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Blessed John Paul II


The End and the Beginning: Blessed John Paul II- The Victory of Freedom, The Last Years, The Legacy
by George Weigel
Evidently, 1,000 pages were not enough space to adequately survey the life of Blessed John Paul II in Weigel’s biography, Witness to Hope (1999). Although the three sections in this work are designed to supplement that earlier one, only the first takes a thematic approach. The theme explored is communism and covers four decades of John Paul’s life, before and during his papacy. The pope’s struggle against communism was covered sporadically in Witness but without as much detail or behind-the-scenes glimpses as there are here. The last event recorded in the earlier book was the Great Jubilee of 2000, five years before the pontiff’s death. The final years of John Paul’s papacy are covered in the second section, while the third is strictly reflective. The key question here is, What will Blessed John Paul II be remembered for? Weigel explores numerous angles to his legacy, including his personal character and a strong spirit of ecumenism. 590 pages (Item #85130)
My Life with Karol: My Forty-Year Friendship with the Man Who Became Pope
by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz
This intimate, affectionate portrait of Blessed John Paul II by his longtime secretary and confidant reveals fascinating new details about the opinions, hopes, fears, and dramatic life of this public man.

“I had accompanied him for almost forty years: twelve in Kraków and then twenty-seven in Rome. I was always with him, always at his side. Now, in the moment of death, he’d gone on alone. . . .And now? Who is accompanying him on the other side?”
—From A Life with Karol

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz worked side by side with Blessed John Paul II for almost forty years, enjoying unique access to both the public and private man. In A life with Karol, he provides a close-up glimpse into the Pope’s life and the critical events of his papacy.

Dziwisz was sitting next to the Pope during the assassination attempt in 1981. He recounts the Pope's reaction to 9/11, describing his thoughts and feelings on that day. And the Cardinal’s moving description of the Pope’s haunting memories of World War II uncovers the roots of the pontiff’s intense opposition to George W. Bush’s war on Iraq.

The two men shared moments of fun and spontaneity as well. Dziwisz writes about the times the Pope would slip out of the Vatican, wearing a Panama hat, to stroll the streets of Rome, and he describes the clandestine ski and hiking trips the pair made to escape the Vatican. His firsthand account of the Pope’s last years also reveals that John Paul II considered resigning. These stories and others lend added poignancy to Dziwisz’s extraordinary portrayal of the Pope’s courage and calmness during his final illness. Hardcover, 272 pages (Item #87987) $25.00

About the Author
CARDINAL STANISLAW DZIWISZ was personal secretary to Karol Wojtyla (Blessed John Paul II) in Kraków and in Rome. He was ordained a priest in 1963, was appointed Archbishop of Kraków in 2005, and in 2006 was made a cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI.

    Memory and Identity
by Blessed John Paul II
The pope's 1994 book, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, sold some 20 million copies in more than 30 languages. Both that book and this one grew out of interviews conducted in the early 1990s, but the differences between them are significant. The interviewer for Threshold was an Italian journalist who focused on questions Catholic laypersons might ask; the interviewers for Memory were Polish professors of philosophy. Though advance publicity has focused on the pope's description of the 1981 attempt on his life and on several comments on abortion and homosexuality, most of the book is devoted to rigorous discussion—laced with quotations from the Bible, documents of Vatican II and his own poetry—about the nature of evil, especially as seen in Nazi and Communist regimes; the nature of freedom, with its concomitant responsibilities; and the challenges facing post-Enlightenment, secular Europe. Praising the medieval church and Thomist philosophy, condemning Cartesian self-sufficiency and modern "unbridled capitalism," the pope upholds tradition (memory) as the basis for individual, religious and national identity. His conclusion is characteristically optimistic: "The evil of the 20th century was... an evil of gigantic proportions, an evil which availed itself of state structures in order to accomplish its wicked work." But "there is no evil from which God cannot draw forth a greater good. There is no suffering which he cannot transform into a path leading to him." Hardcover. 192 pages. (Item #88291) $19.95

MAN AND WOMAN, HE CREATED THEM: A Theology of the Body
By Blessed John Paul II

A New Translation Based on the John Paul II Archives

In this new critical translation of Blessed John Paul II’s magnum opus, internationally renowned biblical scholar Michael Waldstein presents John Paul II’s magnificent vision of the human person with meticulous scholarship and profound insight.

