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Cancer & Faith

More Cancer & Faith Items- CLICK HERE!

  Pink Prayer Book: Coping, Healing, Surviving, Thriving

Inspired and written by breast cancer patients and survivors and the mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, husbands, and friends that surround them, Pink Prayer Book is deeply personal, yet universally evocative.

From the first realization of diagnosis through treatment, recovery, and the hope of lasting remission, Pink Prayer Book offers prayers for the journey into healing. Incorporating Scriptures and prayers, this book offers support within a joyous healing network. These wonderfully personal prayers lift hearts and voices to ask for God’s healing and never-ending love. Paperback, 96 pages, 4"x6"
(Item #86524) $9.95

When God and Cancer Meet: True Stories of Hope and Healing

By: Lynn Eib

A book of powerful stories about cancer patients and their families who have been touched by God in miraculous ways--some in their bodies, others in their minds, all in their spirits--offers inspiring testimony that, when God and cancer meet, cancer is conquered. The author, herself a cancer survivor, gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of 18 personal encounters with God.

Those who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as those who love and care for them, will appreciate this book of powerful stories about cancer patients and their families who have been touched by God in miraculous ways—some in their bodies, others in their minds, all in their spirits.

This book offers inspiring testimony proving that when God and cancer meet, cancer is conquered. The author, herself a cancer survivor, gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of personal encounters with God. When God and Cancer Meet is highly recommended reading for support groups for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, as well as a more general readership. 200 pages, Paperback (Item #82416) $13.99

The Healing Touch of Mary
By: Cheri Lomonte

Countless people have turn to Mary, Mother of Jesus, for healing, loving comfort. Her intercessions have brought about miracles, her flowing grace has changed lives, and her divine heart has sustained weary souls. In The Healing Touch of Mary, you can share in the power and inspiration of these miracles through the many true stories and beautiful photographs of Madonnas from around the world. From the young girl who shares her glow-in-the-dark Mary statue with a frightened friend…to the woman in a car wreck to whom the Blessed Mother appears and hold her until her rescue…to the youngster whose broken fingers are healed with Lourdes water, these stories embody the power of Mary’s intercessions.

Cheri Lomonte is a photojournalist who started this project by photographing pictures of the Madonna. After hearing heart-stopping personal accounts associated with Mary, she recorded the stories to share with others who might be equally inspired by them. She and her husband live in Colorado and enjoy visiting their six grown children around the United States. 214 pages, Paperback (Item #85546) $19.95

Fear Not: Learning From Your Cancer
By: Judy Gettis Smith

Judy Gattis Smith takes on an important and difficult topic – a faithful, yet emotionally authentic response to cancer. In Fear Not! she offers a biblically grounded exploration of how one’s response to cancer is part of one’s faith journey. She shows how the crisis offers challenges and opportunities that through God’s grace can transform survivors in deeply healing ways.

The participants’ workbook plus a leader’s guide for facilitating the weekly group meeting. Throughout both, Gattis sustains an intimate, sensitive tone which invites personal reflection and growth. Using storytelling, drawing, meditations, imagery, and Bible passages, she encourages participants to name the many difficult aspects of life with cancer. Then she helps them develop practices that help foster faith and healing. These include using positive memories; choosing perspectives and coping skills; finding ways to approach illness with endurance, courage, and even humor; and discerning patterns in response that are shaping the larger pattern of one’s life journey.

Excerpts from the poetry and journals of cancer survivors emphasize the real-life struggle to find wholeness and meaning in illness. Gattis’ work is a gift and an inspiration.

