the bond between you.
Price: $1.00    Product #80839  
care27008.jpg (20786 bytes)
Death—and Life
Talking With Your Kids About Death and Life by Lisa O. Engelhardt and Dr. Lyn Sontag, Psy.D. As parents, we want to protect our children from anything that may be hurtful, especially news about a death. But death is a part of life and children need to know about it. The authors share tips on talking with your kids about death to give them reassurance and hope in the life that surrounds them.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-27008 
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care27009.jpg (21827 bytes)
When a Grandparent Dies
Talking With your Kids About When A Grandparent Dies by Lisa O. Engelhardt and Dr. Lyn Sontag, Psy.D. Losing a grandparent may be your child's first experience of loss. A grandparent and grandchild often share a close bond and when that bond is broken through death, it can be overwhelming to the child. The authors share ideas to help parents help their children grieve their loss.
Price: $1.00    Product #91148  
care27012.jpg (17639 bytes)
Death of a Parent
Talking With Your Kids About the Death of a Parent by Lisa O. Engelhardt and Dr. Lyn Sontag, Psy.D. Talking to your child about the death of their parent is not easy, especially when all of you are grieving. In this difficult time, the authors suggest ways to talk to your child about the loss and ways to grieve well so that healing can replace the hurt.
Price: $1.00    Product #*AB-27012
10 piece minimum order required on this title  

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