In this vision, John Paul II presents a catechesis centered on the human person, understood within the mystery of Christ. Going back to the biblical “beginning” as recorded in Genesis, the pope discusses the bodily dimension of human personhood, sexuality, and marriage and celibacy in the light of biblical revelation.

Complete with a new introduction and new footnotes, this edition has been crafted with a penetrating eye to the past twenty years of study since John Paul II gave his Theology of the Body talks.

MICHAEL WALDSTEIN is Chancellor and Francis of Assisi Professor of New Testament at the International Theological Institute, Austria. Together with his wife, Susie, he is a member of the Pontifical Council for the Family. Prof. Waldstein earned a B.A. at Thomas Aquinas College, Californi

a, a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Dallas, an S.S.L. in Scripture from the Biblicum in Rome, and a Th.D. in New Testament and Christian origins at Harvard Divinity School. Before his present appointment, he was Associate Professor of New Testament at the University of Notre Dame. He and his wife have eight children.


  • A foreword by Cardinal Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna.
  • A preface by Christopher West.
  • The catecheses of Song of Songs and Tobit: a comparison between the delivered text and the longer original pre-Papal text.
  • A comprehensive index of words and phrases.
  • A scriptural index.
  • A reference table for other versions of the papal texts.

Paperback / Dimensions: 6" x 9 1/4"  (Item #89525) $29.95

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way
by Blessed John Paul II
Following the success of the international bestseller Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Blessed John Paul II provides the world with a glimpse into his past in RISE, LET US BE ON OUR WAY. Chronicling the years he spent as a bishop and later archbishop in Krakow, Poland through his election as the first Polish Pope in 1978, he recounts everything from communist efforts to suppress the church in Poland to his efforts to adopt a new and more open style of pastoral ministry. With recollections on his life as well as his thoughts on the issues facing the world now, Blessed John Paul II offers words of wisdom in this book that will appeal to people of any faith looking to strengthen their spirituality.
Large Print (Item #84042) $30.00

John Paul II: A Marian Treasury
Compiled and with an introduction by Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, FSP

Blessed John Paul II has always been profoundly devoted to Mary, the Mother of God. This love for Mary shines through the impressive body of writings he has given to the Church; in addition to his Marian writings, he has mentioned her in virtually every major document. Here is a beautiful collection of his thoughts on Mary: her faith, her holiness, and the gift she made of herself to God— and to us.

A must-have for all who love and venerate Mary! A magnificent gift book—for Mother’s Day, or any occasion.

Includes full-color photographs of Blessed John Paul II at Marian shrines and sites around the world

Contains over 100 excerpts from the Pope’s writings on many different aspects of Mary:

  • Mary’s Faith
  • Mary, Biblical Woman, Mother of the New Creation
  • Mary’s Holiness
  • Mary, Virgin and Mother
  • Mary, Mother of Sorrows
  • Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood
  • Mary and the Eucharist
  • Mary and the Church
  • The Rosary and Devotion to Mary

Paperback / 128 pages. (Item #88290) $17.95

BE NOT AFRAID: Open Wide Your Heart CD
by Janelle 
The new song, Be Not Afraid (Open Wide Your Heart), will bring you to a deeper love for  Holy Father, Pope John II. It debuted recently on Life on the Rock and the response has been extraordinary. 

This Interactive CD includes:
* Be Not Afraid, the song that is sweeping across the country!
* Three cuts from other great songs by Janelle.
* Videos, Lyrics, Photos and more!

