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See full size image Local Authors of St. Louis

More Than A Message
By the Southside Dragons, 2010-2011 Sophomore Class at St. Mary's High School
Forward by: Most Reverend Robert Carlson, Archbishop of St. Louis

When we selected "More Than A Message" as the title for our book we were looking for something catchy that may inspire people to take a closer look. We did not realize that our chosen title may very well reveal the book's true purpose. We believe this collection of our poems, all written as part of a class in our sophomore curriculum, is a worthy contribution to the literary landscape. But it is more than that. There is a wisdom dwelling in the heart and soul of every young person, a wisdom our world needs in troubled times. We do not claim to have all the answers, but young people everywhere are asking the right questions. We invite you to read the poems a couple of times. Some of them belong with your finest collections, others may not be ready yet for prime time. But all of them are expressed from within the imagination of young people who have something very important to say. Perhaps you can find your own questions in the midst of these poems. Your reading, just as our writing, will contribute meaning to the world. All proceeds from the sales of "More Than A Message" support the important work of our St. Vincent de Paul Society. 6x9, 108 pages, paperback (Item #88252)
Tracking Virtue, Conquering Vice
A Guide for Spiritual Survival

By Father Joseph Classen

Father Joseph Classen, author of the popular Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord, will be your guide on a new expedition, where deep love for the great outdoors and good humor intersect with spiritual truth in ways that will appeal to you, regardless of your faith tradition.

Drawing upon a wealth of stories from his experiences as a hunter and angler, Father Joe provides powerful and insightful connections between real life and God's plan. Whether he is connecting the dangers and pitfalls of the outdoors with the many obstacles that can derail your faith life or providing clues on tracking your own path through unchartered wilderness, Father Joe is an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable guide in this must-have book for any sports man or nature lover! (Item #84510) $14.95

Meat & Potatoes Catholicism
by Rev. Joseph F. Classen
What is so special about Sacraments?
How did the rituals and traditions of the Mass get started?
Why do we have a pope?
What's the point of going to confession?

Father Joe Classen has heard all these questions and more from parishioners, fishing buddies, neighbors, and acquaintances. They seem to recognize right away that this straight-shooting and approachable young priest speaks a language they understand.

You will find real questions and direct answers from a passionate, engaging priest who wants nothing more than to share his love of the Faith in real life terms. Get to know what the Church teaches and why, and discover Father Joe's secret recipe for a happier, more fulfilling life. Paperback, 240 pages. (Item #88404) $14.95


Table of Contents  |  Introduction

Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord:
Encountering the Sacred in the Great Outdoors
by Rev. Joseph F. Classen
Fr. Joseph Classen is a native of historic St. Charles Missouri and received his theological education at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. Fr. Joe was ordained to the priesthood in 2003 and is currently living and serving in the St. Louis Archdiocese.

Along with his priestly ministry, Fr. Joe is a dedicated, accomplished, and passionate outdoorsman. In this his first book, Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord, Fr. Classen uses his love of the outdoors as a catalyst for delving into issues of faith and spirituality while sharing with the reader tales of outdoor adventure and wisdom. It is written with an ecumenical flavor, and so is intended for Christians of all denominations and even those who perhaps have little or no faith at all but love the outdoors and are possibly “hunting” for God. Paperback. (Item #88414) $12.95


Priests for the Third Millennium
by Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

Archbishop Dolan clearly sets forth what it takes to be a Catholic priest in the Third Millennium.

Whether he is stressing the necessity of regular Confession and the need to celebrate daily Mass and say the Liturgy of the Hours or discussing priestly celibacy in frank, realistic terms, he emphasizes true priest identity by presenting a life worth living, a life worth sharing, a life worth offering up to the Father through Christ and in the Holy Spirit.

Pastoral, practical, and thoroughly Catholic, Priests for the Third Millennium will renew the joy of being Catholic in the heart of seminarians, priests, and the people they serve. (Item #98934) $24.95


Called to Be Holy
by Archbishop Timothy Dolan
How will you -- how can you -- answer God's call to holiness? The path to holiness is traveled step by step. The way of holiness is lived grace by grace. Your journey to God is nothing more, and nothing less, than that series of steps.