Your challenge with cancer…. This is an important event to consider because it is a crisis moment – a time where both danger and opportunity come together. You have begun looking at the fears, dreams, feeling, experiences and thoughts cancer has brought you, trying to gain some self-understanding through this experience, some reorganization of the your life and your thinking now that you are a cancer survivor. You were given dark nights. If not treated as growth they will destroy you. - Chapter 6
Paperback (Item #83820) $12.00

There's No Place Like Hope: A Guide to Beating Cancer in Mind-sized Bites
There are many books on cancer, but none so hopeful and useful as Vickie Girard’s. The result of more than eight years of working closely with thousands of cancer patients and survivors, this is one cancer book that definitely has its feet on the ground. In the very first chapter, the author assures the reader to “immediately throw out any old cancer horror stories. Times, treatments, and diagnoses are all changing and improving as we speak.” The next 150 pages is a powerful, practical and inspiring guide that will empower millions of cancer patients to quickly understand the new “Patient Empowerment Medicine”, so they can better fight and better survive this disease. “Fear doesn’t defeat cancer,” reminds Girard, “empowered treatment defeats cancer.” Having survived one of the most deadly types of cancer, she writes with unusual clarity and authority and has taken her message to the floor of the United States Senate and to thousands of cancer patients and survivors throughout the world. Her personal mission is to “empower and inspire people who have cancer and those who love them,” and her long-awaited book truly delivers on that promise.

This is Vickie Girard’s long-awaited and completely indispensable survival guide for cancer patients and their families. Regardless of the type of cancer, here is an immediate, practical, and inspiring guide that will empower any patient to better fight and survive this disease. Through her involvement with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and The American Cancer Society, Vickie Girard has taken her message of “empowered patient care” to the floor of the U.S. Senate and to thousands of cancer patients and survivors throughout the world. The message is simple, hopeful, powerful, and long overdue: “We must stop speaking of cancer in whispers. We may have cancer, but cancer does not have us. Cancer is a beatable, treatable, survivable disease.”

In 1992 Vickie Girard was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer and told to get her affairs in order. After coming to Cancer Treatment Centers of America for a second opinion, she chose to fight. She not only survived, she went on to become one of our nation’s most compelling advocates of the new “patient empowerment medicine.” She is a tireless patient advocate, speaker and writer, crisscrossing the nation, working with doctors, nurses and cancer support groups. She has a toll-free cancer patient counseling line and writes Vickie’s Spin for the nationally circulated “Link To Life.” She received a Presidential Proclamation from President Clinton and has appeared on NBC’s “Today Show,” Lifetime TV’s “New Attitudes,” and countless local radio and television news shows. Girard has testified on the Patients Bill of Rights on the floor of the United States Senate, received a Presidential Proclamation for her efforts in health care reform. . .was recently nominated for a position on the Council of Public Representatives at the National Institute of Health in Washington, D.C., and awarded the YMCA Women of Achievement Award for “truly outstanding contributions to her community.”

"In all my years of counseling cancer patients, I never found the one book that patients and their families were always requesting. I finally gave up looking and decided to write it. I come with vital information to share with cancer patients at any stage of your battle, regardless of the type of cancer you are dealing with. I write to tell you that, yes, I have been down the road and I’ve come back to tell you that, if you look closely, there are bread crumbs along the path to guide you in defeating your cancer. I want to assure you that even the worst of odds can be beaten and overcome--that the hope of defeating cancer now exists for us all. There is no such thing as 'false hope.' The day my hope was fed is the day I began to get well. Even when it is not probable, it is still possible to win against this disease. I am living proof of this. Remember that cancer does not have a brain, a heart, or a spirit. It is you who has the brain, the ability to strategize and to plan the cancer’s demise. So keep your pilot light burning brightly, read this book, get ready to fight, and know that I’m with you all the way." - Vickie

Paperback (Item #83822) $14.95

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SURVIVING SOUL Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul is a collection of 101 inspirational stories from cancer survivors and their loved ones. These stories bring you heartwarming accounts of courageous people who found the power to battle cancer with there endless hope, unwavering faith and steadfast determination. Their victories over illness will inspire you to adopt a positive attitude, discover your faith and cherish every moment.

Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul® is just what the doctor ordered for healing your body and soul. (Paperback Item #83446) $14.95

Lessons From the School of Suffering
A Young Priest With Cancer Teaches Us How to Live
Rev. Jim Willig, with Tammy Bundy
Suffering is no guarantee of holiness. Many times it can be an invaluable teacher; other times it can crush a person into self-pity. But the lessons to be learned from suffering are many and, if we learn these lessons well, they can transform our lives, according to a young priest suffering from renal cancer.