Sung by Janelle, the 2002 World Youth Day Theme Song singer, Be Not Afraid lifts up your heart and inspires like few others. You will play it over and over, use it in your personal and group devotions, all the while remembering the love of the Holy Father. Includes all three versions: English, Spanish & French. Listen to the CD in your CD player or put into your computer for video and more. (Item #74516)
We're On A Mission From God
by Mary Beth Bonacci
Paperback (Item #82663) $12.95
    Love & Responsibility
by Karol Wojtyla
Paperback (Item #87103) $18.95
by Mary Ann Walsh
A Light for the World commemorates the 25th anniversary of the papacy of John Paul II and features more than 40 brief essays on aspects of his pontificate. The essays are illustrated by extraordinary pictures by the Vatican photographers who have been with John Paul II since the start of his pontificate. The foreword to the book was written by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and a greeting by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano. The book includes almost thirty very brief remembrances of the pope by several persons who have met him personally. Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles recounts finding the pope, who was his house guest, ladling out soup for himself in the kitchen during the 1987 visit to California.

The pictures in the book provide a visual documentary of John Paul from his days as the athletic, skiing pope to the current time when he walks aided by a cane.

With over 150 glossy color photos by his official photographer, many images which have never been viewed outside of the Vatican, John Paul II: A Light for the World will serve as both a celebration and a memorial of the world's most celebrated divine leader. Hardcover
(Item #84003) $35.00 

Pastoral Visit of Blessed John Paul II to St. Louis, Missouri in January 1999
VHS (varies titles)
Several Different Events Are Available, Please call our gift department to see what we have remaining in stock. $24.95
VHS Great Souls: Blessed John Paul II
In this program, leading churchmen, friends and colleagues examine the character and forces that enabled John Paul II to be acclaimed universally as one of the most important personalities in the twentieth century. (Item #72498) $19.95
ALL_THE_POPES_MEN.jpg (49401 bytes) All the Pope's Men: The Inside Story of How the Vatican Really Thinks
By John. L. Allen Jr.

A fascinating and enlightening look at the world’s oldest and most mysterious institution, written by an American journalist with unparalleled knowledge about the Vatican's past and present.

The sexual abuse scandals that shook American and British Catholicism in 2002 brought to light a long-standing cultural gap between the English-speaking Catholic world and the Vatican. In Rome, the crisis was often seen as an attack on the Church mounted by money-hungry lawyers, a hostile press, and liberal activists who used it as a way to turn attention on such concerns as celibacy, women’s ordination, and lay empowerment. When the Vatican struck down the U.S. bishops’ draft for handling allegations of sexual abuse, many saw it as an attempt to curb an independent American Catholic church. Yet, as time passed, it became clear that the Vatican’s well-founded concerns about due process were shared by most liberal U.S. bishops and canon lawyers.

ALL THE POPE’S MEN is a lucid, in-depth guide to the sometimes puzzling, often incomprehensible inner workings of the Vatican. It reveals how decisions are made, how papal bureaucrats think, and how careers in the Roman Curia are shaped. It debunks the myths that have fed the distrust and suspicions many English-speaking Catholics harbor about the way the Vatican conducts its business, explains who really wields the power, and offers entertaining profiles of the personalities, historical and present-day, who have wielded that power for good and for bad. A thoughtful analysis of the recent sexual abuse crisis sheds light on how the Vatican perceives the Church in the United States.

Balanced, lively, and filled with Vatican history and lore, ALL THE POPE’S MEN provides the general reader with an authoritative picture of the highly charged relationship between the Vatican and the richest, most influential national Catholic church in the world today. 

Hardcover. 392 pages. (Item #88219) $24.95

VHS National Geographic's
With unprecedented access, National Geographic provides a rare glimpse inside the secret archives, magnificent artwork and private chapels of the Vatican. Narrated by Martin Sheen. (Item #72499) $24.95
Poems from the Pope CD
15 of Blessed John Paul II's poems on CD (English) (Item #72873) $15.95
The Poetry of Blessed John Paul II
Roman Triptych Meditations

Widely regarded as his spiritual last testament, Roman Triptych: Meditations contains three new poems from Blessed John Paul II, the first ones written and published during his pontificate. This edition also includes the insightful presentation of the pope's book by Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. 40 pages. Hardcover.

(Item #82331) $19.95 

Karol Wojtyla: The Thought of the Man Who Became Blessed John Paul II
by Rocco Buttiglione
The achievements of John Paul II in recent years cannot be overstated. Working from a solid body of Catholic social teaching, the Catholic Church has become the world's single greatest voice for democracy and human rights. Protestants, too, have found in Blessed John Paul II a brave and steadfast Christian Pastor. Few people, however, know the Pope's background or the philosophy behind his teachings.

