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History of Fontanini
The House of Fontanini was founded in 1908 by Emanuele Fontanini in a small Italian village called Bagni di Lucca located in Tuscany. Today, the House of Fontanini is run by the fourth generation of the Fontanini family. Members of the Fontanini family, Emanuele, Stefano, Marco, Luca and Alessandro all visit the United States making special appearances.

Creating a Fontanini Figure
The Fontanini family closely monitors the production of all figures. A single figure can take up to two years to create and cost thousands of dollars. There are nine basic steps in the creation of a figure, including each figure being hand painted by artisans in their homes in Italy.


Story Cards
Each Fontanini 5" figure comes in a photo gift box with a Story Card. The Story Card is a unique feature only available in the Fontanini Collection. Extensive research is conducted to determine what life was like in 1 AD during the time of Christ's birth. Each Story Card is based on historical facts with an artistic interpretation.

Members Only Nativity Preview Figure
The Members Only Nativity Preview figure is offered only through the Collectors' Club. Features club understamp on the bottom of the figure. 

In order to make room for new introductions, retirements have been announced over the last few years. These figures/molds will never be used again. Retired figures are available on our website on a 'while supplies last' basis.

Catholic Supply's Online Fontanini Shoppe
As being one of the largest internet retailers for Fontanini, we are given the opportunity to sell many Retired Figures, Signed Figures, and Host In-Store Events. We take advantage of buying in larger quantities at times so we can offer you On-Line Specials as well! Plus...visit us every year for our Annual After Christmas Clearance! Our online site is the only site of its kind that discounts ALL Fontanini items remaining in stock after Christmas! Don't forget to mark your calendar! The savings are worth the trip!


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