But how do you take that step each day? How do you live that grace each day? How, each day, do you answer God's call, God's personal invitation to holiness?

What Milwaukee's Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan recommends, urges, reminds, and teaches is radical in the truest sense of that word: It is basic. It is at the roots. It is fundamental.

This solid theologian, noted Church historian, and natural-born storyteller goes first to the source: what Christ said and promised, what Scripture and Tradition tell us. Then building on that firm foundation, here, too, is what the Church teaches; what the saints have discovered, lived, and shared; what the Fathers and Doctors of the Church have written; what "ordinary" Catholics -- on that path, accepting those graces -- have come to learn.

Here is a detailed examination and encouraging explanation of faith, hope, humility, love and chastity, human formation, patience, penance, joy, and obedience.

Here is how to be a good steward of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as you hear and answer God's call.   Paperback; 160 pages (Item #82156) $12.95

To Whom Shall We Go?
Lessons from the Apostle Peter

By Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

To be a Christian today, to follow Our Lord and accept His call to discipleship, demands heroic courage. It takes deep faith to live the particular - special, unique - vocation that's yours alone. Heaven knows it isn't easy. St. Peter knows it, too. He's well aware that even the most enthusiastic and committed Christian can become frightened and unsure, can make mistakes and betray a loved one, can seek and receive forgiveness, can begin again and - with an even stronger faith - can go on to face life's most difficult challenges.

To Whom Shall We Go? presents the words and actions of St. Peter as it clearly shows how his life - his strengths, weaknesses, joys, and sorrows - offers an example for all of us. How it offers hope for each of us. (Item #84057) $13.95


Don't Drink the Holy Water!
By author: Joe Kempf
Young children can be both mystified and confused by what they witness while attending Mass with their families--even when they can see over the adults sitting in front of them!
Don't Drink the Holy Water! explains the Mass with creative, full-color illustrations and simple descriptions that resonate with kids. A special section at the back of the book helps adults answer kids' questions about the Mass.
Featuring a 50-minute DVD--broken into 20 small segments, perfect for engaging kids and offering opportunities for questions and reflection--parents, grandparents, godparents, and teachers alike will appreciate this lively, versatile teaching tool. 64 pages.
(Item #82057) $19.99
  You Want Me to Be Good All Day?: and Other Prayers for Children
By author: Joe Kempf
Father Joe Kempf and his furry friend, Big Al, are back with more heartwarming prayers for children and their parents.

This follow-up to the best-selling My Sister is Annoying, addresses some of the challenges of growing up. In a delightful combination of events that impact children's lives, Big Al learns lessons including compassion, responsibility, and individuality through prayer. Read the prayers and enjoy the included audio CD where Father Joe and Big Al introduce each prayer read by children.

With an introduction by Annie (Big Al's "annoying" sister), You Want Me to Be Good ALL DAY? is perfect for every child in your life. 8"x8", Hardcover. 48 pages. Audio CD included.
(Item #98452) $16.99
My Sister/Brother is Annoying!
And Other Prayers for Children

By Fr. Joe Kempf

Children say the most wonderful things! This book of prayers, by Fr. Joe Kempf and his furry friend, Big Al, is written the way children talk—and the way they think! My Sister is Annoying is a beautifully illustrated, fun way for children to talk to God about things that are important to them, such as the joy of playing outside, celebrating a birthday, and trying to figure out the right thing to do. Read the prayers and listen to the CD with a child you love as Father Joe and Big Al introduce these prayers read by children.

My Sister is Annoying will help children—and their parents—to pray the way Jesus taught us to pray…simply and from the heart.

Audio CD included. (Item #94541) $16.99

Sometimes Life Is Just Not  300x300 IP#184 Fr. Joe Kempf   No One Cries the Wrong Way on Inside the Pages

Sometimes Life is Just Not Fair
God understands… and will always be there to help us find a way.

For everyone, life can be really hard sometimes. But never fear: Father Joe Kempf and his furry friends, Big Al and Annie, are back with plenty of support. The best-selling tandem tackles some tough issues in this book in a way that a child will understand: If God is so good, why do innocent people suffer? What is our hope when someone we love dies? How do we go on when our hearts are broken?