Written by Rocco Buttiglione, one of the Pope's closest friends and counselors, this volume is the standard work for all who want to understand the philosophical mind of Karol Wojtyla, the man who became Blessed John Paul II. Based on an accurate reading of all of Wojtyla's works and all relevant secondary literature, this English edition of Buttiglione's work--first published in Italy in 1982--provides a complete introduction to the Pope's philosophy and his own original contribution to the philosophy of freedom.

"Buttiglione's insight into the formative stages of the Pope's mature thought offers a priceless gate of entry into the Pope's way of thinking . . . . A work of considerable ecumenical importance, this book provides the best available introduction to Blessed John Paul II's thought in any language." Michael Novak, from the foreward.
Hardcover (Item #90204) $35.00

Blessed John Paul II: In My Own Words

Spiritual father of millions, globally influential leader: Blessed John Paul II's words have brought inspiration, solace, and courage to those who have listened. The quotes and prayers collected here are both for the faithful and for those who have been touched by and want to know more about this remarkable man. His words on love, family, truth, freedom, human relationships, the power of God, and the importance of hope and prayer explore what it means to be alive and what we are doing here on Earth, and offer answers to some of life's hardest questions.
Paperback (Item #88777) $9.95
Days of Intense Emotion: Praying with Blessed John Paul II in the Holy Land
by Robert Keller and Paul Moses
A deeply spiritual account of the historic visit to Israel, reconstructing Blessed John Paul II's journey in all its piety, emotion, and fervor. Includes suggestion for reflection and further reading.
208 pages, Paperback Size: 5 1/2"x 8 1/4"
(Item #87201) $12.95
On Our Pilgrimage to Eternity
99 Sayings by John Paul II
by Stephen Liesenfeld 
The pontificate of the first non‑Italian since the sixteenth century has left a lasting imprint on the church. As the world has faced the tremendous theological, social, economic and political realignment of the last half of the twentieth century, John Paul II has offered clear guidance for Roman Catholics and innumerable others. The moving selections from his writings contained here speak of his central creed: the good news of Jesus and his relevance to our own life and times. Hardcover. Published Sept. 2004 (Item #88747) $14.95
Rising in Christ
Meditations on Living the Resurrection

by Blessed John Paul II
What is the significance of the resurrection of Christ to our individual lies and to all humanity? Here is a prayerful guide for all those who wish to sink their roots into the depths of Easter joy and draw abundantly from it any time of the year! As the Holy Father tells us: "Easter must leave a mark. It must continuously be felt in our lives." For Christians, Easter is an invitation to lives a new life. The risen Christ is at the heart of all the selections in this book, which span almost twenty-five years of Blessed John Paul II's papacy. In discussing the Easter passage from unbelief to faith, from sin to holiness, and from death to immortality, the Pope shows us how the resurrection empowered the apostles and how we all can live a resurrected life. Hardcover, 5x8, 192 pages. (Item #88748) $12.95
Christ is the Answer:
The Christ Centered Teaching of Blessed John Paul II
by John Saward
Christ is the answer, but what is the question? It is the question posed by the human heart in all times arid places. What is the meaning of life? What is the way to happiness? Where may I find peace?

John Paul II is one of the most popular, prolific, and influential Popes of recent centuries. Actor, poet, playwright, philosopher and theologian, endowed by decision of the Holy Spirit with the office of Peter, he has done more than simply re-affirm the Church's faith in 'the Son of the living God'. He has tried to unfold a systematic theological vision of the place of Christ in the divine Trinity and in human life. Jesus, who is God and man in one person, reveals God, but He also reveals man. In God-made-man we discover the meaning of our life, the happiness for which we long, the peace that passes all understanding.

The Polish Pope has been called to make explicit what his predecessors could leave implicit - that everything in Christianity has a reference to the Word made flesh. He has continued and developed the Christ-centred message of the Second Vatican Council. Christ is the true 'light of the nations', and the Church is called to reflect His radiance in the world.