In Lessons From the School of Suffering, Father Jim Willig shares his story of being diagnosed in his late 40?s with terminal renal cancer and the consequences of living with cancer and undergoing various treatments, none of which have stemmed the disease. Willig, a beloved pastor and inspiring preacher, felt called to share the lessons he has learned from the great pain associated with having cancer. 96 pages, Paperback.
(Item #83881) $8.95
101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary
101 true, real-life experiences will show you just how powerful the rosary is. "Sr Paricia has put together a knock-your-socks-off collection of true stories that will inspire both new and veteran prayers of the're going to love this book." (Recommendation from cover by authors Mitch and Kathy Finley.)

From the forward,Bishop William Skylstad writes: "Each story carries with it a witness of faith that helps to make up our common spiritual heritage in the Catholic Church. I suspect that each of us in reading these accounts will come more into contact with our own experience of praying the rosary and appreciate even more its transforming and consoling power."

Includes beautiful meditations for the rosary (Mysteries of Light, too!); Apostolic letter of Blessed John Paul II on the rosary; History of rosary by Fr Richard Gribble; How to pray the Rosary.

From the Inside Flap
This book cannot fail. The stories are great and the rosary is greater yet!
Msgr. William Van Ommeren- Spiritual Director

If you’ve never been a believer in praying the rosary, these stories will inspire you to start. They are very moving and spiritually uplifting.
Euli Rath, Medford, Oregon

I’ve always known that one should say the rosary regularly, but until now I have done so only for special occasions, e.g. Rosary for the dead, exposition of the Holy Sacrament. The wonderful stories in this book show that miracles can happen everyday to anyone through the power of the Rosary. I think I’d better dust off my rosary!
Suzanne Brown, Spokane, Washington

Sister Patricia Proctor has done us all a great service by compiling these stories of grace found through the power of the Holy Rosary. Clearly the Holy Spirit’s prompting of Sister Patricia to create this anthology and the loving hand of Mother Mary has yielded an abundant harvest that will inspire the reader to put down the book and pick up their rosaries and begin praying!!!!
Fr. Matthew T. Gamber, S.J.
Gonzaga University Chaplain

The Rosary devotion has been a powerful public and household prayer for countless Christians throughout the world. May this extensive compilation of testimonies renew the resolve of all rosary devotees to continue and for many others to begin this devotional practice.
Msgr. David E. Rosage, author, Speak, Lord your Servant is Listening (Servant):
Rekindle Your Love for Jesus (Servant).
296 pages, paperback (Item #84070) $14.95

Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart: 101 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration, and Humor
Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart will help you celebrate your Catholic faith like no other book you have ever read. It will take your heart and soul on a joyous spiritual retreat from the challenges and struggles of everyday life. This collection of 101 stories of faith, inspiration, hope and humor attest to the power and beauty of God’s amazing grace.
(Item #83186) $13.99
83242.jpg (25339 bytes) Facing Cancer with God's Help: A Personal Journey
by Jeanne Carol Martin
We all need God's help, but that need is most keenly felt at times when we suffer and are afraid. A life threatening illness placed Jeanne Martin on a personal journey that led her to a closeness with God that gave her hope, taught her to trust, and filled her with peace. Jeanne tells her story in Facing Cancer with God's Help. (Item #83242) $
   84178.jpg (74101 bytes) Your Words in Prayer In Time of Illness
by Arnaldo Pargrazzi, OFM Cap.
This is an ecumenical bedside book of prayers. Many of these prayers reflect the author’s personal encounters with the sick confronted with fear, pain, cancer, heart disease, stroke and death. The hurts, feelings, silence, tears and hopes of these people become prayers, deep ways of encountering God in the midst of suffering. The invitation, is to discover prayer as an expression of where one is, and an acceptance of what one feels before God. (Item #84178) $2.50
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