When the heartaches come, these reflections, prayers, and activities will help every child find their way forward with God. In the back of the book, parents, grandparents, and teachers will find the coaching they need to love their children through the difficult times.

This wonderfully illustrated book meets the child (and the child in each of us) right where we are with just what we need. No one connects faith and real life like Fr. Joe and Big Al. Sometimes Life is Just Not Fair is the perfect book for when the difficult times come…and they visit us all.
(Item #83512) $19.95

Faith Filled Lullabies (with Audio CD)
with Big Al & Annie
Featuring the songs and prayers of Cathy Pescarino & Fr. Joe Kempf

“I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14

Bring comfort and joy to the child in your life – and the child in you — in this new CD. Fr. Joe and his helpers Big Al and Annie, with musician and songwriter Cathy Pescarino and her friends, present their special collection of music based on: Sacred folk songs Comforting Scriptures Traditional favorites Plus all-new, original songs

You’ll be delighted by the companion book of lyrics, along with beautiful illustrations, scripture passages, and special prayers just for parents.

Soothing music, and faith-filled lyrics, bring calm and quiet to children of any age as well as to their parents, grandparents, or any adult in their lives. (Item #81845) $16.95


Big AL LIVE: Gospel Values for Children DVD Volumes 1, 2 and 3
  • 1-1 What names have you been called?
  • 1-2 What good are broken things?
  • 1-3 Is Jesus YOUR shepherd?
  • 1-4 What’s your note to play?
  • 1-5 Forgive… or clobber
  • 1-6 How big is your family?
  • 1-7  Who will take your hand?
  • 1-8 Do you stay connected to God?
  • 1-9 Did you see Him?
  • 1-10 Do you try to be cool?

Volume 1 (Item #978-0-15902-087-6 ) $19.99
Volume 2 (Item #
978-0-15902-088-3 ) $19.99
Volume 3 (Item #
978-0-15902-089-0) $19.99

Big AL LIVE: Gospel Values for Children DVD Volume 4
  • 4-1 Does your Baptism matter ? (Baptism)
  • 4-2 How big is your list? (Advent)
  • 4-3 Why do we have Christmas (Christmas)
  • 4-4 What does God do when we say we’re sorry ? (Reconciliation)
  • 4-5 Why give up something for Lent ? (Lent)
  • 4-6 Are you good at finding Easter eggs? (Easter)
  • 4-7 What is the best food you ever had? (Eucharist)
  • 4-8 What is a mother for ? (Mother’s Day)
  • 4-9 Is your dad holding on or letting go? (Father’s Day)
  • 4-10 Who are you ? (Halloween)

(Item #978-0-15902-308-2) $19.99



No One Cries the Wrong Way 193x300 IP#184 Fr. Joe Kempf   No One Cries the Wrong Way on Inside the Pages

No One Cries the Wrong Way
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York says this about Fr. Kempf’s books: “Fr. Kempf, with grace and sensitivity, helps us learn what to say – and do – in moments when people long for a word of hope and consolation.”

(Item #83514) $14.95


Hearing the Voice of God: Reflections for Prayer
Fr. Joe Kempf says he has learned that “God is omni-lingual” – meaning God speaks your language!

In practical application, this means that wherever you come from, whoever you are, and whenever you pray, God hears you and speaks uniquely and distinctly to you.

The question is: how can you open your heart and find the stillness to hear His voice? And how do YOU recognize God?

Through this CD of guided reflections and prayers, you will deepen your ability to become aware of God, praying in the language of your heart, and hearing God’s voice as He speaks directly to you. From his own life, his study of the disciplines of prayer, and his pastoral experiences, Fr. Joe Kempf has created reflections geared for adults at any age or stage of life. This is an excellent tool for individuals or adult study groups. Each of the reflections includes an invitation to pause and respond to two questions in the beautiful companion book. You can come back to each prayer again and again, to open your awareness of God’s voice, and experience His peace long after the reflection is over.