Written in a style more contemplative than critical, synthetic than dryly analytical, this book explores the vast world of the Pope's teaching—his encyclicals, addresses, and homilies, Many works are now appearing on John Paul's life and personality, but this is the first to take us to the living centre of his theology. Professor Saward sees him as highly original because he is so deeply traditional, a resolute father in God because he is a humble child of Mary. John Paul embodies the Christian paradox that to wield true authority one must become as open and trusting as a child, no matter how cynical the world has become, or how apparently strong the forces of death. For Christ, the conqueror of Hell, is the answer to death. Paperback.

(Item #82091) $10.95

Priest of the World's Destiny: John Paul II
by Michael Parker
Michael Parker, a freelance journalist and writer in New Zealand, has succeeded in putting together a verbal portrait of this great man, who is so human, yet so much the Vicar (face) of Christ—a holy pope. Mr. Parker has woven a rich tapestry of love and war, personal biography and world history, secular philosophy and Catholic theology, warmth and intrigue, which is sure to swell the hearts of all people who love our present pontiff. Paperback.
(Item #82871)
While Supplies Last!

TESTIMONY OF THE CROSS - A stunning and moving photographic and textural reflection expressing the mystery of the Cross in the life of Blessed John Paul II. Includes illustrations of each of the 14 stations of the Cross, and prayers and meditations written expressly by the Holy Father. In addition, 40 beautiful photographs provide an exquisite retrospective of the Holy Father's pontificate.
(Paperback Item #84210) $15.95

Apostolic Letter of Blessed John Paul II

Paperback (Item #97243) $3.95

This collection of 52 weekly reflections on living the Spirit invites young people to read and act on Blessed John Paul II's inspiring addresses to young people gathered at annual World Youth Day celebrations. Paperback (Item #83408) $7.95

86425.jpg (9562 bytes)


by Luigi Accattoli

translated by Jordan Aumann, OP

A rare personal glimpse into the Pope's life and vision... Blessed John Paul II is a spiritual leader of unparalleled significance for our century. This extraordinary biography chronicles his life from its earliest years in Poland. The book follow John Paul's journeys as priest, bishop and the first non-Italian Pope of the Catholic Church after hundreds of years. 330 pages.

(Item #86425) $19.95 Paperback

The Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortations of Blessed John Paul II
Edited with Introductions by J. Michael Miller, C.S.B.
An invalable reference, six apostolic exhortations of John Paul II have been gathered in one volume. Uniquely collegial documents, these exhortations help all Christians understand John Paul's challenging vision for the Church of the Third Millennium.800 pages. Hardcover.
(Item #88623) $49.95

81498.JPG (20840 bytes)

Blessed John Paul II and the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary
In one volume, this insightful work offers the historical context within which to understand the Rosary as well as provides the scriptural and spiritual meaning of the Luminous Mysteries, or Mysteries of Light, added to the Rosary by Blessed John Paul II at the beginning of the twenty-fifth year of his pontificate. Paperback. 192 pages.
(Item #81498) $9.95

The Rosary of the Virgin Mary: With Blessed John Paul II's New Mysteries of Light
by Blessed John Paul II
Paperback. (Item #88750) $6.95

88754.JPG (36254 bytes)

Every Child A Light: The Pope's Message to Young People
By Blessed John Paul II
Blessed John Paul II's affinity for young people is well known. Here, Father Vereb has taken snippets from the pope's messages to children and teens and matched them with very appealing full-color photos: the pope holding, patting, and kissing babies and toddlers, and having a laugh or celebrating with older kids. The format is always accessible. The pages are bright white, and the text is given line by line, so it doesn't look intimidating. Despite all that, it's difficult to say if kids will pick up this book for themselves. Even though the excerpts are short, they are not always kid friendly: "It is above all in raising children that the family fulfills its mission to proclaim the gospel of life." Some of the pieces, however, are right at a child's level: "The pope has a great love for children! I want to see you grow up happy." An afterword tells readers more about Blessed John Paul II and his philosophy concerning children. Libraries with Catholic populations will probably want this on hand. Reading Level ages 9-12. Hardcover. 48 pages. (Item #88754) $16.95

The Place Within
by Karol Woytila
The lyrical poetry of Blessed John Paul II, available in paperback for the first time, to coincide with the papal visit to the U.S. this fall. In 1982, Random House released the Pope's Collected Poems; now Random House issues this volume in trade paperback, retitled The Place Within. Paperback. 208 pages. (Item #94063) $12.00

John Paul II's Book of Saints
Containing an exhaustive gathering of the saints canonized by Blessed John Paul II, as well as extensive biographical listings of the hundreds of beatifications he has authorized, this new release makes an important addition to any library.

