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Books on Our Lady of

by Wayne Weible
With refreshing candor and self-deprecating humor, Wayne takes the reader with him on the adventure to Medjugorje that radically and permanently changed his life.
Paperback. (Item #94681) $1
Medjugorje Day By Day MEDJUGORJE: DAY BY DAY: A Daily Meditation Book Based On The Messages Of Our Lady Of Medjugorie
by Richard J. Beyer
This book offers a program of daily meditations on the messages of Our Lady and the words of sacred scripture. Offers an inspiring reflection connecting the messages and readings and suggests a meaningful way to put Our Lady's words into practice. Paperback. (Item #90085) $17.95
A Child Shall Lead Them: Stories of Transformed Young Lives in Medjugorje
by Wayne Weible
In the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, six teenagers - two boys and four girls - began to report seeing visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the summer of 1981. Since then, millions of people have made pilgrimages to this remote mountain village, where the messages of Mary give hope and comfort to those who are needy, suffering, or searching.
"After nearly 24 years of daily appearances to these children - all of whom are now adults, married and with children of their own - the fruits of conversion continue to serve as a testament to their initial claim," writes Weible. "Not surprisingly, the most dramatic of these conversions are those of young people, beginning with the visionaries themselves."
A Child Shall Lead Them is a collection of such stories and anecdotes from Medjugorje. They cover a full range of emotions, trials, and miracles; from heartbreak to intense happiness. In all of them there is solid proof of what happens when a heart is converted to that of a child: a return to innocence, and an openness and receptivity to faith. Each chapter ends with a monthly message given by the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjugorje. Paperback.
(Item #87353) $15.95
Letters from Medjugorje
by Wayne Weible
Ordinary people struggling to live the messages of Medjugorje send accounts of insights, trials, and miraculous healings. Letters and responses.
Paperback. (Item #98646) $16.99
Medjugorje the Mission
by Wayne Weible
Travel with Wayne Weible as he witnesses miracles of healing and reconciliation worldwide and in his own family. Be challenged to find your own heart's mission.
(Item #96873) $1
Medjugorje: The Message Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition
by Wayne Weible
"In a tiny village in the mountains of Yugoslavia, the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, had reportedly been appearing to a group of local teenagers, beginning in June, 1981, and continuing every evening since." So begins journalist Wayne Weible's life-transforming investigation into the veracity of one of the most popular Marian apparition claims in history. What began as a quick attempt to add some spice to his regular newspaper column resulted in a life-long exploration of what is (still) happening at Medjugorje, and the lives that are changed as a result. Do miracles happen? Wayne Weible is one former skeptic who is now convinced that they do. Paraclete Press presents a special, hardcover, illustrated edition of Medjugorje: The Message---the best-selling English-language book on the subject--- on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Mary's first message to six youths in the mountains. This new edition includes a new preface by the author and a special, eight-page photo insert. Hardcover. (Item #94682) $26.95
Final Harvest
by Wayne Weible
The Fullfillment of the Extraordinary Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjugorje

”I sincerely feel this is the most important writing I have done on Medjugorje since the publication of Medjugorje: The Message. It is a compendium of this supernatural spiritual event, using the Blessed Virgin’s messages to tell the story, with great emphasis on Medjugorje’s impact and purpose. My hope is that it will find its way into the hands of people of all faiths and more importantly, those with no faith.”
--Wayne Weible

Eighteen years after the Blessed Virgin Mary began appearing daily in a remote mountain village in central Bosnia-Herzegovina, WayneWeible looks at what the apparitions have meant to the world.

The village has changed. The young people to whom the Virgin Mary first appeared have grown up. All but two of them have married and have families. Only three are still visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary every day, while the other three have sporadic apparitions. Yet, the cumulative impact of what is happening there – of what has been called the greatest supernatural event of modern times – continues to be responsible for the conversion and strengthened faith of literally millions around the world.

In The Final Harvest, Wayne Weible updates its history, and provides the reader with a fresh perspective and an intriguing sense of what is still to come. (Item #84450) $16.50

  The Medjugorje Prayer Book
by Wayne Weible
Join Wayne Weible and the six original visionaries to pray with the Blessed Virgin Mary. This warm invitation to personal prayer includes unique morning prayers given to Weible over the course of the last twenty-five years, as well as meditations on the rosary that have been inspired by the Virgin’s messages at Medjugorje.
(Item #81587) $14.95




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