Fr. Kempf invites you to enter into prayer with him in Hearing the Voice of God: Reflections for Prayer and Perspective with Fr. Joe Kempf
(Item #81843) $14.95

Feeding Hungry Hearts Feeding Hungry Hearts: Celebrating the Eucharist DVD
In this 45 minute four-part video, Father Joe Kempf invites each of us to look at this sacrament of the Eucharist—and how, together when we celebrate as a community of faith at Mass, we are receiving this phenomenal gift of the meal called Eucharist.

Simply for any Catholic wanting to deepen their appreciation of the Eucharist and understanding of the Mass, or for study groups, personal reflection, new Catholics or RCIA participants, youth groups, young, middle-aged, or senior adults, this DVD walks us through the celebration of the Mass—and explains why we do what we do. Discovering how the Eucharist is a gift of great magnitude, we can open our hearts and our souls to the nourishment that we so need to be faithful Catholics and live our lives as Christ has asked.

In his simple, heartfelt, and direct manner, Father Joe teaches the mystery of the real presence of Jesus Christ—the body, blood, soul, and divinity—in both the bread and in the wine—is a gift that we experience through faith. He invites us to open ourselves up to learning how to be present-to others and to ourselves—so that we might become present to Jesus Christ who is present to us in this Sacrament. (Item #9780764819490) $34.99

A Child's First Communion A Child’s First Communion: And So Much More DVD
This new DVD featuring Fr. Joe Kempf contains two programs—one for children as they prepare for their first experience of the Eucharist and one for the adults guiding them along the way.

“For Children”: Whether preparing for their 1st or 1500th Communion, children will be changed by the holiness, humor, and insight in a 4-part, 23-minute segment. Learning the fundamentals of our Catholic faith will inspire them to love the Mass, God, and each other more than ever.

“For Adults”: A 3-part, 57-minute segment will recharge your presence at Mass and your relationship with Jesus. Parents, grandparents, and teachers will be renewed in their eucharistic understanding as they teach children the joy and challenge to be found in this incredible gift called “Eucharist.” (Item #9780764820519) $34.99

Saints at the Dinner Table
Cook up some delicious meals while stimulating quality mealtime talk. Amy Heyd offers a delicious menu of meals and dedicates each chapter to a saint who in some way inspired her to create original recipes for a complete meal- from salad to main course to dessert. Heyd combines a brief introduction to each saint, a reflection, an inspired menu, a dinner prayer, and questions for meaningful dinner discussion. You won’t want to wait to unveil this at family dinner nights, book clubs, and your supper clubs! (Item #83818) $19.95

Catholic St. Louis: A Pictoral History
by William B. Faherty SJ and Mark Scott Abeln
The history of the Catholic Church in St. Louis is dominated by strong personalities and architectural grandeur. In Catholic St. Louis, rich text and photography capture the people and places that have defined Catholicism in a historic, and historically Catholic, city. Renowned historian William Barnaby Faherty, S.J., delivers concise historical sketches of the integral people and the landmark houses of worship; and photographer Mark Scott Abeln captures nearly forty different area churches in majestic fashion. 176 pages, hardcover, 8.5x11
(Item #81329) $32.95

St. Louis Hills
By Ann Zanaboni
Originally marketed as "country living in the city" by developer Cyrus Crane Willmore, St. Louis Hills remains an idyllic, slow-paced suburb within the city proper. The neighborhood has maintained its charm as well as its small businesses-a meat market, a barbershop, and a frozen custard stand. St. Louis Hills tells the story behind the famous Ted Drewes, Hampton Village, the various corner churches and the pastoral Francis Park. No two houses are alike in St. Louis Hills, creating a unique architectural gem in the city of St. Louis. This is a unique and fascinating look at one of the city's best-kept neighborhoods. 120 Pages, Paperback. 8.5x5.5
(Item #83030) $18.00
St Louis Italians: The Hill and Beyond
by Eleanore Berra Marfisi
This book, which celebrates Italian ethnicity, totals 216 pages and also contains 60 delectable recipes from 29 different chefs who represent some of the best-loved Italian restaurants in the entire St. Louis metropolitan area. Next to each recipe is a fascinating profile of each of the 20 restaurateurs, describing their rags-to-riches stories and their secrets to success. Similar to the first book, the beautiful, full-color photographs of each prepared dish will stimulate the senses. Saint Louis Italians: The Hill and Beyond boasts 80 pages of historical descriptions and a staggering wealth of photographs, which will illuminate the experiences of Italian Americans in the City of St. Louis. Indeed, our urban landscape has been enriched by their home country?s cultural heritage, their admirable work ethic, and their devotion to family and community. While telling the stories of men such as Yogi Berra, Joe Garagiola, and football great Tom Lombardo, the book begins by resurrecting the now-gone, once-vibrant neighborhood called Little Italy. (Item #82154) $35.95