With its emphasis on the Pope's vision of the Faith and how holy men and women from around the globe have lived out that vision over the centuries, John Paul II's Book of Saints is more than a mere compilation of the Pope's saints and blesseds. Hardcover. 384 pages. (Item #87215) $24.95

Go in Peace: A Gift of Enduring Love
By John Paul II
Editor: Joseph Durepos

Why do we suffer? How can we live as believers in an unbelieving world? Who is Jesus? How can we pray? These are some of the questions John Paul II answers in this inspirational collection of his most intimate words and writings.

Revealing his pastoral heart, Fr. Karol Wojtyla speaks powerfully and with clarity about what it means to be a Christian in our modern world. In passages taken from three volumes of writings, the Holy Father discusses conscience, prayer, forgiveness, families, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Mass and the Eucharist, poverty and suffering, and creating a culture of peace.

Go in Peace is the essential wisdom of John Paul II—
a living testament to his legacy of hope and peace. It is the definitive book for every seeker who wants to know John Paul II as a man, as a priest, and as a Pope. Hardcover. 150 pages.
(Item #81345) $19.95

John Paul II: Lessons for Living
By John Paul II
Editor: Joseph Durepos

The words of John Paul II have long inspired Christians throughout the world. People of faith often turn to his wisdom in trying or difficult times. In John Paul II: Lessons for Living, editor Joseph Durepos collects the pope’s essential pastoral wisdom, distilling his extensive writings into one hundred insights that give a moral or ethical lesson about living the Catholic faith.

In his gentle yet unflinching manner, the pope offers wisdom on such topics as the importance of forgiveness, how to respond to suffering in a Christian way, the necessity of unity in the Christian family, and the responsibilities of living as a Christian in this world. His instructive, inspirational thoughts are offered as daily guidance for Christians who are seeking to draw closer to God and live as faith-filled people in this often challenging and complex world. Hardcover. 150 pages.
(Item #83721) $12.95

no image available at this time

At the Altar of the World: The Pontificate of Blessed John Paul II Through the Lens of L'Osservator
Hardcover. 200 pages. (Item #80884) $39.95

no image available at this time

Walking in the Light: 30 Days with Blessed John Paul II
Hardcover. 72 pages. (Item #88223) $9.95

no image available at this time

Catholics Remember the Holocaust
Centering on the Vatican statement We Remember: A Reflection on the "Shoah," issued by the Commis-sion for Religious Relations with the Jews, this publication includes the full text of the document, with introduction and commentaries. A bibliography is included.
Paperback. 84 pages (Item #83635) $6.95

no image available at this time

Fides et Ratio / On the Relationship between Faith and Reason
By Blessed John Paul II
Paperback / 132 pages
(Item #87147) $5.95

no image available at this time

Veritatis Splendor / The Splendor of Truth
By Blessed John Paul II
Paperback / 154 pages
(Item #98006) $7.95

no image available at this time

Pastores Dabo Vobis / I Will Give You Shepherds
By Blessed John Paul II
Paperback / 168 pages
(Item #80358) $5.95

no image available at this time

Ecclesia de Eucharistia / On the Eucharist in Its Relationship to the Church
By John Paul II
Softcover / 75 pages
(Item #81500) $4.95

no image available at this time

Redemptoris Missio / Mission of the Redeemer
By Blessed John Paul II
Softcover / 128 pages
(Item #98044) $5.95

no image available at this time

Christifidelis Laici / Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People
By Blessed John Paul II
 Paperback / 184 pages
(Item #93965) $6.95


CROSSING THE THRESHOLD OF HOPE - Blessed John Paul II.  The Pope responds to the questions of a journalist. (Paperback Item #94058) $15.00

