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  Care Notes

People dealing with intensely emotional situations are looking for concise, easy-to-read guidance and support. That's why these booklets have been designed with smaller, more manageable sections. Sidebars are added to support the information and stimulate interest; attention-getting subheads and call-outs are included to direct a reader through the booklet; and a thorough resource guide is supplied.  Compact, 5 x 7 inch eight-page full color booklets offering strength, help and healing for those who are hurting.

Only $1.00 each!


care21276.jpg (15905 bytes)
Cherishing Your Memories of a Loved One
Cherishing Your Memories of a Loved One. By Linus Mundy. "The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude," wrote playwright Thornton Wilder. Learn how to keep your loved one's finest qualities alive using simple ceremonies and rituals in this comforting CareNote.
Price: $1.00    Product #91111
91298.jpg (14067 bytes)
Taking Care of Yourself While Grieving
Price: $1.00    Product #91298
care20603.jpg (15639 bytes)
Finding God in Pain or Illness
Price: $1.00   Product #91141   
care20605.jpg (15303 bytes)
When Your Prayers Go Unanswered
When Your Prayers Go Unanswered. By Keith McClellan, O.S.B. No matter how hard you pray, you cannot manipulate God's response. "You can," as Fr. McClellan writes, "learn to open yourself to receive and accept God's answer-an answer that always, though sometimes mysteriously, represents the fullest measure of divine love.
Price: $1.00    Product #91142
care20616.jpg (13454 bytes)
Bearing the Special Grief of Suicide
Bearing the Special Grief of Suicide. By Arnaldo Pangrazzi. Suicide leaves deep scars on the survivors. This CareNote suggest ways survivors can turn guilt into forgiveness, reach out to others, and rebuild their lives. "You cannot change what has happened," writes Pangrazzi. "You can, however, change your outlook--from backward to forward, from death to life.
Price: $1.00   Product #91120
care20627.jpg (14565 bytes)
When Someone You Love Is Suffering
by Ken Czillinger. Someone you love is suffering and you want to ease their pain, yet there's no quick fix so you're left feeling helpless. There are ways to ease the pain of your loved one and ease the frustration of helplessness. Czillinger, a priest who has worked with numerous bereavement groups, offers guidelines to help you help your loved one.
Price: $1.00    Product #91147
care20628.jpg (13963 bytes)
Giving Your Worries to God
Giving Your Worries to God. By Linus Mundy. "I can't. God Can. I think I'll let God." In the CareNote, Mundy explores more fully the meaning of this message in an effort to help you offer your worries to God.
Price: $1.00    Product #91143 
care20652.jpg (14425 bytes)
Walking With God Through Grief and Loss
Price: $1.00    Product #91271
care20669.jpg (15123 bytes)
Finding Your Way After the Death of a Spouse
Price: $1.00   Product #91155 
no image at this time
Losing Your Wife
Price: $1.00   Product #91383 
no image at this time
Losing Your Husband
Price: $1.00   Product #91334 
91113.jpg (13268 bytes)  
Handling Grief as a Man
Price: $1.00    Product #91113
care21204.jpg (16044 bytes)
Making Sense Out of Suffering
Making Sense Out of Suffering. By Jack Wintz, O.F.M. Human beings can find ways to rise above suffering and even find some meaning. In this CareNote, Fr. Wintz writes, "our best impulse in our moments of trial is to open ourselves to the good God who walks with us in the struggle."
Price: $1.00    Product #91144  
care21224.jpg (15357 bytes)
Saying Good-bye to a Loved One Who Is Dying
Price: $1.00   Product #91124 
care21234.jpg (14221 bytes)
When Death Comes Unexpectedly to Someone You Love
Price: $1.00    Product #91114
care21252.jpg (15679 bytes)
Taking the Time You Need to Grieve Your Loss
Price: $1.00    Product #91122
care21259.jpg (15977 bytes)
Letting Faith Help You Handle Stress
Letting Faith Help You Handle Stress. By Judy Ball. How do you spell relief from stress? F-A-I-T-H! Stress is a problem most of us will combat over and over again in our lives. The author suggests that we turn our stress over to God and let our faith carry us through the trying times.
Price: $1.00    Product #91267 
care21263.jpg (14141 bytes)
Coping When Someone You Love Is Dying
Coping When Someone You Love is Dying. By Kathlyn S. Bladwin. "There is no hope," people often say when someone is dying. But clinical social worker Baldwin believes hope is always with us. "My hope for you is that in the midst of this difficult time, you will have glimpses of sunshine that will illuminate how precious each moment truly is."
Price: $1.00    Product #91125   
care21259.jpg (15977 bytes)
Letting Faith Help You Handle Stress
Letting Faith Help You Handle Stress. By Judy Ball. How do you spell relief from stress? F-A-I-T-H! Stress is a problem most of us will combat over and over again in our lives. The author suggests that we turn our stress over to God and let our faith carry us through the trying times.
Price: $1.00    Product #91267
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care21288.jpg (15021 bytes)
Turning to a Chaplain for Care and Support
Price: $1.00    Product #91270 
care21304.jpg (15766 bytes)
Overcoming Loneliness After Loss
Price: $1.00    Product #91121
care21306.jpg (15879 bytes)
Getting Through the Holidays When You’ve Lost a Loved One
"When you've lost a loved one, the holiday season can be a painful reminder of the terrible loss you are feeling--instead of bringing warmth, love and excitement. There are steps you can take, however, to help give the holidays new meaning." So writes grief counselor, Darcie D. Sims, in this wonderful CareNote. Last season alone, this booklet brought comfort and help to nearly 100,000 readers.
Price: $1.00    Product #91266  
care21308.jpg (17727 bytes)
Getting Through the First Weeks and Months After the Funeral
Price: $1.00    Product #91115
care21328.jpg (13116 bytes)
Losing Your Mom
Price: $1.00    Product #80835   
care21383.jpg (11808 bytes)
Losing Your Wife
Price: $1.00    Product #91383  
10 piece minimum order required on this title   
care21333.jpg (15092 bytes)
On the First Anniversary of Your Loss
Price: $1.00   Product #*AB-21333   
10 piece minimum order required on this title   
care21334.jpg (14236 bytes)
Losing Your Husband
Price: $1.00    Product #91334
10 piece minimum order required on this title  
care21347.jpg (14351 bytes)
Losing Your Dad
Price: $1.00    Product #91126   


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