Centuries of St. Louis
by Fr. William Barnaby Faherty, S.J.
Eminent and prolific historian Father William Barnaby Faherty, S.J., offers a unique take on the history of St. Louis with Centuries of St. Louis. This new history—his third on the city—is told through the perspective of its citizens, some prominent, all respected. From Marguerite Blondeau Guion LeCompte—the first woman to give birth in St. Louis—to the venerable sportswriters Bob Burnes and Bob Broeg, Faherty offers insights into the events and people that define St. Louis by documenting the lives of these chosen St. Louisans in context with the eras they lived in.

Many facets of society are covered in this book, including education, politics, religion, sports, activism, philanthropy, and business. Faherty chose to write about achievers rather than celebrities. These achievers were active in their respective fields and the events that surrounded them.
128 pages, Softcover. (Item #88979) $17.95
So, Where'd You Go To High School
Baby Boomer Edition

By Dan Dillon

In volume 2, author Dan Dillon looks back at the high school memories of St. Louis' Baby Boomers. This fun collection of trivia, celebrity tales, and photos will have you remembering your prom night light it was yesterday. From the 1950's through the 1980's, Dillon recalls the rivalries, the teams, the homecoming nights- and yes, the hairstyles- that made high school unforgettable. Packed with descriptions of St. Louis schools, past and present, and with stories from St. Louis personalities such as Dan Gray and Steve Savard, this book will complete any St. Louisan's yearbook collection. (Item #87690) $26.95

Why Me?
A new book by Julie Parker of Fenton, MO empowers children with special needs.

"It doesn't seem fair; it just can't be. Why is life so difficult for me?"

These words from the empathetic new children's book, "Why Me?" ring true for just about everyone. The book's simple message of acceptance and empowerment is the work of physical therapist and author Julie Parker of Fenton.

Parker grew up in Affton and Oakville, and is a 1991 graduate of Nerinx High School in Webster Groves. She has a congenital hand defect, and knows firsthand about growing up "different."

It's OK To Be Different
"Kids are curious," said Parker. "If they see someone who is different, they're going to ask questions." Parker said she was made fun of as a child, and felt singled out because of her hand.

"I work with special needs kids, and it's the most uplifting career," she said. "These kids don't think of themselves as disadvantaged. I don't hear 'woe is me.' If it hurts, they cry, then they move forward. I learn a lot about life by looking at them and the difficulties they face."

Parker sees a distinct advantage to teaching children at an early age that it's fine to be different, and to be curious about the differences in others. Her book, with its simple text and colorful illustrations (by her sister-in-law, Kelly Sieckhaus), is a valuable tool in that endeavor.

"If you look around, you'll be surprised to know that we all have things that challenge us as we grow," it reads.

"I don't think children have preconceived notions," said Parker. "We can teach them when they're little that it's OK to be different, it's OK to come out and ask questions, that it's not wrong to ask. But after you get the answer, accept that they're just like you and me."

Its mission, she said, is to help children of all abilities be healthy in mind and body.
Paperback (Item #88897) $13.00


Grace to Carry
by Marcia Putnam
hrough one friendship, two women find the perseverance, trust, and hope to endure their greatest challenge. Grace to Carry is the moving true story of St. Louis author, Marcia Putnam, portraying how God provides all we need with wisdom beyond our own choices. Inspirational photographs and quotes set the scene for each chapter. Readers have said, "You'll cry, and you'll laugh, but you'll never underestimate the power of friendship again. (Item #85840) $18.99
CLICK HERE to read a book review.





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