STATIONS OF THE CROSS WITH Blessed John Paul II - (Item #98686) $2.95

INSIDE THE VATICAN - Thomas J. Reese (Item #83423) $16.95

POPE FICTION: Answers to 30 Myths and Misconceptions About the Papacy  - Patrick Madrid (Item #97065) $14.99

ANSWERING COMMON OBJECTIONS: Answers To the Most Common Questions Facing Catholics Today Set of 5 Audio Cassettes- Dr. Scott Hahn (Item #75670) $28.95

WAY OF THE CROSS, SIGN OF CONTRADICTION - John Paul II (Item #83597) $10.95

- Blessed John Paul II.  Blessed John Paul II tells the story of his priestly vocation on the 50th anniversary of his ordination. (Paperback #88242) $




REDEEMER OF MAN - (Item #83327) $3.50


Blessed John Paul II ON THE GENIUS OF WOMEN - Focusing on the year 1995- "a truly memorable year for women in the Catholic Church," this compendium includes major statements from Blessed John Paul II to and about women. This compilation is from the U.S. Bishops' Committee on Women in Society and the Church. (Item #89985) $6.95

ON HUMAN WORK (LABOREM EXERCENS) - (Item #97246) $4.50

Blessed John Paul II: STATESMAN - Biography (VHS Item #75960) $19.99

Blessed John Paul II: LIFE & TEACHINGS OF Blessed John Paul II AND CHRISTMAS AND EASTER LITURGIES - (VHS Item #70227) $29.99

31566.jpg (22217 bytes) NEW!
Blessed John Paul II Steinbach Nutcracker

Limited Edition. Limited to 5,000 Pieces Produced!
19" tall. Gift Boxed. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
(Item #31566) $290.00

Mysteries of Light Rosary
Handmade in Italy. Boxed with Mysteries of Light prayer card.
(Item #10025) $19.95

85425.jpg (335419 bytes)
click on image for larger view

Mysteries of Light Rosary Card
(Item #85425) $0.15 each
no picture at this time Treasury of Catholic Devotions
The Pray-Along Rosary (including the Mysteries of Light)

2 CD SET (Item #75120) $19.95
no picture at this time Book:
Rosary Novenas to Our Lady (including the Mysteries of Light)
Regular Version (Item #80830) $4.95
Large Print Version (Item #80831) $5.95

Related Topics....

Find the answers to nearly 200 questions in this vast cornucopia of interesting, unusual, and intriguing facts and minutiae about the seat of the Roman Catholic religion (Vatican City) and the experience as a journalist covering Italy and in particular the Vatican, Lo Bello entertains the reader on every page with trivia and fascinating anecdotes.
(Paperback Item #84447) $12.95
85308.jpg (4176 bytes)

JOHN PAUL II'S BOOK OF MARY - compiled by Margaret Bunson (Item #83079) $9.95

28128.jpg (20512 bytes) Blessed John Paul II
Commemorative Holy Card
Paper with prayer on backside. (Item #28129) $0.18 each
28129.jpg (19097 bytes) Blessed John Paul II
Commemorative Holy Card
Paper with prayer on backside. (Item #28128) $0.18 each
19305.jpg (2886 bytes) Blessed John Paul II in the Arms of Mary
Laminated Prayer Card (Item #18307) $0.75
Paper Prayer Card (Item #19305) $0.18
0327665001.jpg (29980 bytes)
click on image for larger view
Blessed John Paul II
From the Ashton-Drake Galleries

Pastoral staff in hand, His Holiness "Blessed John Paul II" bestows his blessing on the worldwide community and asks for peace among all nations.  This kindly portrait of The Holy Father, sculpted by artist William Hanson, is realized in fine, hand-painted porcelain. Richly detailed fabric costuming recreates His Holiness's papal vestments, embellished with golden embroideries and significant papal symbols. He stands on a custom display base. Bring The Holy Father's powerful message of peace into your home today. It also includes an inspirational holy card you can tuck into wallet or pocket. Each figure is hand-numbered with a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity. 16" high to top of hat. 17-1/2" high on display base. (Item #14903) $129.95

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